The Peerless Master Chapter 121 - Chen Feng's Counterattack

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Not good! Chen Feng's heart shook, and a strong sense of crisis made his body instinctively dodge to the right.


A gunshot suddenly broke the dullness of the warehouse and shocked everyone.

Xiao Lin's heart shook and her strong anxiety caused her eyes to look at where Chen Feng was.

There, only a touch of blood was still flying in the air, but no figure of Chen Feng was seen.

Hahaha, as expected of one of the eight kings of the Taizi Gang. Come on, why are you hiding. I thought you were going to start a massacre Wang Wenjun shouted loudly, full of jokes.

Chen Feng was hiding behind a column. His whole body was tightened up and down behind the column, and he did dare to move. The strong sense of crisis was still circling in his heart.

Chen Feng knows that as long as he dares to be careless, the other party's bullets can penetrate his body instantly.

The shot just now, if Chen Feng had not detected the killing intent and instinctively dodged to the right, this bullet just now would have penetrated his heart and not his left shoulder.

And what surprised Chen Feng even more is that this sniper also has perception, that is to say, this sniper is an expert! In this mortal world, he did not expect to meet so many True Yuan experts.

-Plop, Plop, Plop-

The blood on his left shoulder kept dropping on the ground, making a quite rhythmic noise.

Chen Feng let the blood on his left shoulder drop down, but he didn't dare to take some hemostatic measures.

The enemy's muzzle is tightly locked on his body, as long as he is careless, the other party will strike like thunder.

Therefore, he can only slow his breathing as much as possible, so that the blood in his body flows more slowly to reduce the rate of blood loss.

Gaga, Mr. Chen Feng, you dare to hurt the young master of the Taizi gang. Only death can make atonement! Wang Wenjun continued to laugh.

Chen Feng just quietly hid behind the column, and said nothing. His expression was solemn, looking for a suitable attack opportunity.

The feeling of being locked still exists, but for a while, the sniper obviously changed position, making it more difficult for Chen Feng to determine his position.

Boy, weren't you arrogant just now? Wang Wenjun continued, his voice was very loud, as if it was specifically for Chen Feng to hear.

Do you want to see how I play with this little? Wang Wenjun said aloud, Laozi likes to play with men all the year round, and the taste of women has not been had for many years. Since you don't come out, then I'll try it. After that, Wang Wenjun just laughed.

Wang Wenjun's words seemed to attack Chen Feng's heart with a giant hammer, making his heart uncomfortable.

However, Chen Feng's breath did not have any confusion. His body was still like a nail, nailed to the back of the column, and the muscles all over his body were always in the precursor of the explosion.

Nothing happened when Chen Feng was seen, apparently beyond Wang Wenjun's expectations. This was a man who heard that his girlfriend was about to be insulted. However, there was no movement, either he didn't care at all, or he had a terrifying mind.

Not give a damn about? This Chen Feng dared to come here alone to rescue this woman, apparently, he cares very much. Well, there is only one answer, that is Chen Feng has a terrifying mind and is a deep schemer. [TN: There's a better wording for it but I can't think of it]

Thinking of this, Wang Wenjun's idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling Chen Feng was even stronger. Such a man will only bring endless troubles to himself.

Gagaga, it seems that you don't care about this woman at all. Since that's the case, then I'm going to have a taste! Wang Wenjun's voice is still loud and can be heard clearly in any corner of the warehouse.

What are you doing, don't come! Chen Feng heard Xiao Lin's panic screaming, and then, there was a burst of tearing clothes.

In an instant, Chen Feng's fists immediately clenched tightly, his eyes full of struggling, at this moment, he wished to go out immediately and tear him apart.

However, his strong reason kept his feet tightly nailed to the ground.

I can't go out. Once I go out, it's even worse! Chen Feng forcibly suppressed the infinite anger in his heart and secretly planned to deal with it.

Xiao Lin must be saved! However, he has to look for opportunities!

Hahaha, such white skin, this figure, so charming... Wang Wenjun's voice was still very loud, but there was a lot more eagerness in the voice.

At this moment, Xiao Lin was still tied to the pillar. However, between the tied ropes, there is a piece of white flowers. Xiao Lin's clothes were torn into rags. Between the rags, large pieces of snow-white skin were exposed.

It has to be said that Xiao Lin's figure is perfect. The snow-white skin, slender waist, round jade rabbit and pink bra tightly wrapped her jade rabbit all exude a fatal attraction.

Maan, if I have seen such a perfect woman before, how could I like to play with men! Wang Wenjun stared at Xiao Lin's looming and muttered to himself.

Finally, Wang Wenjun seemed to think that the looming jade body was not enjoyable. He reached out and grabbed the broken pieces of cloth and pulled hard.


The rag suddenly left Xiao Lin's body. Suddenly, Xiao Lin's perfect jade body was completely exposed. Only the pink bra was the last. In particular, Xiao Lin was sturdy and tied up with rope at the moment. While Wang Wenjun was staring, there was already a reaction on his lower body.

Xiao Lin looked desperately at the column where Chen Feng was hiding, and her heart was filled with the determination to die.

If I die, he will have a chance to run away. Xiao Lin's face suddenly burst into a beautiful smile, like a red plum in winter, it was so beautiful.

At the same time, Xiao Lin urged the self-explosive technique.

Uh. Seeing this beautiful smile, Wang Wenjun was dumbfounded.

Opportunity! Chen Feng's eyes flashed, and at this moment, he clearly sensed that the enemy relaxed for a moment.

Although it was only a moment, it was enough for Chen Feng!

Chen Feng's figure turned into a residual image, silently flashing out from behind the column without a trace of sound.

Chen Feng's speed was so fast that neither Wang Wenjun nor the sniper present was able to detect Chen Feng's movements for the first time. Xiao Lin, who only stared at the column where Chen Feng was standing, saw it for the first time.

However, since Xiao Lin was able to get the inheritance, she is pretty clever. At this moment, she didn't show anything strange. Moreover, in order to cooperate with Chen Feng, she still continued to urge that self-explosive spell.

Xiao Lin's behavior once again earned Chen Feng breathing time.

Not good! The sniper who had been hiding in the shadows exclaimed suddenly and a strong sense of crisis came and his body spontaneously moved towards Wang Wenjun.

Too late A figure appeared silently in front of him and a green light instantly cut the sniper's throat.