The Peerless Master Chapter 13 - Personally Go

Shang Xian, Rao Ming, Shang Xian Rao Ming! This ghost began to scream under the unparalleled might of Chen Feng's technique.

Chen Feng then said, Little Yin spirit, why do you still roam this world and not reincarnate?

Yin spirit refers to the remnant soul without body support. When a person dies, the body can no longer accommodate the soul and the soul has to fly out of the body and become a ghost. Generally speaking, the Yin spirit cannot exist for a long time in the mortal world. In three or five days, the Yin spirit can't bear it anymore and will scatter. Therefore, the best destination of the Yin is reincarnation. However, when some people die, they are great grievances or they have deep obsessions. The Yin formed after death will be much stronger than the general and they will stay for a longer time in the world without dispersing.

When people say,Vengeful Spirits, they refers to these types of Yin Spirits.

Sir, this little girl is full of grievances so I am unable to enter reincarnation The Yin spirit on the ground looked up at Chen Feng with a blank look.

Chen Feng looked at it closely and realized that this ghost is a beautiful woman.

So, what is your grievance? Chen Feng sighed. These ghosts were poor people during their lifetime.

When the Yin spirit heard his words, a look of fear appeared on her face. After a while, two lines of tears flowed straight down her face, which soon turned into energy and dissipated in the air. Yin spirits don't have a real body is only an entity formed by energy

Sir, I ask you to go see it yourself. After saying that, the Yin spirit began to shivir in fear, apparently thinking of a terrible experience.

Chen Feng didn't understand why but he still went to the corpse freezer that the Yin spirit pointed to.

A black plastic zipper bag appeared in front of him. Chen Feng's hand slowly pulled down the zipper of the plastic bag...

Suddenly, no matter how high Chen Feng's state of mind is, even he got angry. When the zipper bag was pulled open, a pile of bloody and fuzzy organs were scattered, consisting of eyes, nose, fingers... everything was piled up messily, looking very heart-wrenching

It's a vicious murderer. They have even divided the corpse to such a state! Chen Feng could not help but clench his fist

Does sir understand my greiveince now? The Yin spirit said while crying.

Well, I didn't expect you to be treated like this before you died. Do you know who is the murderer? Chen Feng said coldly.

The Yin spirit shivered violently, as if she is extremely scared. However, when she saw Chen Feng's firmness, she suddenly had the courage to speak, The person who killed me is the boss of the black tiger gang, Hao Tianlong. I have gone to him for revenge many times but instead, I fled in fear every time. This is why I am still in the mortal world.

Reassure, if it is true, I will be fair to you. Chen Fengyi said bluntly, Go back first. I will find out the situation before I make plans.

Having encountered such a thing, Chen Feng naturally will not ignore it.

When the Yin spirit heard Chen Feng, she bowed and said, Thank you for your help! After that, she turned into a white light and went into the corpse.


The corpse was automatically pushed back, slammed, the lock fell, and there was no sound.


In the presidential office of the City Hospital, several people silently smoked cigarettes.

Finally, a middle-aged man spoke up. However, his voice was a little hoarse, Dean Li, is there no one in Hangzhou who can cure my father?

Dean Li was helpless and sighed and said: Director Situ, even though many experts in Hangzhou have diagnose your father, they are still unable to confirm the disease. This disease is not easy to cure if we don't know what it is.

Director Situ was stunned and asked, So, is there a hospital in the country that can detect this disease?

Dean Li smiled bitterly, Even if there is a hospital with such ability in other places but it is too late. As of now, the physical condition your father is not suitable for travel.

Director Situ looked at Vice President Liu and suddenly said, So, is there anyone with good chinese medical skills in Hangzhou?

It's hard to say. There are many fake chinese medical doctors. Director Situ, you have to believe in science. Before Dean Li's finished, he was interrupted by Director Situ, Science, Science you say? Then why isn't my father's illness cured yet?

Maybe that person can do it Suddenly, Vice President Wang, who had never said a word had suddenly spoke up.

What, are you sure? Director Situ grabbed his hand fiercely and said in a hurry.

Cough, cough Vice President Wang was taken aback by the action of Director Situ but he soon calmed down and said, A few days ago, Xiao Changhe, the chairman of the Xiao Group suddenly fainted. If not for that one gentlemen who pointed out the shortcomings of my Shujin Hand Massage, I think that chairman Xiao may have died before the ambulance arrived.

Oh? Is there such an expert? Director Situ couldn't help but ask, Where is this expert now?

Vice President Wang smiled bitterly, Actually, I don't know where he is or even what his name is.

Director Situ suddenly became angry, Then what you said is just fart. When his hope was smashed down once again, his hot temper bursted out without reservation.

Vice President Wang hurriedly said, Actually, there are still some clues. Last week, I saw that gentleman and a doctor who works in our hospital enter the hospital together. Moreover, they were smiling and laughing so they definitely know each other.

Oh? Which doctor is it? Director Liu said and suddenly, his eyes lit up.

It's Mu Wan'er Vice President Wang said.

Oh, it turned out to be Dr. Mu of the pediatric department, Dean Li said and immediately picked up the phone on his desk and dialed the number to the pediatrics departmant.

After ten minutes, a confused Mu Wan'er entered the presidential office.

Dean, is there something you need from me? Seeing many of the bosses in the room, Mu Wan'er's heart began to beat loudly.

Before the dean could even speak, a burly figure grabbed her shoulder and said eagerly, Are you Dr. Mu?

Uh. Mu Wan'er was stunned and immediately tried to struggle free. However, the man's hands were like a pair of iron tongs on her shoulders. Suddenly, a panic and grievances arose in her heart.

Director Situ, calm down first. Dean Li saw that Mu Wan'er was scared so he hurriedly told Director Situ.

After this momentary excitement, Director Situ felt that he was a bit rude. He hurriedly let go and said in a hurry, Dr. Mu, I am sorry, I was too anxious.

Yes, Dr. Mu, Director Mr. Situ got a strange illness and it is very dangerous. It is no wonder that he is very anxious. Please don't take it to heart. Dean Li hurriedly tried to pacify the situation.

It's okay Mu Wan'er's heart is kind and seeing Situ's apologetic face, she naturally will not pursue it.

Dr. Mu, last Tuesday, was there a gentleman who came to the hospital with you? Vice President Wang asked.

Yes, is there a gentleman who came with you? Director Situ was also anxious.

Mu Wan'er thought about it and said, There is such a person but what's the matter?

Ha ha, the expert has been found. Director Situ firmly said, Even if it is a glimmer of hope, I have to fight for it. My father's time is running out.

Mu Wan'er said strangely. But he is just a migrant worker. How is he an expert?

You said that he is a migrant worker? Vice-President Wang said with a smile on his face, At the time, this gentleman was dressed as a migrant worker. It seems that he is the person.

He is now an administrator in the morgue. Should I call him? Mu Wan'er said with some confusion.

No need! Director Situ and Vice President Wang said in unison, We will go in person!