The Peerless Master Chapter 130 - Victory

Brother Tian! The brothers of the Xinhe Gang shouted, and Fei rushed to Xu Tian's side, and stood nervously beside him.

A few Xinhe Gang brothers silently carried their machete to the door of the small room, resolutely guarding the door.

Bullets, they are inescapable. However, if you stand up on your own, you can let other brothers live a little longer. At that time, rescue may arrive!

Damn, a bunch of non-fearing bastards! Scarface scolded, and the gun in his hand was raised again.

Chen Qiang, you back away, let me block first!

No, I'll block it first. You will have to run out when you have a chance! The man named Chen Qiang said firmly.

Don't talk anymore. I'm older, let me stop it first! A man in his thirties said, his body was already crowded in front of the other two.

Brother Liu Fang! The two looked at Liu Fang's short body who suddenly became awe-inspiring. The man who had always been timid seemed so great at this moment.

Don't worry about it anyone, I will send you to the west in a while! Said Scarface, moving between his hands.


Another gunshot came.

The man named Liu Fang opened his eyes nervously, but suddenly found that he did not feel any pain.

Huh? Liu Fang quickly groped on himself.

No blood, no blood! Liu Fang thought in surprise, Did you not hit?

It is absolutely impossible that Scarface missed since the distance between himself and scarface is only five or six meters. At such a distance, even a small child can easily hit the target, not to mention, the shot is from a person who is obviously a frequent shooter.

So what's going on? Liu Fang looked at Scarface with doubt.

At this point, Liu Fang suddenly opened his mouth in surprise. He saw that the scarred faced man that was arrogant just now no longer had the previous pride, and all that remained was the stunned and fearful face.

His right wrist that was holding the gun has become completely red, and a blood hole is in the palm of his hand, which is extremely obvious. He couldn't hold the pistol anymore and it fell to the ground with a click.

Who! Scarface scolded in anger. When he was about to shoot just now, he was immediately shot.

Boss, Boss! The crowd of Xinhe Gang members cheered, and their faces were full of shock.

What is the boss holding, is it a gun? A sharp-eyed gangster asked quickly.

In the end, there was a wave of worship in his heart, and he finally saw the objects in his boss's hands.

Ak47! A powerful gun that he had used countless times in games.

Are you the boss of the Xinhe Gang, Ga Zi? Scarface endured the pain of his hand, and looked at Ga Zi.

Yes, I am! Ga Zi looked at scarface coldly, full of anger, I will give you two choices, one is to be swept to death by our guns, and the other is to surrender to me from now on.

Hahaha, what a joke! Scarface seemed like he had heard the most laughable joke in the world as he laughed with extreme exaggeration, Just because you are holding a gun, you want my black tiger to surrender? Keep dreaming!

After speaking, scarface glanced provocatively around, Let's show this person what is called a gun!

As soon as his voice fell, click sounds came from many places. In front of Ga Zi, there were 7 people who were aiming at Ga Zi with a gun.

Five pistols and two machine guns! In addition to the one that has been dropped by scarface, there are 6 pistols and 2 machine guns. The intelligence officer reported very accurately.

The muzzle of the black hole was aimed straight at Ga Zi's body, as if a hot bullet would spew out at any time.

Protect the boss! Someone shouted in the small room.

In an instant, except for the two people who left to take care of Xu Tian, ​​who had already lost consciousness, the other Xinhe Gang brothers all gathered together to Ga Zi's side.

Oh, you want to compare guns? Ga Zi suddenly smiled brilliantly. He shouted out the door, Brothers, come in!

His words fell and there were footsteps outside. Each of the forty or fifty brothers of the Xinhe Gang held a gun and they all pointed it at the black tiger gang.

In an instant, everyone in this black tiger gang was sweating.

Is this fucking a small gang? They pulled out dozens of guns at once. Even a medium-sized gang has no such strength.

The black tiger gang members murmured in their hearts. They stared at scarface, waiting for him to make a decision.

Although the number of people on their own side is double that of them, but with so many guns on the other side, it is only a matter of minutes to wipe out their side.

Hahaha, I don't believe that with your little Xinhe Gang, you can have so many guns! Don't be afraid, brothers, they must be simulated guns and toys. What are you afraid of? Scarface said as he pointed at Ga Zi broadly.

Well, since you said it is a simulated gun, brothers, let this gentleman enjoy the taste of a simulated gun! Ga Zi's face was fierce, and his tone was full of murderousness.

Suddenly, all the muzzles were aimed at the body of scarface.

Faced with so many muzzles at the same time, a sudden chill hit scarface. However, he determined that the Xinhe Gang's guns were fake guns that are used to frighten people, and he still stood there without fear.




It is unknown who fired the gun first. Anyway, after someone fired the first fire, others fired.

After a short round of shooting, scarface looked at the guns in surprise and his heart was full of regret.

If he knew it was a real gun, he would have surrendered way before! But now, with bullet holes all over, he couldn't even feel the strength to move his body.


Scarface fell to the ground with his eyes wide open.

His former men looked at his body with a complicated look, and no one was willing to retrieve his body. Gangs like Xinhe Gang are naturally rare.

People naturally cherish life, especially them.

I am willing to surrender to the Xinhe Gang! A man kneeled down tremblingly.

I am willing...

I will...

For a time, most members of the Black Tiger Gang knelt down. Only a few stubborn ones still wanted to fight hard and resist. However, they were all easily dealt with by Ga Zi.

Won, we won! All the Xinhe Gang members cheered.

These days, due to the lack of strength of the Xinhe Gang, they are often bullied by the gangs around, causing many people to be angry. However, Ga Zi told the brothers to endure.

However, from now on, they no longer need to endure. With this batch of weapons, no one will dare to provoke in their Xinhe Hang.

From now on, whoever offends the Xinhe Gang, they will be met with retribution! Ga Zi's voice is extremely loud, and also has a king-like dominance,causing all members of the Xinhe Gang to feel hot headed.

Met with rebritbution!

Met with rebritbution!

Suddenly, a cry of exclamation came: Boss, Xu Tian is almost dead!