The Peerless Master Chapter 120 - Sense Of Crisis

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Chen Feng! Xiao Lin's voice was full of joy, but she was also anxious.

Didn't I tell you not to come over! Go away, it's dangerous! Xiao Lin shouted loudly in her heart.

Chen Feng slowly walked into the warehouse. He didn't have the slightest expression on his face, as if wearing a mask, even his muscles didn't tremble.

Boy, stand there and don't move! Wang Wenjun said with a stern expression, and shouted sharply.




Chen Feng is still walking forward slowly, his eyes looking directly at Wang Wenjun, a boundless coldness tightly locks Wang Wenjun's body.

Humph! Don't come again. Wang Wenjun's face flashed with a little rage, and he stepped back to Xiao Lin's side, raising a palm over her head, and shouted sharply, Come closer and I will kill her!

Chen Feng's footsteps finally stopped.

He stood straight in the field, like a poplar rising from the sky, with a strong momentum all over him.

Release her immediately, and I will leave your body intact! Chen Feng said lightly, but revealed the infinite coldness.

Today, he was angry. Someone else, dared to threaten him with someone close to him. For Chen Feng, it was like his reverse scale!

He remembers the last time when Chen Feng was Dan Zu. A large sect actually grabbed his disciple Cui Jue and threatened him with Cui Jue's life. In order not to involve Chen Feng at that time, Cui Jue decided to explode.

In the end, this large sect was wiped out under Chen Feng's bloody Reve. All the hundreds of thousands of disciples were killed by him in a thunderous manner. This caused him to be killed by the terrifying heart demon when he had his tribulation.

But if Chen Feng is asked to do it again, he will do the same. If you can't even protect the people close to you, what is the point in cultivating!

Hehehe. Wang Wenjun's laughter was full of irony.

Boy, before you talk nonsense, just look around you. As soon as Wang Wengui's voice fell, footsteps came.

Chen Feng looked up and found that people had drilled out in all corners around them, and they were carrying black guns on their hands. The gun barrel was aimed at him in unison, and the overwhelming pressure came. If he was an ordinary person, his legs would have weakened.

However, Chen Feng is naturally not an ordinary person.

When Chen Feng first arrived here, his perception had fully penetrated everything around him. However, Chen Feng is not very afraid of these weapons that make people feel frightened.

Looking at Wang Wenjun's arrogant face with cold eyes, Chen Feng spoke softly, I will count to three, immediately release Xiao Lin, otherwise, I will start a massacre. Chen Feng's words were light but it caused everyone to feel a chill.

However, at the moment, Wang Wenjun, relying on his advantage, would naturally not take Chen Feng's words to heart, but instead grinned and raised his hands with irony, Even now, you still don't know what's good for you. Brothers, kill him.

As soon as his words fell, these gang members seemed to have rehearsed for a long time, and they all moved the trigger at their fingertips.


Suddenly, there was a deafening sound in the warehouse.

A burning tongue of fire erupted from the rush, and countless burnt red bullets were like a demon who only ate people as they rushed to Chen Feng.

Humph Chen Feng's eyebrows were raised, but he seemed to have gone stupid as he stood motionless.

Chen Feng, be careful! Xiao Lin shouted with fright at the sight of this.

However, the speed of the bullets was faster than her shouting. At the moment when Xiao Lin just spoke, the countless bullets had already penetrated Chen Feng's body.

Haha, wasn't the kid so arrogant just now? Now you're dead... hahahaha! Wang Wenjun laughed madly.

-Bang, bang, bang-

A series of bullets slammed into the concrete floor of the warehouse, smashing the concrete floor with holes.

Wang Wenjun's eyes widened, Chen Feng's figure was gone. The bullet just shot was just his shadow.

What is he? Wang Wenjun's pupils shrunk, and a sudden burst of blue light appeared in the corner of his eyes.

Be careful! He yelled at the group of gunmen on the left.

However, it was too late!

A trace of Chen Feng's remnant had already swiftly crossed the wave of gunmen. Between the flashes of green light, the group of gunmen's eyes suddenly turned black, and their bodies were cut in half silently.

Qiushui Sword, the top-grade magic weapon sword. At this moment, the Qiushui sword's strength is fully released in Chen Feng's hands.

Humph After harvesting the last gunman's life in this wave, Chen Feng's figure disappeared again.

At the same time, a large number of bullets frantically shot at Chen Feng's position just now, and once again sparked.

The speed of the bullet couldn't keep up with Chen Feng's movements.

Upstairs, be careful, he came to you! Wang Wenjun's eyes followed Chen Feng's figure and reminded them with a shout.

At this moment, the rest of the gunmen were ready. They stared at Chen Feng's direction and clenched their hands tightly. Once they saw Chen Feng's figure, they would shoot with thunder.


A breeze blew through.

They suddenly felt powerless all over, and they could no longer hold the firearms in their hands.


Their firearms hit the ground, and then, as if they were asleep, they closed their eyes and fell down. Each of them has a faint red mark on the neck. Not far away, a faint green light quietly disappeared.

Just a faint red mark, Chen Feng's sword is too fast and too sharp, so that the blood can't keep up with the speed of their death.

At this moment, Chen Feng demonstrated the art of killing to them. Before the other gunmen reacted, Chen Feng disappeared again.

At this moment, all the other gunmen watched the movements around them with fear, and they prayed that Chen Feng's next target was not them. Perhaps they can't escape the demon 's killing today, but it's good to be able to die late.

Damn, all teams are careful! Wang Wenjun shouted loudly, Do it!

Wang Wenjun's voice just fell, and a subtle wave came, as if a big curtain slowly enveloped the entire warehouse.

At the same time, Chen Feng, who was on the move, suddenly felt that he was locked in by others, and a tingling sense of crisis came suddenly.