The Peerless Master Chapter 133 - Assasin

Shan Bao is dead but no one sympathized with him, even his underlings didn't. On the contrary, after Ga Zi killed Shan Bao, his prestige was unparalleled, and even the remnants of the Wulong Gang began to be awed by him.

Chen Feng didn't stay for a long time. After saying goodbye to a few acquaintances, he left. Having just received the Blue Sky Game City, Ga Zi still has countless trivia to deal with. These things, Chen Feng can't do anything to help, and won't do anything to help!

Chen Feng didn't want to control Ga Zi's road, nor was he able to control it.

Seeing Ga Zi this time, Chen Feng discovered Ga Zi's difference. There was a special aura on him. This aura, Chen Feng had contacted many times when he was Dan Zu in his previous life.

This aura belongs to a cultivator.

It seems that Ga Zi's overlord holy body is really sought-after, and even an old and inferior thing can't help it.

Chen Feng is not wondering why the expert accepted Ga Zi as his disciple. There is something in this world that is unclear, and it is called chance. When the expert found Ga Zi, it was Ga Zi's chance and that expert's chance.

Now that expert should have just taught Ga Zi some common sense but he hasn't given Ga Zi any real support. Ga Zi should do fine as that expert apprentice Chen Feng thought with certainty.

The Overlord Body will definitely cause many experts to make a move. However, even if he were still Dan Zu at the moment, he would certainly not take Ga Zi as his apprentice.

Yes, Chen Feng is currently the brother of Ga Zi and he will naturally not make Ga Zi his apprentice.

It was already supper time, and it was getting darker.

Chen Feng's mobile phone also sounded at this time, which is a prompt message.

Turning on the phone, a message suddenly appeared

Chen Feng, your friend Zhang Ruonan is in my hands now. If you want her alive, immediately come to the woods by the East Lake. If you don't arrive after half an hour, you can wait to collect the body.

Seeing this, Chen Feng's brows were already locked up.

Zhang Ruonan was kidnapped?

Chen Feng's heart was immediately puzzled. If Lili and Xiao Lin were kidnapped, it would not be unusual but Zhang Ruonan is a master of the True Qi Reapm, how can ordinary people kidnap her?

Unless, it is someone stronger than her in the True Qi realm or True Yuan Realm. Looking at this message, it is clear that the person who kidnapped Zhang Ruonan was targeting him, but are there any such people in this Hangzhou city who has an enmity with him?

Who is it? Chen Feng's heart was full of doubts as he ran towards the East Lake.

East Lake is not far from here, and Chen Feng quickly rushed to the forest.

Speaking of this forest, there is some history. When the island invaders invaded China, the Chinese soldiers fought against the enemy in this forest, where they annihilated the enemy force.

Later, in order to commemorate the heroic soldiers who died in this battle, this forest was preserved.

How difficult it is to have such a forest in such a big city. It has also become a resort for many people to cool down and escape the heat.

However, now is the autumn season, the weather has turned cool, plus it is dinner time, there is no one in this forest.

The lights on the street outside were blocked by clusters of leaves, and there was no lighting in the forest. At the moment, it seemed a bit gloomy.

Chen Feng walked slowly into this forest, as if walking into a devil's big mouth, he was greeted by infinite darkness.

Step by step......

However, with Chen Feng's cultivation, he is able to clearly see the surrounding scene in the darkness. At this moment, he is standing in a small open place, looking up at a place with dense trees.

Come out! Chen Feng said quietly.


Chen Feng's words just fell, and a chill came suddenly.

A sharp sword cut through the air, like a meteor shining brightly, directly going towards Chen Feng's throat.

This sword is very fast and dead. Obviously, the master of the sword wanted Chen Feng's life!

Chen Feng's mouth was slightly raised, and his eyes were full of smiles.

His hand moved gently, and a fallen branch on the ground was sucked into the palm of his hand.

That branch was turned into a weapon by Chen Feng and it was used to counter the sword.


The tip of the sword and the end of the branch hit hard together, and a clear metal clashing sounded like a beautiful symphony, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

This ordinary branch actually resisted the sharp sword. In Chen Feng's hands, this long-dried branch was as hard as steel.

Seeing that they didn't succeed, the assassin turned around, and a black suit appeared looming in the darkness of the woods, as if it had merged with the dark night.

However, there is one thing that is conspicuous, that is a sword light.

It kept flashing, like a ghost in the night as it constantly pounced on the vital parts of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, however, held an insignificant branch in his hand to meet this sharp and unusual sword light.

In a blink of an eye, the two sides fought for hundreds of rounds. Indistinctly, Chen Feng could hear the rapid breath of the sneak attacker. After a while, this assassin was a little tired.

Gradually, the movement of the assassin in black slowed down, and the slender figure gradually became clear.

It's a woman, this assassin in black is a woman. Although the face was covered with a black mask, but from the bright eyes and the fair white face exposed, it must be a good-looking woman.

Chen Feng looked at her, with a lingering smile on his face, as if he were a cat playing with a mouse.

Finally, Chen Feng took advantage of the inattention of the assassin, grabbed the assassin and pulled her into his arms.

The sudden movement of Chen Feng made the assassin at a loss for a while, and the long sword in her hand was also unstable, and fell to the ground.

You... villain! The assassin's silver teeth gritted and snarled, but her hands were like spirit snakes, thrusting into Chen Feng's eyes.

Haha! Chen Feng's body side was behind the assassin, his hands clasped again, and he put his hands together to hold the assassin.

The assassin twisted her slender waist vigorously, but she couldn't get rid of Chen Feng's arms.

Okay, be good, otherwise I'm going to spank you. Chen Feng said to the assassin with a smile.

Perhaps Chen Feng's words played a role, or perhaps she knew that she couldn't break away at all, and the assassin finally no longer struggled.

How do you know it's me! Said the assassin fiercely, her tone full of unspeakable complexity.

Oh, as soon as I smell the scent on you, I know it was you. Chen Feng buried his nose on the pretty face of the assassin with a smirk, and smelled hard. Then, Chen Feng bit the veil on the assassins face when she was cursing again and again.

Suddenly, a beautiful face appeared in front of Chen Feng.

You... this villain! Said the assassin fiercely, but a red glow rose on her face.