The Peerless Master Chapter 132 - Dead Shan Bao

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Inside the box, Shan Bao looked at the women's movements drunkenly.

The woman was covered with light, and the enchanting body was exposed to Shan Bao's gaze uncovered.

However, the woman is not half shy, but instead twists and turns like a water snake. She is not shy from being seen and she even exposes them to Shan Bao as much as possible.

The movement of the woman to hook people has given Shan Bao a recharge.


Shan Bao roared loudly, and overwhelmed the woman on the coffee table.



The box was full of the sound of love making.

Suddenly, something seemed to be happening outside the box, and loud sounds kept happening. Among them, it also seems to be mixed with screams.

Damn, is it that the Black Tigers have come to the door after exterminating the fools? Shan Bao anger burst out of his heart and shouted with dissatisfaction.

He is really not afraid of the black tiger gang. As long as he pretends to be their grandson and bring his brothers into the black tiger gang, nothing will happen.

Thinking of this, Shan Bao still shook back and forth on the woman without worry, making the woman pant heavily.


The door of the box was kicked violently, and a team of men stormed in.

Shan Bao, a life for a life, you are dead today! It was Guo Qianq who took the lead. He was surprised to see Shan Bao still shaking on the woman.

Huh? It isn't the Black Tiger Gang? Shan Bao was startled in his heart and turned his head to look at him. Why are you here? You haven't been destroyed by the Black Tiger Gang?

In a panic, Shan Bao only felt a tremor, a strange smell came from somewhere, and then, as if he was a deflated balloon, his steps collapsed softly.

In such a shock, Shan Bao erupted.

Catch him! Guo pointed forward, pointing at Shan Bao, and said playfully.

Damn, who dares to catch me! Shan Bao grabbed the two pistols that were placed on the coffee table just now and turned around fiercely. At this turn, the wet thing below was also drawn out from under the woman, pulling his head, shaking as Shan Bao turned.

However, everyone in the Xinhe Gang was filled with righteous indignation at the moment. How could they still care about the pistol in the hands of Shan Bao.


The gun in Shan Bao's hand rang and hit a man in the arm.

Damn, you dare to shoot! The gunshots and blood did not make everyone retreat, but aroused the bloodiness of others. The other Xinhe Gang members also rushed up one by one, and immediately threw Shan Bao to the ground.

As soon as Shan Bao fell, the others immediately overwhelmed him..

Damn, you dare to shoot Guo Qiang angrily shook his hand, leaving a hot hand print on the face of Shan Bao.

Da Mao, come here! After a slap, Guo shouted to the young man who had just been hit in the arm, Da Mao, you can handle it yourself, as long as you don't don't kill him, I'll let you exact revenge!

Da Mao was stunned for a moment, and then his face turned crazy, and he came to Shan Bao in a few steps. If the muzzle of Shan Bao was moved to the left just now, it would not be his arm that would be hit, but his chest.

Who allowed you to shoot laozi! Da Mao kicked hard and scolded, Who let you point a gun at Laozi


Shan Bao's eyes widened, full of pain. His mouth opened and he screamed in pain.

It turned out that Da Mao's angry kick fell on Shan Bao's bare egg swaying outside. There was a hint of blush in the dark place, it was obviously bleeding.

What is the most painful thing for a man? It was the man's eggs.

This is particularly prominent from the female anti-wolf technique that specifically aims for the man's eggs. Once hit, it will definitely make the man lose his combat effectiveness.

This is the rhythm of broken eggs!

At this moment, Shan Bao no longer has the arrogance of the beginning, but a lot of tears in his nose, and he spontaneously spouted out. Two hands wanted to reach out and cover what was underneath him, but they were tied tightly by other people. There is nowhere he could vent his huge pain so he could only scream like a pig.

Listening to this scream, all people involuntarily clamped their legs and secretly rejoiced that this foot was not kicked in themselves.

Okay, okay, get him a pair of trousers and put it on, and then take him outside! Guo Qian sneered at Shan Bao and said aloud.

Boss, what about this woman? A young man asked, pointing at the woman who had been scared silly.

This woman? Guo Xianqian looked at the naked woman who was pretty, and said to the questioning young man with a smile, If she wants to follow you, she will be yours. If she doesn't want to, then seal her mouth and let her go home.

Okay, thank you, Brother Guo! The young man's eyes flashed and he walked to the woman with excitement to do ideological work.

In the hall, Shan Bao only wore a pair of shorts, his hands tied back, and he was kneeled on the ground by several people.

At this time, the aftermath of the egg pain seemed to have not yet passed, and Shan Bao's face still paled after another wave of pain.

Brother, don't kill me, I will serve you, I will serve you sincerely! Faced with the threat of life, Shan Bao did not have any more arrogance and instead begged Ga Zi for mercy like a dog.

If I don't kill you, how can I make it up to A San. Ga Zi scolded loudly and sorrowfully.

You were also rescued from the hands of the Tai Zi Party. I only let you in because I felt sorry for you. Ga Zi said quietly: However, when my Xinhe Gang needed help the most, you ignored us. Ga Zi first talked normally but as he continued to speak, his voice got louder and louder, making Shan Bao lower his head involuntarily.

At this time, Ga Zi has cultivated the Overlord Body for a while now. For a time, both the members of the Xinhe Gang and the remaining members of the original Wulong Gang began to deeply feel that Ga Zi deserves to be the boss.

Brothers, you decide. For such a person, should we kill him or let him live! Ga Zi roared and it started everyone's mind.




For a time, all the people shouted violently, and the members of the Wulong Gang also had a strange light in their eyes, and joined the ranks of the cry. For those who are mixed in the underworld, which one does not want to have a group of brothers of righteousness so they can entrust their lives to them. Shan Bao is obviously not this type of person but the boss of the Xinhe Gang is absolutely a righteous person!

Shan Bao looked at everything in front of him, and finally gave up. He understands that he is dead today.

A pistol was handed over, Ga Zi said quietly, Look, we have also been brothers for a few days, you do it yourself!

The rope on Shan Bao's body was loosened, his hands tremblingly took over the pistol, and a strong fear erupted in his heart.

No, I don't want to die, I don't want to die! He muttered to himself. Suddenly, his eyes were fierce, and he pointed his gun sharply at Ga Zi, who was quietly looking at him, Laozi will take you out first!


After a shot, Shan Bao stared wide eyed and fell to the ground and there was a bullethole on his face.

Alas... you can't live without doing evil! Ga Zi gently put away the pistol still smoking, and sighed quietly.