The Peerless Master Chapter 131 - Revenge

Cousin, cousin! Ga Zi hugged Xu Tian and his ​​face was full of anxiety.

Cousin, hold on, I will take you to the hospital immediately! Ga Zi yelled as he ran.

Boss, don't go to the hospital! Guo Qian said while grabbing onto Ga Zi's clothes. Xu Tian suffered a gunshot wound. If he goes to the hospital, the police will definitely be involved. At that time, the brothers will have a lot of trouble!

Guo Qian, this is my cousin, are we supposed to let him die then? Ga Zi burst into rage as he scolded.

Ga Zi, take Xu Tian to the van first and let me see. A voice came quietly from the van not far away.

Chen Feng! Hearing the sound, the chaotic emotion in Ga Zi's heart suddenly cleared, and he rushed toward the van where Chen Feng was in three steps.

Chen Feng stayed in the van just now. The Xinhe Gang had dozens of advanced rifles while they faced the Black Tiger Gang who only had seven or eight guns. If they couldn't win in this battle, then they should just die.

Chen Feng, have a look! Ga Zi hugged Xu Tian and put him on the seat of the van.

Xu Tian's face was pale, his eyes closed, and his lips were bloodless. A large piece of clothing on his stomach has been soaked with blood. Even so, the blood still dripped down and dripped on the floor of the van, making a tap sound.

Chen Feng opened Xu Tian's clothes and saw Xu Tian's stomach with a bloody hole. The blood still poured out like spring water without injection.

Chen Feng saw it, but there was no anxiety on his face. He turned his head to look at Ga Zi and said with ease, Relax, the bullet just penetrated his stomach and did not hurt the organ. I'll just take the bullet out first, then It will be fine.

After talking, Chen Feng's right hand flashed and then landed on the edge of Xu Tian's wound.

Then, Xu Tian's body started to shake.


Suddenly, blood spurted out of the wound on Xu Tian's stomach, and a yellow-orange bullet was particularly evident in the blood.

The bullet seemed to be influenced by a lot of force, and all the way up, it slammed into the roof of the van and was deeply stuck in the steel plate of the roof.

As the bullets flew out, a lot of blood poured out of the bullet hole in Xu Tian's abdomen.

Chen Feng's eyes were swift and he stretched his hand directly around the wound for a while.

A magical thing happened again, as if the tap water switch was suddenly closed tightly, and the blood from the wound came to an abrupt halt.

Okay, after we go back, I will prescribe some nourishing remedies, and he will be fine in a few days. Chen Feng smiled and put Xu Tian's clothes back on, covering the wound.

Ga Zi looked at Chen Feng's movements without blinking, and said nothing. It wasn't until Chen Feng ended that he sighed, Chen Feng, you are getting more and more mysterious.

Chen Feng patted Ga Zi's shoulder and pointedly said, Aren't you more and more mysterious like me?

Ga Zi froze for a moment, then said with a bitter smile, I still can't hide it from you.

Chen Feng smiled, No matter what, we are still brothers!

Chen Feng's words did not have the force of bold words, but it was like a bell from the ancient times, shaking the heart of Ga Zi.

Chen Feng, I... Ga Zi's heart was hot, and just as he was about to speak, Chen Feng waved his hand to stop it.

Since someone discovered you, you should learn the skills from him. But... Chen Feng's eyes condensed and the tone was solemn, You must not abandon the Overlord Golden Body.

Okay! Ga Zi nodded solemnly without saying anything.

Next, Ga Zi led the gangsters to deal with the scene, and then registered the number of the black tiger gang who had turned to the group. After a lesson, he let them stay in the Blue Sky Game City.

The police were easily dealt with when they arrived. The triads are often fighting. The police often keep their eyes closed, as long as they do not hinder public order, they will not be held accountable.

The most difficult thing is to be traced to illegal possession of guns. However, at the time of the incident, there were no customers in the game hall, so there was no eyewitness, let alone the use of firearms. After handling the scene, it was easy to cope with the police inspection.

At the time of the inspection, Ga Zi and the rest of the members had arrived at Maple Bar.

In the lobby of Maple Bar, there was no guest at this time.

However, no guest does not mean no one. On the contrary, at this time, the maple bar hall is full of people, and at a glance, there are at least 70 or 80 people.

All members of the Xinhe Gang gathered here at this time.

At the forefront of the hall, a simple bed made up of several tables had a person on it.

Brothers, look! Ga Zi's voice was still loud, but with a deep sorrow.

Who is this person lying on? It's Asan, our former brother Asan! Ga Zi snarled, and the sadness made everyone's noses sour.

Asan, one of the men led by Xu Tian, ​​was hit in the chest when he first came into contact with the Black Tiger Gang and died there.

Asan, he could have lived a long life, but! When Ga Zi said this, his eyes suddenly froze., However, Shan Bao refused to lend us a gun.

Speaking of this, Ga Zi's eyes were full of resentment, It was because of Shan Bao's selfishness that our brother died! I would not have promised him to let him join our Xinhe Gang if I had not looked at him pitifully. However, this wolf has ambitions. Brothers, what do you say about this!

Ga Zi's words immediately aroused everyone's anger. Although some people knew that even if Shan Bao lent them a gun, they could not save Asan 's life, but at this time, who will tell the truth? They all wished to immediately remove the poisonous tumor.

A life for a life!

It is unknown who screamed first, but the whole group suddenly followed along.

A life for a life!

A life for a life!

The sound passed on wave after wave, and the Wulong gang personnel who was guarding the door to Shan Bao's box shuddered.

Okay, a life for a life. Brothers, who will go to catch Shan Bao! Ga Zi yelled loudly, and a strong domineering aura surged out.

I will go!

Me too!


In a flash, more than a dozen people stood out and pushed towards the box where Shan Bao was.

Chen Feng still looked at all this quietly without expressing any opinions. However, the appreciation in his eyes was lingering.