The Peerless Master Chapter 127 - The Shock Of Zhang Rounan

Zhang Ruonan was sitting quietly on the hospital bed in the city's traditional Chinese medicine hospital, her eyes full of uneasiness.

At the moment, Zhang Ruonan is still like a mummy, wrapped tightly by countless bandages. However, at the same time the bandage wrapped her, it also highlighted Zhang Ruonan's exquisite figure.

Ruo'er, do you think your scars are healed? Li Feng stood beside her bed, yawning, and said.

There are also a lot of scars on his face. Although he has suffered from a lot of scars at this time, he is still handsome.

However, he didn't care at all. When Chen Feng offered to help him with his scars, he rejected it.

In his words, men, with few scars, should be embarrassed to call themselves men.

I don't know. Zhang Ruonan's voice trembled a little.

Today is the fourth day, and it is time to remove the bandage. There is no woman alive that doesn't care about her appearance. Those who don't care are lying to themselves.

Zhang Ruonan is not ugly at all and she is also a beauty, so she cares about her appearance.

At this moment, her original calmness had changed.

Hey! There was an order from above, asking us to rush back as soon as possible, saying that there are a lot of dangerous people in Beijing, and they are short of manpower. Li Feng saw Zhang Ruonan's nervousness and quickly changed the subject.

Do you know what happened? Hearing Li Feng talk about official business, Zhang Ruonan really forgot the part of anxiety for a while, and became a little serious.

I don't know the specifics. However, listening to the meaning of the captain's words, it seems that there is something in a place in Beijing that is about to be born. Over the past few days, experts from all over the country have rushed to Beijing, and among them, there are many foreigners.

Huaxia's treasures being born, what does it have to do with them? Zhang Ruonan said with anger in her eyes, and said bitterly.

You don't know but those foreigners always go wherever in order to take advantage. Now, the capital does not have enough people and the captain wants us to go back as soon as possible. Li Feng said.


At this moment, a nurse pushed in a trolley.

I'm going to remove the patient's bandage. Will the patient's family go out? The nurse looked polite.

Okay. Li Feng stood up and walked out of the ward quite simply.

Zhang Ruonan looked at the little nurse who had taken the tools, and she felt nervous again.

Sister Zhang, don't be nervous, it will be alright soon! The nurse comforted softly. Ever since Zhang Ruonan was sent in, she has been in charge of her so she is naturally clear about the wounds on her face. Such a huge wound will definitely leave a scar after healed. Therefore, she just comforted Zhang Ruonan not to be nervous, but not others.


The scissors gently cut a bandage. The crisp voice surprised Zhang Ruonan, causing her to close his eyes tightly.

She dared not look at her body because she was afraid of seeing the scars like centipedes.

-Click, Click-

The crisp sound of the scissors continued to ring, and Zhang Ruonan felt that the bandages on her body were being removed one by one.

Finally, Zhang Ruonan felt cold all over and there was no longer the rough touch of the bandage on her body. Her body was exposed to the air.


A whisper came from the nurse's mouth.

Zhang Ruonan's closed eyes shuddered again.

Does it really have no effect? Zhang Ruonan thought, a sudden sorrow burst into her heart.

It's gone, it's gone! The little nurse exclaimed again, Sister Zhang, the scars are gone!

Huh? Zhang Ruonan's eyes opened sharply, looking at her body for the first time.

Finally, tears started to flow down, and Zhang Ruonan smiled.

This man didn't deceive me! This was the only thought in her heart at this moment, and Chen Feng's abominable shadow filled her mind at this moment.

It's amazing, it's amazing! The nurse exclaimed again and again, but Zhang Ruonan had already walked to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there is a huge mirror, which is the privilege of the intensive care unit.

Zhang Ruonan closed the door and turned on all the lights in the bathroom.

This is the first time she has looked at her body so carefully.

The body in front of the mirror is beautiful.

The milky white and delicate skin exudes an attractive brilliance under the light.

On Zhang Ruonan's face, she could no longer see the intricate scars, leaving only the smoothness and fineness of her face. Along with her smile, it gave off a beautiful scenery that could not be concealed...

On her chest, the scar that almost penetrated the entire front chest disappeared long ago, as if it had never existed. What remained is a pair of abundance, snow like peaks that were fresh and clear but full of spring. On top of the peaks, two red plums, like two stars in the sky showed a breathtaking scene.

All the way down, everything is smooth. The skin is white as jade and as smooth as jade.

The slender jade legs are like spring bamboo. They are slender and exude vigorous youthful vitality everywhere.

Gradually, Zhang Ruonan was also lost in her own beauty. [TN: Narcissistic much :v]

All of this is that man's credit. Between thoughts, Zhang Ruonan gently lifted her delicate and slender fingers, dipped in the water, and wrote a name on the mirror, Chen Feng.


After a long time, the door of the ward opened quietly, and Li Feng walked in anxiously.


Suddenly, the scarred young man was shocked and stunned.

Why do you look even better than before? Li Feng shouted in disbelief, Oh, mother, standing next to you, why do I suddenly feel inferior?

After he finished, he ignored Zhang Ruonan's disdain, and said to himself, Oh, this Chen Feng is really a magical character. He was even able to make this ointment. Gee, her skin is better than before.

Fortunately, I have always regarded you as a younger sister. If I had any thoughts about you and after seeing you like this, wouldn't I be too excited, causing me to die? Li Feng said seriously.

Stupid! Zhang Ruonan glanced at Li Feng, regaining her former indifferent appearance, Since you said that there was a task from above, when will we return to Beijing?

Li Feng's complexion became rare and serious, Let's go back tomorrow morning, this matter must be informed to Me. Situ. After all, he is the police director here.

Tomorrow? Zhang Ruonan nodded, as if thinking of something in her heart.