The Peerless Master Chapter 114 - Not Bad

Wait! Lili suddenly cried when Cao Jiaying and He Xinlan were about to get up to prepare.

Lili, what's wrong? He Xinlan asked.

Mom, Chen Feng also prepared a gift for you.

Oh, I really don't need it. He Lilan said this but she looked a bit better. It seems that this young man is still polite.

Chen Feng, take out the gift you prepared! Lili urged Chen Feng.

What is this? He Xinlan took the wooden box and asked as she opened it.

In the wooden box, a jade ring was lying quietly inside. The color of the ring is a bit bleak, it seems that it has been years.

This is... He Xinlan looked at the ring, somewhat surprised.

Auntie, wearing this ring can consolidate your mind and ward off evil spirits. This ring is rare in Hangzhou. Chen Feng explained.

Young young ones should believe more in science and less on superstitions or something. He Xinlan spoke seriously since this man is now the boyfriend of her daughter.

Chen Feng smiled and did not speak. This jade ring is not a feudal superstition, but a really good thing.

This ring was found by Chen Feng from Hao Tianlong's original storage bag. It is estimated that it was also obtained from Hao Tianlong's predecessors. Such a ring, although it only engraved by some low level formations, such things are peerless treasures in the secular world. It is unknown how many people want to buy this but can't.

Yo, what a delicate ring. Cao Jiaying said ironically, The style and structure of this ring is really good but the jade itself has some defects and is not transparent. Obviously, it is not a good jade.

However, I still like the appearance of this jade ring. He Xinlan saw Chen Feng and Cao Jiaying seem to collide a bit. She hurriedly took out the jade ring and put it on her middle finger.

Okay, let's go quickly. I heard that it is very busy in Hangzhou city in the evening. He Xinlan urged.


Coming downstairs, Cao Jiaying led everyone to a brand new BMW sedan and proudly raised the key in his hand: Auntie, get in the car.

Cao Jiaying raised a finger and shook it in front of He Xinlan, Auntie, this car cost nearly 1 million.

He Xinlan patted the leather seat cushion and couldn't help but praise, This is really a high end car. It's really comfortable to sit on.

Chen Feng, what about your car? Cao Jiaying looked at Chen Feng and said with contempt, If not, just take my car together.

Okay. Chen Feng didn't talk nonsense, walked to the co-driver's cab, and sat steadily in his seat at once.

The BMW started steadily.

Speaking of Phoenix Hotel, Chen Feng is here for the third time.

As soon as the BMW stopped at the door of Phoenix Hotel, a waiter stepped forward to open the door respectfully.

When He Xinlan saw such a situation, she was somewhat restrained because she was just a small woman. She sneaked a peek at Chen Feng and saw that he was still very natural at the moment so she was secretly surprised in her heart.

Cao Jiaying generously handed the menu in the hands of the waiter to He Xinlan, Auntie, since I have invited you today, just order whatever you want.

He Xinlan took the menu and looked at it.

What? When she saw the price on the menu, she couldn't help but exclaim, Why are the dishes here so expensive? Isn't it just sauce-brushed screw? It should cost 280, too expensive. Let's change somewhere else.

Auntie, it's okay, I will bear the price. Cao Jiaying's head was raised a bit, and he looked very amazing.

Mom, since someone wants to overpay, why are we polite with him? As she said, she began to look at the menu seriously.

This child was spoiled bt me. He Xinlan shook her head and apologized.

Oh, it's okay. Cao Jiaying narrowed hid eyes and looked at Lili.

It has to be said that Lili is really a beauty, even if she is not dressed, she is also very beautiful. In particular, the kind of seriousness she had when looking through the menu, with a bit of seriousness in her playfulness, also fascinated Cao Jiaying.

This Lili specifically ordered the most expensive dishes. There is also a bowl of Wild pangolin which is extremely expensive. This bowl of dish alone has reached tens of thousands in prices.

Lili, it's really impolite! He Xinlan yelled at Lili gently. Although she didn't see the specific price, she still knew that with her daughters temper, she would definitely do something.

Auntie, it's okay. Since Lili wants to eat these, let her order it. It's not too much money. Cao Jiaying looked a little unnatural, but said quickly.

Mom, you see, even he said that. I want this, this... Lili continued to point to the names of the highest-priced dishes on the menu and kept pointing.

Although Cao Jiaying still smiled, he secretly scolded in his heart, Little bitch, I will for now but once I get you, see how I clean up you!

Lili seemed to feel something. She looked up and smiled at Cao Jiaying, What, can't afford it?

No, no. I can afford it so rest assured! Cao Jiaying naturally stood upright and said confidently, Chen Feng, you can order a few, rest assured, I can afford it!

Okay, here, order whatever you want. Lili shouted, and then she went to hand over the menu to Chen Feng.

Well, that's all. Cao Jiaying hurriedly grabbed the menu and returned it to the waiter.

The waiter finished the recording, lowered his head and walked out with a smile and let out a deep sigh.

Oh, I'm sorry, I went too quickly. A thick voice was full of apologies.

Huh? Cao Jiaying's eyes lit up, and even without saying anything, he hurried out of the door.