The Peerless Master Chapter 119 - Chen Feng Arrives

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Chen Feng, don't come over! Xiao Lin shouted nervously over the phone, and her voice was full of fear and worry.

Chen Feng's brows were already deeply frowned, and a strong murderous air aura into the sky, as if to tear the night sky apart.

Hehe, Chen Feng, right, your woman is now in my hands. Within half an hour, if you don't come, don't blame us for being impolite! An arrogant voice came from the end of the phone.

In other words, you woman is so fucking beautiful, its hard to hold back. The man continued: Within half an hour, he rushed to the warehouse of Chengxing Electrical Appliance Factory in Dongjiao. If you're not here by then, you'll know what will happen.

After this, the man laughed wildly, and his smile was full of lasciviousness.


Chengxing Electrical Appliance Factory in Dongjiao? Chen Feng muttered to himself, but his lips were already full of coldness.


Who the hell are you, why did you kidnap me here for no reason! Xiao Lin shouted loudly, her eyes full of terror.

Today, after dinner with several sisters, she was shopping on the pedestrian street. Unexpectedly, she ran into a group of people who dragged her into a van without a word.

She is just a weak woman. Although she started cultivating, it is still too early so how could she be the opponent of these strong men. No matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape the control of these men.

After kidnapping Xiao Lin, the other party took her to the warehouse of Chengxing Electrical Appliance Factory, and then no ignored her.

However, Xiao Lin always faintly heard many footsteps ringing around the warehouse and they eventually disappeared everywhere.

It is unknown how long after that, a group of men finally appeared. The leader was very unrestrained, his face, along with his old clothes made him sloppy.

This is Miss Xiao, hahaha, fortunately I'll be glad to meet you. The bearded man said as he showed his yellow teeth, I forgot to tell you, my name is Wang Wenjun.

Wang Wenjun's voice is very distinctive, as if he was a male duck with his neck pinched, very harsh.

Why? Wang Wenjun looked at Xiao Lin mockingly, Gaga, you didn't mess with me, but you messed with our young master.

Young Master? Xiao Lin opened her mouth and suddenly a figure flashed in her mind.

It's Yao Fang? Xiao Lin opened her mouth in surprise, and there was a sudden worry in her heart.

Are you a member of the Taizi Gang? Xiao Lin looked at Wang Wenjun, her heart full of alertness. Although it was known that he and Chen Feng would face revenge from the Taizi Gang sooner or later, Xiao Lin did not expect that the revenge would come so fast. After only a day of effort, she was taken into captivity here.

Hahaha, the little girl really is smart. Wang Wenjun's face suddenly flashed a fierce light, You and your boyfriend are so brave. You dare to hurt the young master and caused him to be unable to be a man.

During the talk, he had already pulled out a mobile phone from Xiao Lin's purse. Started to look through the phone book, and finally found Chen Feng's name.

Wait to cooperate, if you call this Chen Feng obediently, I might be soft-hearted and let you die a bit happier. Wang Wenjun said ruthlessly.

Dream on! Xiao Lin did not know where her courage came from but she glared at Wang Wenjun, looking uncompromising.

You are really pretty. Although I like men, it is still good to change the taste occasionally. Wang Wenjun licked his lips and touched Xiao Lin's small face with his big hand as he threateningly said

You dead hooligan, don't touch me! Xiao Lin's small face was cold. Anyway, she has reached this point and she is prepared to die.

At this time, Xiao Lin's heart became chaotic at once, and her heart that had already resolute suddenly suddenly became chaotic.

Hello, Xiao Lin... Hearing Chen Feng's voice from the mobile phone, Xiao Lin suddenly panicked.

Chen Feng, don't come over... Xiao Lin just shouted this sentence, but Wang Wenjun covered her mouth and she could no longer make a sound.


Chen Feng was lurking in a dark place not far away, staring closely at the factory hidden in the boundless night ahead.

Looking at the time on the phone in his hand, it is still 8:40, and 25 minutes have passed since the call was received.

Time is running out. Chen Feng murmured, and his body disappeared from the place quickly. The next moment, he was more than ten meters away.

Hehe, it seems that your lover is afraid and won't come. Wang Wenjun smiled with his yellow teeth pointed at a big clock on the wall.

Xiao Lin looked at the clock on the wall, where it showed 9:43, and there were 2 minutes and half an hour left.

Suddenly a complex feeling rose in her mind. She felt relaxed, but disappointed.

Two completely contradictory ideas intertwined each other, leaving Xiao Lin confused for a while.

In this case, then I will keep my promise. Hahaha, I have only played with men these years and I have forgotten the taste of women. Then, Wang Wenjun's big hands gently stroked Xiao Lin's long hair and fell on Xiao Lin's shoulder.

Don't touch me! Xiao Lin was full of despair, and once the opportunity arose, she would launch a secret technique.

There are a variety of techniques that the book had, one of which is to detonate the flesh and soul, and to die with the enemy.

Although Xiao Lin's cultivation is still shallow, she cannot achieve the effect of killing the enemy alongside oneself. However, suicide by this technique is more than enough.

At this moment, the iron door of the warehouse was violently pushed open by a heavy bang.

A tall figure walked in slowly from the darkness outside the door.

Chen Feng! Xiao Lin cried happily, with two lines of tears in her eyes.