The Peerless Master Chapter 123 - Harvest

Chen Feng, let them go! Xiao Lin shouted anxiously.

Seeing Chen Feng violently pierce their eyes with a pair of eyes with the Qiushui sword, Xiao Lin felt unbearable.


The Qiushui sword suddenly stopped in front of a sought-after.

The gangster opened his eyes, full of terror. The tip of the Qiushui sword is less than one millimeter from his eyes. As long as Chen Feng's hand moves gently or shakes his hand, the shining sword tip will pierce his eyes immediately.

Don't, don't! The gangster begged carefully, he didn't dare to let his body move at all. Because with a single move, Chen Feng's sword would stab him mercilessly at the next moment.

A stream of heat sprayed down between his legs, and the yellowish liquid quickly wet the dry concrete floor.

However, Chen Feng's hand was like a very precise machine, without shaking at all.

Scram! Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin's face unbearably and snorted coldly.

Both the blind and the unblind, desperately ran towards the gate. At this moment, regardless of whether they are a good brother or not, they did not pay any attention to the blind as they rushed out of the warehouse as quickly as possible.

In a blink of an eye, those who weren't blind were gone and for the group of gangsters who were stabbed by Chen, they ran across the wall.

Chen Feng ignored the blind members, he just returned to Xiao Lin and looked at her quietly.

Xiao Lin's upper body is still bare, and she is covered by a small pink bra..

However, at this moment, Xiao Lin ignored her near naked body and just looked at Chen Feng's face with a complex look.

Am I cruel? Chen Feng asked gently, without any guilt.

No! Xiao Lin's eyes burst into tears, and then fell tightly into Chen Feng's arms: It's all because of me!

Chen Feng held Xiao Lin quietly. At this moment, he was full of warmth in his heart. No trace of evil thoughts, no trace of desire, Chen Feng just hugged Xiao Lin quietly at this moment.

The headlights on the ceiling pulled out the long shadows of the overlapping figures, as if they were a bunch of lovers in the sunset.

Chen Feng did not go back immediately. There was still a lot of wealth at the scene that he needed to clean up.

He was ambushed at the scene, and there were also 40 or 50 people. At this moment, these sought-after guns are left at random.

Their masters either died under Chen Feng's sword, or they were eager to escape, and they didn't bother to take them away. At this moment, they have all become Chen Feng's private property.

The power of this Taizi Gang is really powerful to blatantly possess so many advanced firearms.

Not to mention anything else, this batch of firearms has a dozen ak47s. Chen Feng went to Internet cafes with Ga Zi to play some games before. One of the shootout games called Counter-Strike made him obsessed for a while. One of the powerful rifles is this ak47. [TN: Never played it before so idk if it's true or not]

At the same time, Chen Feng suddenly had doubts in his mind.

China's control of weapons has always been extremely strict. What is the reliance of the Taizi Gang for them to dare to have so many guns.

Moreover, a more important point. Hao Tianlong, the gang leader of the Black Tigers who killed himself last time, was nothing more than a peak True Qi expert. Today, there are two experts in the True Yuan stage in this Hang. They are both gangs but why is there such a huge disparity?

Moreover, in the most recent period, this Taizi Gang acted rampantly, and they were annexing the large and small forces around it all the time. However, the other two gangs were silently tacit, and none of them stood up to stop it. Why is this?

For a time, Chen Feng's thoughts fluttered, but he couldn't grasp the key.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng temporarily left the thoughts in his head behind him, and continued to count the loot. Although Chen Feng does not need this batch of firearms, some people do.

His own brother, Ga Zi, is gathering his former brothers in the past few days. By now, there must have been some results. If he has the deterrent of this batch of firearms, he will soon be able to regain a foothold in Hangzhou City!

Then, Chen Feng will help Ga Zo grow his power slowly and erode the forces of the Taizi step by step, and finally wipe them out in one move.

Thinking of the Taizi Gang, Chen Feng's expression turned clld. This time, the Taizi Gang has touched his reverse scale. With Chen Feng's character, this matter will naturally not end like this.

Huh? Chen Feng suddenly felt happy, a domineering sniper rifle appeared in his eyes. This sniper rifle, Chen Feng has still seen in that game, is called the Barrett XM109 sniper rifle.

The Barrett XM109 sniper rifle is known for its precise aiming power and great destructive power. Someone once joked that this Barrett XM109 sniper rifle can no longer be summarized as a sniper rifle, and it should be more suitable as a grenade launcher. Because of its huge destructive power and penetrating power, it once became a nightmare on the battlefield!

This sniper rifle still has a name in modern times, the king of heavy snipers!] [TN: Idk if this is true at all]

It's no wonder that the sniper can make him feel a sense of crisis, it is because of this gun. With a wave in his hand, Chen Feng put the guns and the ammunition scattered on the ground into his storage bag.


In the Xiao Manor, Mr. Xiao was walking anxiously in the hall.

The news that Xiao Lin had been kidnapped has already been sent to him. However, no matter how he used all the relationships, no clue was found.


A van came to a sudden break in the Xiao's manor.

The loud braking sound made Xiao Xiao's heart suddenly ignite a hope as he quickly opened the door and ran out.

Outside the van, a slim girl was standing beside the car, waving at her grandfather.

At this moment, she was wearing a bloody floral shirt and she revealed a different beauty.

Mr. Chen! Mr. Xiao hurried forward, respectfully facing the shirtless Chen Feng.

The situation is very clear to him, obviously Chen Feng saved Xiao Lin.

Chen Feng's face was pale. Although the blood on his chest had stopped, there was still a lot of blood.

Grandpa, don't talk about it for a while, I'll take Chen Feng to bandage his wounds Xiao Lin interrupted Mr Xiao who was about to speak and pulled Chen Feng toward the house.

This boy, hehe. Grandpa Xiao looked at his granddaughter and Chen Feng's back and suddenly smiled.