The Peerless Master Chapter 122 - Don't Touch My, Chen Feng's Woman

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Too late A figure appeared silently in front of him and a green light instantly cut the sniper's throat.

The sniper was stunned and felt a chill on his neck. Then, his eyes suddenly turned 360 degrees, and finally, after rolling a distance on the ground, he saw his body crash to the ground.

No! His bloody head slightly opened his mouth, and he reluctantly let out a tragic howl, looking at his corpse in close proximity, his eyes widened, but no trace of radiance was left.

The situation just now was clearly under his control but because he was distracted, this Chen Feng is like a midnight ghost and silently reaped his life.

With this last remaining thought, he died.

You... The sniper was killed. It was so fast and it was almost impossible for Wang Wenjun to react.

Chen Feng quietly landed on the ground and looked at Wang Wenjun, who was still surprised.

Now, it's your turn! Chen Feng's voice seemed to come from the Nine Nether Hell, instantly cooling the surrounding temperature.

Gaga Wang Wenjun's face was suddenly full of smiles as he maniacally laughed!

Do you think you can kill me? Wang Wenjun's face is crazy, I didn't think you are also an expert in the True Yuan stage, or a kind of expert in the True Yuan stage suitable for melee.

Even one of the eight kings of the Taizi Gang was killed by you in one blow! Wang Wenjun looked at Chen Feng with excitement, seemingly admiring, and seemingly eager.

However, he is nothing but a waste and he is only good with fighting with foreign objects. After removing the gun, he is a bottom garbage in the eight kings! Wang Wenjun glanced at the body of the sniper and said disdainfully.

Saying that, Wang Wenjun gently raised his fists, and at the same time, a strong momentum erupted from his body. On his two fists, a layer of black Qi suddenly condensed on him. The aura emanated from this black light was unspeakable evil.

My identity is the poison boxing king of one of the eight kings of the Taizi Gang! Wang Wenjun's momentum has completely changed, becoming somber, violent and full of power.

Oh, I didn't think of the emergence of so many True Yuan powerhouses today!

However, so what? In my eyes, you are nothing more! Chen Feng still smiled lightly, as if the person he was facing was just an ordinary little bastard, not an expert in the True Yuan stage.

In the battle of the same level, Chen Feng has never been afraid of anyone! The sniping king just now pushed Chen Feng into danger by relying on modern firearms. But the Sniper lost his gun, and Chen Feng can still kill him in one round.

Crazy! Wang Wenjun snorted. He punched out and his fist carried a gust of wind as it went towards Chen Feng's head.

Humph! Chen Feng hummed softly, his head gently moved to the side and let the punch pass. Then, his right finger suddenly flashed a golden light.

Passing Mountain Finger Chen Feng's voice is very indifferent as he attacked.

His fingers were like a meteor in the night, with a clear track of golden light.


Chen Feng's finger landed on Wang Wenjun's body, bringing a bloody flower.

Wang Wenjun stepped back, clutching the wound on his stomach, staring at Chen Feng in disbelief.

I didn't expect you to be so powerful, I'm not as good as you. Wang Wenjun opened his mouth, his face changed many times, and finally said this sentence.

Just one round just now, but Chen Feng's reaction, strength and speed are far superior to him. He instantly understood why Chen Feng, who had just started, would say such rampant words.

Chen Feng looked at Wang Wenjun with a cold face and expressionlessly said, You dare to make a move on my woman. You have lost your chance to commit suicide. Then, Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin, who was still tied to the post, and saw that she was only left with her bra and his heart quickened when he saw that, Now, start enjoying the feast of hell.

During the speech, Chen Feng's body moved again.

Like a midnight ghost, Wang Wenjun saw a flower in front of him.

At the next moment, Wang Wenjun suddenly felt a sharp pain in his legs, his body could no longer stand, and fell to the ground softly.

Damn, I won't let you! Wang Wenjun gritted his teeth, filled with resentment. This man actually gave him no ability to resist. However, this Wang Wenjun was also a ruthless person, and the Qi in the body suddenly rioted in a moment of thought.

His body was blowing like a balloon.

Do you want to explode? Chen Feng's face was full of cruelty: You want to play self-explosive in front of me? Keep dreaming! As Chen Feng said, his fingers slammed on Wang Wenjun's dantian.

Under Chen Feng's finger, Wang Wenjun's face suddenly flashed with thick despair and resentment. His big body was like a discouraged ball and quickly dried down.

You... you are a demon! Wang Wenjun screamed exhaustedly.

However, Chen Feng's cruel means greeted him.

For a time, a violent howling sounded throughout the warehouse.

Chen Feng, enough! Xiao Lin shouted a little unbearably.

Chen Feng stopped the movement in his hand and glanced lightly at the still tragic Wang Wenjun.

At the moment, Wang Wenjun's body was shattered all over. His body was like a corpse, and he fell to the ground softly and could not move.

There was no more complete bone in him.

Kill me, kill me! Wang Wenjun's jaw had been crushed by Chen Feng long ago, and at the moment he was talking, it was unclear.

Chen Feng quietly looked at Wang Wenjun, who was no longer a humanoid, and whispered, My Chen Feng's woman, no one can touch them! After that, Chen Feng's right foot stepped on Wang Wenjun's face.

Chen Feng, you... Xiao Lin wanted to say something, but found nothing to say.

Although she couldn't bear Chen Feng's approach, her heart was still warm. Isn't Chen Feng's domineering and cruelty all because of her?

Chen Feng smiled and loosened the rope tied around Xiao Lin for Xiao Lin.

Run! Suddenly, a scream came, and the rest of the members of the Taizi Gang ran towards the gate in panic.

Humph, want to run? Chen Feng's eyes flashed and he rushed forward.

Don't! Xiao Lin grabbed Chen Feng's clothes and said unbearably, Don't kill!

Chen Feng looked at Xiao Lin quietly and suddenly smiled. Touching Xiao Lin's face with compassion, he insisted: I promise you I won't kill but since they all looked at your body, they can't keep their eyes.

No one can touch my woman!

During his speech, Chen Feng's figure disappeared, and at the next moment, there was a scream from the crowd.