The Peerless Master Chapter 125 - Bravery

At the headquarters of the Taizi Gang, Yao Fang was sitting in a wheelchair, staring fiercely at the person kneeling below.

Waste, you are a group of waste! Yao Fang roared fiercely at the person kneeling below.

The man shivered and hung his head constantly.

Young Master, that person is too strong. The man kneeling on the ground cried and said, That man is too fast and the bullet can't hit him at all. Even the sniper king marksmanship couldn't kill him

Wastes, we spent so much to train them but they aren't even able to kill two people. Yao Fang was angry, How about the Sniper King? Let him come to see me!

Hearing Yao Fang's words, the person kneeling on the ground lowered his head even lower, and he said cautiously, Sniper King, was killed by... the devil!

What! Yao Fang slammed the wheelchair and wanted to stand up in exasperation but as soon as he pressed hard, a huge pain came from his hips, causing cold sweat to come out.

Damn guy, dare to kill one of the eight kings of the Taizi Gang. He is courting death! Yao Fang said fiercely. Why didn't the poison boxer come to see me?

Young Master, Poison Fist, is dead!

What? Who is that man? He's so powerful that he can kill two of the Eight Kings? Yao Fang was shocked. What about that kid?

He was shot and injured by the Sniper King from the beginning, but he still cut off the sniper's head with a single sword.

There is also the Poison boxer, he was defeated with a single, and then he seemed to be very angry, breaking the bones of the Poison boxer. Too cruel, too cruel! Kneeling on the ground, the man couldn't help but started shaking again.

Huh, waste! You're all waste, you are waste, the sniper king is waste, and the poison boxer is waste! Yao Fang said cursingly: You failed to kill Xiao Lin and Chen Feng, the Xiao family will definitely take it easy. You can't live in this world without insurance.

Yao Fang's words were said lightly, but the man on the ground was pale, and then, his eyes turned vicious, and he suddenly roared.

Who do you think we are, to decide if we can live or not. I want to live, and you are a waste, so die! After shouting, the man pounced on Yao Fang like a tiger.

Yao Fang looked at the man indifferently, full of sneer.

Because of his injury, he couldn't move, but he didn't need to move!

When the man was about to get near Yao Fang before, a flash of cold light flashed, and a silver sword suddenly appeared beside him.




Hearing the sound of continuous cuts, the man plopped on the ground without a word.

The minced meat flew everywhere and fell in front of Yao.

Yao Fang swallowed, and then pointed at someone who appeared suddenly, Sword King, I didn't think your skills to be this gold. Haha, you have to help this young master with his hatred.

The sword king lowered his head and said nothing, as if he had not heard Yao Fang's words.

Humph! Yao Fang saw it and looked at the Sword King with dissatisfaction. He whispered in a low voice, You're just an abandoned child who was raised by my Taizi Gang, why are you so proud!

Hearing this sentence, the sword king's eyes flashed an inexplicable look, but said nothing.

At this moment, a strong aura suddenly appeared.

Dad, you are finally out! Yao Fang shouted in excitement.

A figure suddenly appeared beside Yao Fang. This speed surprised the sword king for a while.

This one sees the leader The sword king respectfully said.

It turned out that this man was Yao Wentao, the leader of the Taizi Gang.

Ignoring the sword king's greetings, Yao Wentao's eyes fell on Yao Fang.

Son, who did it? Yao Wentao's eyes were full of fierce light.

Dad, you have to avenge your child! Yao Fang's complexion changed drastically, and finally he cried. He talked about his affairs with Chen Feng again.

Fang'er, dad will avenge you, but it is still a critical period. The ancestor's breakthrough is imminent and I need to protect him so I can't leave. After a pause, Yao Wentao said fiercely, Wait a few days, wait when the ancestors breakthrough is over, then dad will go kill the man named Chen Feng!


At this moment, it is already three in the afternoon.

Chen Feng brought a plastic bag and came to Situ Qiang's residence.

At this time, Chen Feng put on those old clothes again. The new clothes that he just bought officially ended its short life because of what happened last night

Situ Yunfei had been anxiously waiting at the door for a long time. When Chen Feng appeared, he was very pleased and immediately brought Chen Feng into the house.

In the house, the old man sat on the sofa watching TV, and there was no irritability at all. Instead, Jin Zhiguang, the secretary of the provincial party committee appeared restless.

Seeing Chen Feng appear, Jin Zhiguang hurriedly greeted him, Mr. Chen, you finally came.

Prepare some medicinal materials and delay some time. Chen Feng pointed at the medicinal materials in the plastic bag and laughed.

During his speech, Chen Feng had already reached the old man.

Until now, Chen Feng did not know the identity of the old man. However, for him, identity does not matter to him.

Old man, are you ready? Chen Feng asked with a light smile.

The old man nodded resolutely, but said nothing.

Okay, wait for me for half an hour. After talking, Chen Feng entered the kitchen door without looking back, and then slammed the lock.

What is this Mr. Chen doing? Jin Zhiguang looked at Situ Qiang questioningly and asked with a confused look on his face.

I don't know. Situ Qiang spread his hands, indicating that he didn't know anything.

Half an hour later, Chen Feng appeared in front of the crowd holding a bowl of dark soup.

Drink! Putting the hot soup on the table, Chen Feng continued to tell, Drink while it's hot.

Is this really drinkable? Jin Zhiguang asked frowningly, frowning.

Not to mention him, whoever picked up this bowl of medicine juice could not help but ask the same question. The color of this bowl of medicinal juice is as dark as ink, and from time to time, it emits a foul odor, as if it was a stinky sock that had not been washed for ten days to half a months.

Relax, the medicine is not poisonous. Chen Feng looked at the old man straight and said quietly, However, whether you can survive this medicine is unknown!

Hehe. The old man laughed lightly, picking up the medicine juice without thinking and pouring it into his mouth.


The old man swallowed all the medicine without hesitation and said with deep meaning, Life is about countless big and small bets. Although this bet is a bit big, I will still bet on it!

Chen Feng was surprised, and when he looked at the old man again, there were already some admirations in his eyes.