The Peerless Master Chapter 128 - Chen Feng's Gift

In the city of Hangzhou, there is a bar called Maple Bar. At this moment, there are a few men standing quietly at the door and looking around constantly.

The leader had a bulky body and looked majestic. He had thick brows and big eyes and when they looked at his eyes, it was daunting, and when he raised his hands, there was a majesty of the overlord.

Boss, who is coming for you to need to come out yourself? A 17 to 18 year old young man asked the majestic man next to him.

Monkey, don't ask. A burly man beside him reminded solemnly.

The young man named Monkey stuck his tongue out, but said nothing.

Monkey, you just joined so don't understand these rules, but you have to learn it sooner, so that you don't lose time. The burly man who spoke just now took the monkey's hand and said seriously.

I know, Brother Guo. Monkey nodded seriously.

It's okay, we are all brothers, there is nothing to hide. The domineering man smiled, turned his head to look at the monkey, and his heart was full of warmth.

Haha, brother-in-law is indeed kind Monkey looked at the domineering man and his face full of kindness.

After that, monkey asked again, Brother-in-law, who are we waiting for?

Who are we waiting for? A pride flashed across the domineering man's face, We are waiting for my best brother, and also your sister's life-saver!

Really? As the monkey's glasses lit up, he said, Is he like the brother-in-law, a great hero?

The domineering man was stunned, and then he chuckled, Compared to him, I am not a big hero.

Oh! Monkey thoughtfully said.


A roar of motors came from the street corner, and in a flash, a white van appeared in front of everyone.


A beautiful flick of the van stopped in front of everyone.

Chen Feng came down from the van and looked at everyone with a smile, Oh, you are all here.

Haha, Chen Feng, you are here. The domineering man looked extremely happy and hugged Chen Feng.

Ga Zi, I haven't seen you in a few days, your strength has grown. Chen Feng said, and when Ga Zi hugged him just now, Chen Feng felt that Ga Zi's power was not what it used to be.

In just a few days, Ga Zi has made such great progress.

The Overlord Body is indeed a physique that only appears once every few thousands of years. This has made Chen Feng somewhat jealous.

Hey, compared to you, what can I do with this little strength? Ga Zi said ashamedly.

Excuse me, are you brother-in-law's brother? Monkey asked Chen Feng with a puzzled expression.

Yeah. Chen Feng looked at the young man and said with a smile.

But... The monkey hesitated: I heard that my brother-in-law said his brother is a big hero, but I don't think you are strong.

Hahaha. Monkey's voice just fell but everyone couldn't help laughing.

Monkey, he is a big hero. It's just that you can't see it when you look at him Ga Zi laughed, Although I'm strong, a hundred of me can't compare to him at all.

After talking, Ga Zi explained to Chen Feng, This is Lan Lan's younger brother, Wu Hou, but because of his small size, we all call him a monkey.

Oh, it turned out to be Lan Lan's brother, hello, little monkey. Chen Feng smiled and greeted monkey.

Little monkey blushed and looked at Chen Feng with admiration.

Boss, nlt good, it is not good! Suddenly, a young man rushed out of the bar, holding a mobile phone in his hand, and looked very panicked.

Why are you panicking! Ga Zi said with a disgruntled face, Say, what happened!

Ga Zi's words seemed to have a convincing power. The young man who ran out calmed down suddenly, and there was no longer panic.

Boss, Brother Tian just called for help, saying that there are a lot of members of the Black Tiger Gang in the Blue Sky Game City. Everyone has a weapon and they even have several guns! The young man spoke very well, this is why Ga Zi let him serve as an intelligence officer.

Ours brothers are now blocked in the game room by people from the Black Tiger Gang. They have injured several brothers, and one brother was shot in the chest, and he immediately died! The young man said. There was a bit of anxiety in his eyes.

Boss, let me kill the dog breeds of the Black Tiger Gang!

Boss, I will go too.


For a time, the group was angry.

Gang members' value brotherhood, especially the Xinhe Gang led by Ga Zi, because of the scourge of the previous gang era, the brotherhood was remembered in the bones. At this moment, when they heard that their brothers were in trouble, they desperately wanted to go help.

Shut up! Ga Zi shouted!

The sound of Ga Zi's shout was like thunder on the dry land, calming everyone who had just been very anxious and excited.

Did I say we wouldn't go save them? Ga Zi scolded. Right now, we are not clear about the situation so if we just venture forward, instead of saving people, aren't we just courting death?

After he finished talking, the few people around them bowed their heads in shame, Ga Zi once again asked the young man who reported, Explain the situation. Wow many enemies are there and what weapons do they have? Moreover, how many guns do they have and what type?

Chen Feng looked at Ga Zi with admiration and nodded. He only took more than ten days to take over the Xinhe Gang, and Ga Zi has also become a qualified boss. Next, relying on his overlord body, Ga Zi's road will definitely go further and further!

Boss, there are at least a hundred people in the other party, all of them holding knives, and there are a total of 8 guns, 6 of which are pistols, and two machine guns! The youth quickly reported.

After listening, Ga Zi's brows frowned, and his face was contemplative.

Not long afterwards, Ga Zi asked again. Doesn't the Wulong Gang have two guns, have you asked them if we can borrow them?

I just saw the leader of the Wulong Gang, Shan Bao in the bar just before I came out, but he said... The young man hesitated to speak.

Say it! Ga Zi ordered loudly.

Boss, he said that you are just a little white face. Only by hooking up with the daughter of the former gang leader were you able to the boss. Therefore, he does not accept you. As long as you are willing to give up the boss position, he will lend you the gun! The youth said in a low voice.

Humph! This Shan Bao is a b*tch! If it hadn't been for sister-in-laws face, they wouldn't be here right now

Right, when they were struggling, they promised to merge the Wulong Gang into the Xinhe Gang. Now that it is safe, they want to seize power!

This is the kind of person I hate the most!

The crowd was angry again.

Enough, isn't it messy enough? Ga Zi gritted his teeth and yelled, Go and tell Shan Bao, as long as he is willing to let me borrow his guns, we can discuss the conditions later

No, absolutely not! Guo Qiang grabbed Ga Zi's clothes and said anxiously, Boss, absolutely not. Our Xinhe Gang was reorganized by you. The brothers only recognize you as the boss!

Yeah yeah!

The following sounds of approval are all to persuade Ga Zi not to give up the boss position.

Shut up! Ga Zi finally got angry, his eyes were blood red, and his face was grim, Without a gun, how do we do to fight the Black Tiger! Which matters more, the lives of our brothers or my position as the boss?

As soon as Ga Zi's words came out, everyone fell silent. Everyone looked at Ga Zi determinedly. There was something flashing in their eyes. This thing was called loyalty!

Hehe. Chen Feng, who had been watching with cold eyes, suddenly laughed. His laughter, like a gentle spring breeze, washed away the dignified atmosphere of the scene.

Ga Zi, this time, I brought you some gifts. I don't know if you will like it or not. Chen Feng said, reaching for the door handle of the van.


The door opened wide. Inside, there was a pile of black guns, sparkling under everyone's eyes!