The Peerless Master Chapter 115 - Hole

Hearing the sound from outside, Cao Jiaying's eyes lit up sharply. He quickly left the seat and rushed out of the box door without even saying anything.

What is he doing? Lili asked in wonder, and then looked at He Xinlan and Chen Feng.

He Xinlan shook her head, and she was also puzzled by Cao Jiaying's sudden departure.

Only a smile flickered on Chen Feng's face, as if he had thought of something.

Cao Jiaying walked out of the door of the box and saw a burly young man apologizing to the waiter just now with a shameful face.

The man is twenty-three to four, with a burly figure and a handsome face, and the two sword eyebrows show even infinite heroism. This person is none other than Situ Yunfei.

Uh, you are... Situ Yunfei looked at Cao Jiaying with a puzzled expression on his face, trying hard to remember where he had seen this man.

When Cao Jiaying saw Situ Yunfei look like didn't seem to remember him at all, he was a bit disappointed.

I am Cao Jiaying of Yinghao Electronics. We once met at the birthday party of Jinda Real Estate CEO. I also toasted with Mr Situ that day. Cao Jiaying said excitedly.

Oh, it turned out to be Mr. Cao, I'm glad to meet you. Situ Yunfei smiled and shook hands towards Cao Jiaying. That day, he did go to the birthday party of Jinda Real Estate CEO with a few brothers of HangHou city, but there were too many people toasting at that time. He really had no impression of this Cao Jiaying. However, he knew about this Yinghao Electronics. Although not a large scale company, the technology content of the product is relatively leading and it belongs to the kind of promising medium-sized enterprises.

Oh, I didn't expect to see Mr. Situ here. It happened that I had just gotten a booth too. Let's go in and have two drinks. Cao Jiaying is definitely a businessman as hr immediately thought of trying to build a relationship with Situ Yunfei.

Uh, forget it, there are some people waiting for me. Situ Yunfei shook his head and said.

Ah, its okay. Drinking a glass of wine won't take much time. Cao Jiaying pulled Situ Yunfei's sleeves familiarly and walked into the box.

At this point, Situ Yunfei had no choice but to follow Cao Jiaying and walked into the box.

However, as soon as he walked into the box, Situ Yunfei's eyes brightened.

Come here, auntie, let me introduce you to him. Cao Jiaying said proudly, This is Mr. situ, the son of the police director of Hangzhou city.

Feeling the admiration in He Xinlan's eyes, Cao Jiaying was full of joy, and it seemed that he could already see Lili being beneath him.

Lili, let's have a few cups of wine in respect for Mr. Situ today. Cao Jiaying looked at Lili's fiery figure and he was full of smiles..

After talking, Cao Jiaying glanced provocatively at Chen Feng who had been silent, and said proudly, Chen Feng, how about it?

At this moment, Cao Jiaying felt that Chen Feng was completely underneath his feet and he was no longer worthy of stealing Lili from himself.

How dare you make Brother Chen Feng respect me, it should be me who shows respect to Brother Chen Feng. Situ Yunfei's words suddenly came, and Cao Jiaying, who was filled with delight in his heart, suddenly froze.

For a time, Cao Jiaying suddenly felt that the world was unreal.

Not only was Cao Jiaying shocked, He Xinlan on the side was also shocked. Situ Yunfei's expression was clear to her observation, it was a face of respect from the heart.

Could it be that Chen Feng was someone big?

For a time, He Xinlan's heart was also confused.

Yunfei, why are you here? Chen Feng didn't pay attention to Cao Jiaying's look, he smiled at Situ Yunfei and said.

Who is your sister-in-law! Lili's expression at this time was very confused. She thought Chen Feng was going to lose today. Unexpectedly, it would turn out like this. At this time, she also remembered Chen Feng treating Mr.Situ.

Cao Jiaying doesn't mention how suffocating at this moment was for him. Isn't this a good way to dig a hole and jump on your own? Originally, he thought that by pulling in Situ Yunfei, he can give himself a good face but instead, he gave face to Chen Feng.

However, Cao Jiaying deserved to be a businessman and immediately suppressed the suffocation in his heart and had a bright smile on his face.,Haha, it seems that Mr. Situ and Brother Chen Feng have long since known each other, this is better. Let's have a drink today. Unconsciously, Cao Jiaying's title to Chen Feng became Brother Chen Feng again.

During the talk, the wine and vegetables also came up. Cao Jiaying opened a bottle of red wine familiarly, first filled Situ Yunfei, then poured for Chen Feng and himself.

Okay, it's such a coincidence today, let's toast to it. Cao Jiaying said, drinking a whole glass of wine first.

This cup is for me to respect brother Chen Feng and sister-in-law. Seeing Cao Jiaying finishing his wine, Situ Yunfei raised the glass and smiled towards Chen Feng and Lili.

Chen Feng chuckled and also raised his glass and collided with it.

Lili's face was red, but she also poured some red wine in her glass and did the same.

Then, all three drank.

Cao Jiaying gritted his teeth in anger. Doesn't this mean that Lili accepts her status as Chen Feng's girlfriend?

Chen Feng, how did you and Mr. Situ know each other? Cao Jiaying suddenly put down his chopsticks and asked Chen Feng.

Oh, I just helped him a little. Chen Feng took a sip of red wine and said flatly.