The Peerless Master Chapter 124 - Depressed Chen Feng

In Xiao Lin's room, Chen Feng was sitting half naked on the edge of the bed as he looked at Xiao Lin with a smile.

You, you can still smile like this huh! Xiao Lin looked at the wound on Chen Feng's left shoulder and couldn't help but swear, but her eyes were filled with lingering distress.

Chen Feng's left shoulder has been completely penetrated. The bullet entered Chen Feng's left shoulder from the front and it penetrated to the back of the left shoulder.

Had it not been for Chen Feng's medicine that allowed him to increase his body strength, the power of this gun would directly blow up his left shoulder.

However, Chen Feng's injury is still not light, and even his bones have been greatly damaged. Through the bloody wounds, some bone fragments can be seen.

Does it hurt? Xiao Lin's small hand gently touched Chen Feng's wound, making Chen Feng feel itchy, but more of the pain in the heart.

It's not painful, it's very comfortable! Chen Feng said happily. If you give me a massage, it will be more comfortable.

You're still not being serious! Xiao Lin blushed slightly and gave Chen Feng's chest a light punch, Even though you almost lost your life, you still want to play hooligan.

Hey. Chen Feng gently took Xiao Lin's small hand resting on his chest but he did not speak and just quietly looked at Xiao Lin's small red face.

Don't move, I'll clean up the wound for you now! Xiao Lin glanced at Chen Feng angrily. Then, her little hand gently broke away from Chen Feng's palm.

The Xiao family had special first-aid tools. As early as entering the room, Xiao Lin asked the servants to move the useful things into the room.

Disinfectant water and bandages are all available.

At this moment, Xiao Lin is seriously taking a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the first aid box and looking at Chen Feng.

Don't move, I'll help you clean the wound first. Xiao Lin's eyes were a little uneasy, Chen Feng, listen to me, let's go to the hospital.

Chen Feng smiled, Oh, it's just a minor injury, why go to the hospital?

For cultivators, injuries are a common occurrence. In his past life, he has suffered from many kinds of injuries. He remembered the most terrible time, his internal organs and bones were all broken but he was fortunately able to recover.

The injury on his shoulder is just a minor injury for Chen Feng. The Dragon Breaks Through The Heavens has a special healing method, which can make him recover quickly.

However, since he can enjoy the services of a beauty, Chen Feng is naturally happy to accept.

Then, that's okay! Looking at Chen Feng's determined look, Xiao Lin nodded helplessly. She carefully pinched a piece of cotton that had been soaked from the bottle and gently wiped it on Chen Feng's wound.



When the hydrogen peroxide hit the wound, it immediately boiled and made a bubbling sound and a cool feeling on Chen Feng's wound made him feel comfortable

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant medicine commonly used in medicine, and is generally used to clean wounds. When it hits the wound, a lot of bubbles will pop up, similar to Coke.

Xiao Lin gently wiped Chen Feng's wound with a cotton ball, and cleaned the wound cleanly. After a while, Xiao Lin breathed out, Finally, the cleaning is completed.

After doing this, Xiao Lin was already dripping with sweat.

It seems that my Xiao Lin still has the potential to be a doctor! Chen Feng laughed and couldn't help but joke.

Hearing Chen Feng's words, Xiao Lin's face turned red, and she gritted her teeth and yelled, Who is your Xiao Lin?

Then, Xiao Lin looked at the wound on Chen Feng's shoulder, full of worry, Chen Feng, what to do next, I am not a doctor, I can not treat such a big wound!

Chen Feng patted Xiao Lin's small head and said softly, Next, let me do it myself.

After talking, Chen Feng climbed up on Xiao Lin's bed and sat up cross-legged.

Then, he used the healing method in Dragon Breaks Through The Heavens, and suddenly, a touch of golden light appeared on Chen Feng's body surface.

With the appearance of the cultivation technique, the wound on Chen Feng's shoulder wriggled slightly, and then slowly began to scab and heal.

Xiao Lin lay quietly on the edge of the bed, her beautiful big eyes looked at Chen Feng without blinking, full of curiosity.

After a few hours, Chen Feng opened his eyes gently, his eyes flashing. After several hours of healing, his condition has been restored by half. At this moment, it seems that his whole person is more energetic.

Are you all right? Xiao Lin was a little tired, a few hours of waiting made her sleepy.

Yes. Chen Feng nodded and shook his left hand hard, Look, it's the same as not being hurt!

Then why didn't you do this earlier Xiao Lin said angrily, If you are fine, go out first, this girl will change clothes.

Chen Feng's eyes were suddenly full of smirks. He pointed to the wall clock on the wall and said, Oh, look at the time, it's already 12. What clothes are you going to change to? Then, he reached out to Xiao Lin.

What... what are you doing! Xiao Lin stepped back and asked weakly.

Chen Feng approached and smiled evilly, This bloody shirt does not fit on you, come, I will help you take it off, After that, he rushed towards Xiao Lin.

No, I'll take it off myself, don't... don't touch it! Xiao Lin whispered softly.

However, without waiting for her to finish, Chen Feng's big hands had already politely stripped off the clothes worn on Xiao Lin. At this time, Xiao Lin seemed to be a stripped white sheep, sitting on the bed blushing. Her hands were tightly covering her pink bra. Unknown to her, the back buckle has been released by Chen Feng.

Don't look! Xiao Lin lowered her head and dared not look at Chen Feng's burning eyes.

Don't be afraid, Chen Feng comforted softly. Then, he gently held Xiao Lin's hands and slowly pulled them away.

Suddenly, the pink bra floated down...

Chen Feng's head lowered gently...

With Chen Feng's movements, Xiao Lin became hot all over.

After a long time, Chen Feng's rough breath was suddenly surprised.

What? What is this?

Ummm, the great aunt came today, so... Xiao Lin's voice was as quiet as a mosquito and she was full of embarrassment. [TN: Her great aunt is basically her period]

Uh, really... Chen Feng threw his arms up to the sky, and his eyes widened, filled with grievances and depression.