The Peerless Master Chapter 117 - Invitation From Ji Zhiguang

Jin Zhiguang's words shocked all the unsuspecting people.

In particular, Cao Jiaying and the mother and daughter opened their mouths in surprise, and their eyes were incredible.

As the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Jin Zhiguang even asked help from a migrant worker, which is simply great news.

Yes, Chen Feng, please help my dad. Jin Liang persuaded.

Mr. Chen, please accept the request of Secretary Jin. Situ Qiang behind him also asked sincerely.

Ah, well, what do you need? If I can't do it, don't blame me. Chen Feng sighed and said.

Chen Feng nodded. If it is a general matter, why would this secretary of the provincial party committee ask for his help? Only those things that are mysterious and beyond imagination will his help be asked.

Then I will have to trouble Mr. Chen Jin Zhiguang said, looking extremely polite.

I'll leave for a while, you eat by yourself first. Chen Feng said to Lili and they went out of the box.

The others saw it and went out.

Suddenly, there were only the three people in the box.

Well, he is a migrant worker. Lili said with a prideful expression on her face.


In a supreme box in the Phoenix Hotel, a group of people sat around a round table. The richness of the full table exuded a burst of fragrance, which made people want to eat a big meal.

However, at this time no one had the desire to move chopsticks, but everyone looked at Chen Feng expectantly.

Chen Feng is gently putting one or two fingers on an old man, his face dignified.

This is hard to come by. As a cultivator, Chen Feng also has lived for thousands of years. Even Jin Zhiguang, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee did not even make him feel partially restrained. However, it was such a seemingly ordinary old man that made him feel slightly restrained.

Mr. Chen, how is he? Jin Zhiguang asked hurriedly when Chen Feng's fingers left the old man's pulse. Situ Qiang and other officials also looked at Chen Feng with expectation.

They are all friends of the old man and have inextricable relationships with the old man. They naturally care about abnormalities.

Well, Chen Feng groaned, There are large areas of lesions in the old man's body. If I am right, it should be the cancer you mentioned, and it is already in the advanced stage.

Mr. Chen was able to judge the condition of him only by taking his pulse. Jin Zhiguang said heartily, What director Situ said is true. Mr. Chen has excellent medical skills.

After a pause, Chen Feng continued, Although I can heal you, you will suffer abnormally. If your mind is not strong, you will most likely die.

Speaking of this, Chen Feng's eyes suddenly sharpened, It depends on you

When Chen Feng talked about this, he just looked at the old man quietly, and said nothing more.

The old man's eyes were already shining brightly, and the energy he got in his body could not be detected by even the most advanced machines, but the man discovered the secret just by taking his pulse.

If he is not blind, then this young man must be a master.

After pondering for a moment, the old man's eyes were full of firmness, Please, I also ask Mr. for treatment.

Since that is the case, I will save you. Whether you live or die depends on you. Chen Feng nodded.

If I die, I won't blame Mr. Chen, The old man said loudly, as if speaking to Chen Feng, but seemingly speaking to someone else.

Chen Feng laughed lightly in his heart, and he felt that at the moment the old man finished speaking, a breath that was not weaker than him quietly disappeared.

We need to make some preparations for treatment, and this is not the place for treatment. So, tomorrow morning, I will go to the residence of director Situ. I ask that you just wait for me there. Chen Feng said lightly.

Chen Feng received this gift without any restraint.

However, althoughChen Feng didn't feel much, the others were horrified. This old man is one of the top figures in the country and he is truly at the pinnacle. However, for him to give a gift to a young man who has not passed on his name, it shows that the ability of this young man has reached the point where even this old man must pay attention to him.

Alright, I will go first. Chen Feng stood up and smiled towards the old man and Jin Zhiguang.

Okay, I'll send you off. Jin Zhiguang quickly got up and walked to Chen Feng's side.

Mr. Chen, have a good day. The old man also stood up and arched his hands at Chen Feng.

Back at Lili's box, Chen Feng pushed the door to enter.

Lili and He Xinlan are having a great conversation, and the two whispered and giggled. But Cao Jiaying sat silently in the seat alone, bowed his head and drank wine, and it is unknown to what he was thinking.

Seeing Chen Feng coming in, Cao Jiaying stood up from his position and pulled out the chair for Chen Feng with a smile on his face.

Oh, Brother Chen Feng, why did you come back so quickly, I thought you would take a long time. Cao Jiaying smiled eagerly, and no one could see what he was just like.

It's just a trifle. Chen Feng smiled faintly, but didn't say anything and just sat down.

Humph Lili looked at Cao Jiaying's face and pouted her lips in disdain.