The Peerless Master Chapter 126 - Old Man's Identity

Old Chief, how do you feel? Jin Zhiguang looked at the old man and asked with a worried face.

Well... The old man pondered, feeling the changes in his body carefully, without speaking.

Suddenly, the old man's eyes glared.

A severe pain came from his stomach.

What's wrong? Looking at the old man's expression, Jin Zhiguang was full of nervousness. His eyes looked at Chen Feng anxiously.

This is his own choice. Chen Feng said calmly and calmly: My soup is called Quxiehua soup. It's main role is to get rid of the toxins in the body and to achieve fitness and nourish the Qi.

After a pause, Chen Feng continued: However, this Quxiehua Soup has the most violent effect. Once taken, the power will force the impurities out of the body.

But because these impurities have already been integrated into the body, separating them is like cutting off the flesh inside the body with a knife. How painful this process is, you should already know.

Chen Feng talked eloquently, but surprised everyone's faces.

To their surprise, in such a painful process, can the old chief endure it? But the good news is that as long as the old chief persists, then his body will be even tougher!


The old man's face was already red, which was caused entirely by pain. On his forehead, the green tendons resembled long snakes, bulging entangled, making the old man look even more terrible.

However, under such a huge pain, the old man just squeezed his fist and squinted on the sofa, sighing with pain at most. His ankles were trembling uncontrollably, but he was still firmly on the floor.

Old Chief... Jin Zhiguang and Situ Qiang looked at the old man with admiration.

At this moment, they seemed to have returned to their youth, when the old chief was in the army and had a neat military uniform. His posture was so upright, and his face was also firm and fearless.

Chen Feng looked at the old man, full of appreciation. People in their 60s are not able to endure great pain like young adults. At this time, all aspects of the human body's ability have declined, including willpower.

But this old man is still able to persevere with his strong willpower, which is really commendable.


Suddenly, a breeze came into the room. Chen Feng felt that a sense of consciousness suddenly enveloped the hall.

Oh, you finally can't help but want to see for yourself.

Chen Feng's mouth twitched slightly, and an imperceptible smile appeared.

This person must be the old man's bodyguard and the like. From seeing this old man, Chen Feng discovered that he always had an invisible bodyguard in the dark who never left the old man at a distance of 20 meters.

Twenty meters, for ordinary bodyguards, is definitely a very long distance. But for an expert at the True Yuan expert, the distance of 20 meters can be reached in no time, and it will also not affect the normal life of the old man.

That's right, the old man's bodyguard who is hidden in the dark is indeed at the True Yuan stage. Speaking of his cultivation, he should have reached the mid True Yuan Stage.

For a time, Chen Feng was curious about the old man's identity. Who is this old man for him to have a mid stage True Yuan expert as a bodyguard. Moreover, Jin Zhiguang, the secretary of the provincial party committee, respectfully called him old chief.

However, Chen Feng did not think deeply about this issue. No matter what the identity of the old man, it has nothing to do with him.

The old man panted violently, but still sat motionless on the sofa, his face full of perseverance.

Indistinctly, the old man's skin seemed to be covered with a layer of black dirt.

Chen Feng knows that with the appearance of this phenomenon, the transformation of the Quxiehua soup is about to be completed. In other words, the old man has survived the most painful time with his perseverance.

Sure enough, as Chen Feng expected, as the black dirt on the outside of the skin increased, the old man's ugly look gradually calmed down.

Hahaha, it's really a magical medicine, it's really a magic medicine! The old man looks so energetic.


Suddenly, a roar sounded on the old man's stomach. At this moment, the old man's complexion froze awkwardly, and then hurriedly rushed to the bathroom.

Hehe. Chen Feng chuckled lightly, he naturally understood what the old man was going to do at this time. The impurities in his body is excreted from both the skins and the bowels. This is what the old man is doing at the moment.

Thank you Mr. Chen for saving the chief! Jin Zhiguang bowed respectfully towards Chen Feng, and then asked with some anxiety, Mr. Chen, is the chief okay now...

Chen Feng confirmed: Under my bowl of Qu Xie Hua disease soup , the cancer cells in the old man have been forcibly isolated and eliminated from the body. So if there is no accident, the old man's disease should be good Now.

Since that is so, Mr. Chen is the great benefactor of China! Situ Qiang said reverently.

Well? What did you say? Chen Feng was a little puzzled. He only saved one person. How did he get involved with the whole of China?

Don't you know Mr. Chen? Situ Qiang looked at Chen Feng with surprise, and said dumbly, This old gentleman is the Prime Minister of China.

After listening to Situ Qiang, Chen Feng suddenly became cheerful. This old man turned out to be the prime minister of China, and was one of the people who stood in the highest position of China.

Although Chen Feng never cared about the national affairs, he still heard that the prime minister was extremely close to the people and often went deep among the people to hear their opinions. Since he took office, the country's livelihood issues have greatly improved. All the people love him very much.

It turned out that he was the prime minister. In this way, the strength of his bodyguard made sense.

After a long time, the old man came out of the toilet. At this time, he was no longer as sick as before. He was holding his head upright and was showing a strong vitality between each step.

Mr. Chen, you are really magical! The old man held Chen Feng's hand tightly, his eyes full of admiration, With you here, China will definitely be revitalized

Oh, the prime minister must be joking. It's your job as the prime minister to revitalize China. As for me, I'm just a small migrant worker. Chen Feng smiled lightly and naturally withdrew his hand.