The Peerless Master Chapter 129 - Black Tiger Gang

Brother Bao, that Ga Zi went out with dozens of people. In a private room at Maple Bar, a wretched face man reported to the person on the sofa.

The man had red hair and a thin face, but his eyes were extremely sharp. He blinked coldly from time to time.

He is Shan Bao, and now the Wulong gang is the one with the most seniority and the most influence. Beside him, a woman wearing an exposed dress stuck to him like a water snake, constantly using her body to tease him.

However, it seems that Shan Bao did not put his mind on the woman at the moment, but asked with a sneer, What weapon did they take?

Heh, what other weapons can they take? Other than a few machetes, they can only bring pipes The gangster said contemptuously.

Hum, since you are looking for death, don't blame me! Shan Bao said in a vicious manner, Although the gang leader of the Black Tiger Gang was killed by the police, the Black Tiger Gang has saved up a lot. Just by relying on a dozen people, does he think he can go save people?

Seemingly thinking of something happy, Shan Bao suddenly laughed, The two machine guns of the Black Tiger Gang alone are enough to wipe out the whole group!

After the gangster, the voluptuous woman beside Shan Bao frowned, Brother Bao, doesn't Ga Zi have someone he can rely on?

Someone he can rely on? Shan Bao said contemptuously, He has a brother and said he is very powerful. But... Shan Bao sneered, No matter how powerful he is, can he be faster than bullets? He touched his hands around his waist, and shot out twice with a black pistol.

The eyes of the women were full of flattery, Wow, brother Bao is so powerful that he can even get a pistol. Then, she fell all over, and during the activity, her loose shirt slipped off her shoulder and her trembling big white rabbit came out naked.

This woman didn't even wear a bra.

Actually, I still have another gun! Shan Bao said slowly as he stared closely at the woman's hot body.

Another one? The woman looked at Shan Bao in a puzzled way.

Yes, this one! Try its taste! Shan Bao grabbed the woman's hair and pressed it underneath him!



The Blue Sky Game City is more than ten minutes away from the Maple Bar. It was originally a chassis belonging to the Wulong Gang, but it was later occupied by the Taizi Gang. Later, the black tiger gang drove away the Taizi Gang and occupied the place.

At this time, a group of black tiger gang members were quietly surrounding Blue Sky Game City, they did not attack, just stood quietly outside, looking like they were watching a good show.

Brother, when are we going to attack? It's been a while, and the brothers have itchy hands A punk holding a pistol looked at a burly man expectantly. This man has a long scar on his face, and he looked even more terrifying with his already cold face.

Wait a few minutes. The Scar faced man looked confident. Wait for the reinforcements of the Xinhe Gang to be brought in, I will naturally take you to kill.

Good! The excited man with the gun said.

Men love guns, and this man is no exception. Today, it was not easy to assign a pistol to himself. Naturally, it is better to be addicted and taste the gun.

For these gang members, killing someone is nothing. In other words, if you mix in the underworld, if you don't kill the other party, maybe the other party will kill you. [TN: The author said this isn't reality and you shouldn't think of it as reality]

Brother, there are a few vans on the street. There are about forty or fifty people. They should be the remnants of the Xinhe Gang. A gangster hurried to report.

Hahaha, the big fish is hooked, brothers, first discard some of the members in the game hall, and then slowly pack up the other Xinhe Gang members! Scarface smiled as he said.

Hearing the boss's order, the other gangsters were excited, screaming and rushing towards the doors with their weapons.

The gate of the game hall is the kind of rolling door, and the anti-theft effect is general. Under the simultaneous destruction of more than a dozen gangsters, it was overturned in less than ten seconds.

Hahaha, Laozi deliberately let you into the game room. None of you can run away today! Scarface shouted, Rush in, leave none alive!

Suddenly, all the black tiger gangs swarmed into the already broken door.



A series of knife swinging sounded, and a wailing sound came.

It turned out that the people of the Xinhe Gang had already set an ambush on both sides of the door, and when the Black Tiger Gang members rushed in, they ambushed successfully.

However, after all, the people of the Xinhe Gang are in absolute disadvantage in terms of numbers. Only a dozen people have just attacked, and only four or five people have lost their fighting power. More people poured in like a tide and drowned everyone in the Xinhe Gang.

Brothers, retreat inward, retreat inwardly! Xu Tian yelled back with a knife.

Hearing Xu Tian's instructions, the brothers of the Xinhe Gang all pulled back their knives.

At the back, there is a small room, usually for the rest of the game room administrator. It is made out of good materials and it can hold for a while.

Following the instructions, everyone retreated to the small room. After a brief contact just now, they were almost all wounded, and many people had more than one or two wounds all over their bodies, and the blood was ticking, making them a blood man.

Seeing that all the brothers had retreated in, Xu Tian scanned his surroundings. He first stood at the door of the room, looking at the members of the Black Tiger Gang who were eager to try and break in.

Come on! Xu Tian shouted, and there was a spirit of fearlessness in his eyes.


A gangster couldn't help but raise his machete to kill Xu Tian.

Xu Tian's eyes flashed with light, and the machete in his hand was raised to counter it.


After the sound of metals clashing rang out, the gangster's hand became numb, causing him to let go of the machete.

Xu Tian's eyes were ruthless, and his machete moved again.


The machete and cut off one of the fingers of the gangster.


The gangster hurriedly walked back with his hands covered, his eyes full of panic.

Humph, you useless fool! Scarface scolded loudly, reached for the pistol pinned to his waist and shot at Xu Tian.


Gunshots echoed in the room, causing everyone to be startled.

Xu Tian's face was pale, one hand was covering his stomach, and the other hand was covering the door frame, and he slowly fell down.