The Peerless Master Chapter 116 - Request From The Provincial Party Secretary

Helped him a little bit? Cao Jiaying was a little stunned when he heard Chen Feng's words, but then he was very happy.

Yes, a mortuary administrator like Chen Feng, how could he personally know Situ Yunfei? Perhaps it was Chen Feng who helped Situ Yunfrk solve certain things so he was somewhat grateful to him. You know, big figures like them value their face.

Cao Jiaying thought about it, and only then did it make sense. In the end, he increasingly felt that his idea was correct.

If this is the case, then I still have a chance. Cao Jiaying thought. He didn't believe that Situ Yunfei will always remember a little affection, and one day, this affection will be diluted by time. At that time, how will Chen Feng fight him?

Between thoughts, this Cao Jiaying's face suddenly regained his confidence.

Haha, Brother Chen Feng seems to have some luck. You even know big figures like Mr. Situ. Cao Jiaying smiled and continued to say, It's just that, as a man, you can't always rely on others. As Call Jiaying was talking, he peeped at He Xiuying and when she saw her, there was also a somewhat agreeable look on her face.

Oh, I don't need it. I still like my current job. Chen Feng said with a smile.

Chen Feng, although Auntie is an outsider, but since you and Lili are friends, Auntie will also try to persuade you. He Xinlan finally couldn't help talking.

Haha, finally you can't help it. Cao Jiaying's eyes flashed with a gleam, and his heart was proud.

Mom Lili cried strangely but was interrupted by He Xinlan.

Chen Feng, Lili is the heart of our family. As a mother, who doesn't want her daughter to live a better life? He Xinlan looked at Chen Feng with regret.

Mom... Lili's eyes were red, she took He Xinlan's hand and yelled softly.

I just hope that Lili will not suffer as hard as me and jer father in the future. Can you meet this requirement? He Xinlan's tone was a little heavy, but the sentence came from the heart.

Cao Jiaying's mouth slightly raised, and he felt that today this thing was a result.

Oh. Chen Feng smiled, but did not explain. Now I am not pursuing a high salary, but the way of self-cultivation. For Lili, he really likes it. In other words, since cultivating the Dragon Breaks Through The Heavens, his resistance to these women has declined. However, this does not affect his pursuit of a powerful state.

Alas, it seems that you really don't have any ideals. Seeing Chen Feng's attitude, He Xinlan was finally completely disappointed.

No need. Chen Feng still refused Cao Jiaying's proposal in a lukewarm manner.

Cao Jiaying was very happy, he had long concluded that Chen Feng would refuse. There was a trace of regret on his face as he said, It seems that Chen Feng is determined to do this unpromising job. Then, Lili and you... Cao Jiaying turned to look at He Xinlan, full of inquiries.

I disagree! He Xinlan said decisively.

No! Lili spoke firmly, holding Chen Feng's arm, I won't leave Chen Feng! In her words, that deep belief even surprised Chen Feng.

Isn't it just pretending? Why does it seem like the real thing? Chen Feng looked at Lili a little speechlessly, but there was a faint excitement in his heart.

-Da da da-

A knock on the door sounded, interrupting everyone's thoughts.

Who? Cao Jiaying was a little puzzled. The dishes were all ready. It could not be a waiter. He walked over and opened the door.

Seeing people outside, Cao Jiaying's eyes suddenly widened, a faint excitement filled his eyes and his hands rubbing hard against each other.

Secretary Jin, why are you here? Cao Jiaying exclaimed excitedly.

Uncle Jin, it's not him, A familiar voice came from behind him. Soon, Situ Yunfei appeared

Hmm. Jin Zhiguang answered quite prestigiously, and then ignored Cao Jiaying. As soon as he was wrong, he entered the box. Immediately, a group of people behind him went in one after another. Then, a bad hunch grew in Cap Jiaying's heart.

There was a group of people suddenly in the box, which surprised the mother and daughter.

Chen Feng looked at the crowd in front of him and suddenly smiled. Inside, there are several people he is familiar with. Situ Yunfei is naturally here and Situ Qiang is also here. Moreover, Jin Liang is also here.

In front of Jin Liang is a rather elegant middle-aged man, slightly fat, with a pair of gold glasses. However, when you look closely, he makes people feel that there is a momentum around him at all times. This momentum is not the momentum of a warrior, but the momentum of a superior who has been in a high position all the year round

Oh, hello. Jin Zhiguang smiled at Lili and greeted kindly.

Uh... hello. Lili never thought that the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee would say hello to her, and she was a little silly.

Chen Feng, I didn't expect you and Yunfei to have known each other for a long time. Jin Liang gave Lili a very meaningful look and said, Haha, your girlfriend is so beautiful.

Chen Feng touched his nose, embarrassed. Last time he saw Jin Liang, he was with Xiao Lin.

Mr. Chen, hello, I am Jin Liang's father. Jin Zhiguang extended his right hand, I have something to ask you for help, I hope Mr. Chen can agree.