The Peerless Master Chapter 12 - Ghost in the Mortuary

At the entrance of the City Hospital, Chen Feng and Mu Wan'er walked in with each other.

Chen Feng, listen to my advice, I can quit my job. Mu Wan'er still tried persuaded Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said with a smile, Don't worry, I will be fine.

Hey, you... you, why won't you listen to me Mu Wan'er was stunned by Chen Feng's response and said helplessly.

While talking, the two walked into the City Hospital.

Huh? Am I hallucinating? Isn't that young man the same as that gentleman on the bus? Not far away, vice president Wang who just walked into the hospital pushed up his glasses on the bridge of his nose and wondered to himself, Weird, how can this gentleman be with Dr. Mu?

Forget it, I'll find time to ask Dr. Mu. Vice President Wang shook his head and walked toward his office.


Chen Feng, here is the Personnel Department. I won't be going in with you. However, you have to remember my words. After that, Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng with concern and then went to the pediatrics.

Different from Lili, Mu Wan'er is a quiet and gentle type of person. She usually does not talk much but she is very sincere. Chen Feng looked at Mu Wan'er's back, this roommate who he had known for just two days, caused Chen Feng to feel warmth when he saw her concern.

When entering the Personnel Department, Chen Feng saw the recruiter from yesterday. The man apparently saw him too and said with a smile, Hey, you came here very early. Then, he said to Chen Feng, Come here, I will take you there and I will explain to you about what you will be doing along the way

Then, this man took Chen Feng out of the office and walked to a remote corner.

The mortuary is in the deepest part of the hospital and no one usually goes in there. Your task is to inspect every day and register the situation.

Not long after, the two came to a small building in the depths of the hospital. The small building looks a bit old and a lot of the reddish brown wall paint has peeled off. Next to it is an unusually tall poplar, with its huge shades shrouding the small building under its shadow, it made the small building look a bit eerie.


A cold wind blew, the recruiter suddenly shuddered and his face turned white. How could there be a cold breeze on such a hot day

Trembling, he took out a key and open the door of the small building.


When the door was fully opened, the inside was extremely dark


The recruiter hurriedly turned on the lights, pretending to be calm and said to Chen Feng, This small building's lighting is not good, it is inevitable that it is a little dark

However, the next moment, his face was sweating coldly. Chen Feng, who was originally behind him, had...


Ah! The recruiter couldn't help but shout out in fear. For a moment, his back was covered in cold sweat. Moreover, he felt that there was a footstep behind him that seemed to be approaching him!


The recruiter felt something patted his shoulder.

The recruiter suddenly jumped in panic and looked back in horror

Uh, did I scare you? Chen Feng said apologetically to the man.

Phew, it turned out to be you. The recruiter was busy wiping the cold sweat on his head and said, Where did you go?

You dropped your mobile phone on the ground so I picked it up for you Chen Feng shook the mobile phone in his hand and said with a smile.

It turned out that when the recruiter had grabbed the key in his pocket, he accidentally dropped the phone in his pocket to the ground. Chen Feng squatted down to pick up the phone and although he was squatting for only a few seconds, it was enough for the recruiter to be scared to death.

Oh, you scared me. The recruited man took the phone and smiled at Chen Feng, then continued to introduce his work to Chen Feng.

In fact, being a mortuary administrator is a very well liked job. This job is easy and moreover, no one will care if you come late to work. Anyway, the mortuary will not be used for several times because in the hospital, even if the patient is unable to survive the surgery, it is generally rejected by the family. Therefore, the usual here is generally empty. Only those bodies of unknown origin will be temporarily stored here, waiting for the family's claim or the police's intervention. However, such things only happen several times a year or less. Therefore, this work is usually given to the relatives of some leaders. If it isn't because this place is haunted, how could Chen Feng get this job?

Well, there is nothing else to explain. Anyways, as long as nothing happens, you can just relax. The recruiter hurriedly said a few words and suddenly felt a smoldering wind. He couldn't help but shuddered and hurriedly bid farewell to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked at the depths of the morgue and his eyes flashed a strange light.

The next moment, Chen Feng closed the door to the mortuary.


As the door closed, the air in the mortuary solidified instantly.

Chen Feng slowly walked into the inside.


In this sealed space, there was a slight breeze and the whistling wind seemed so strange.

Chen Feng felt the breeze but he only smiled and kept walking towards the row of corpse refrigerators.


A strange female voice suddenly echoed in this morgue, making people shudder.

The female voice is getting louder and louder, it seems to be crying, as if she is full of resentment, sadness, and hate

Chen Feng felt that this cry was from the corpse freezer not far from him and he couldn't help but smile, Come out, stop doing these little tricks.

It seems that Chen Feng's words played a role and the crying suddenly stopped. The next moment, a burst of laughter suddenly appeared.

Hahaha, hahaha. I have died miserably, I have died so miserably... The voice is getting louder and louder. At the end, it seems as if it was pinched in the throat, it sounded sharp and terrifying!

Oh? Are you not planning on coming out? Chen Feng's eyes flashed and he suddenly yelled, Come

Suddenly, a strong aura came out of him and the ghost crying was suddenly suppressed.

This a surprise, it seems you are not an ordinary person, no wonder you were not scared away A sharp voice snarled out and in the next moment


A corpse refrigerated cabinet in front of him unexpectedly pushed out by itself and a green light loomed inside.


A white shadow suddenly flew out and swayed around Chen Feng. The blood on its face, its empty eyes and its tongue that was about to be dragged to the ground was nothing but terrible.

However, Chen Feng is no ordinary person. When he saw the ghost, his fingers flickered and he waved his hand, leaving a faint light in the air

Suppress Chen Feng snapped his fingers and a bright seal suddenly appeared in the air, slamming into the ghost

Ah! Suddenly, the ghost made a terrible hissing noise and suddenly, the white ghost fell down in front of Chen Feng

Shang Xian, Rao Ming, Shang Xian Rao Ming! This ghost began to scream under the unparalleled might of Chen Feng's technique.