The Peerless Master Chapter 113 - The Proud Cao Jiaying

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In the living room, four people sat opposite to each other.

Lili was sitting close to Chen Feng and seemed extremely intimate and Chen Feng calmly sat on the sofa.

Lili's mother, He Xinlan, looked at Lili with some grievances, and there was some helplessness in her expression. Originally this was supposed to be a good blind date, but unexpectedly, she had a boyfriend, which made He Xinlan a little caught off guard.

Cao Jiaying's face is still polite, but there is always a strong hostility in his eyes. This hostility was hidden by him very well, and did not attract the attention of the mother and daughter but it still can not escape Chen Feng's eyes.

Chen Feng didn't care. If under this circumstance, Cao Jiaying still didn't have any hostility, then this person would be extremely scary. As far as Chen Feng is concerned, as long as he doesn't provoke him, he doesn't care what other people think.

Oh, Brother Chen Feng, I don't know when you and Lili met? Cao Jiaying first broke this embarrassment and asked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng is also telling the truth. It was indeed Lili's advertisement that called Chen Feng up.

What nonsense. Lili groaned and gently twisted Chen Feng's waist.

Such small movements were magnified infinitely in Cao Jiaying's eyes, especially the ambiguity in Chen Feng's words, which made Cao Jiaying even more jealous.

However, this Cao Jiaying is also a steady-minded person, and he just endured the jealousy in his heart.

Oh, I didn't think it was Lili who chased you. Brother Chen Feng's charm is really not small. So, Cao Jiaying looked at Chen Feng with some deep meaning, It seems that a handsome person has an advantage.

Yes, I like Chen Feng's handsomeness. Lili happily put her head on Chen Feng's shoulder, but her eyes were full of provocation.

He Xinlan frowned slightly when she heard Lili's words. If her daughter really dared him only because he was handsome, then she, as her mother, would have to say something as well.

Haha, it turns out that Lili really likes the appearance of brother Chen Feng. Cao Jiaying was somewhat proud, and his own words made He Xinlan dissatisfied with Lili's boyfriend. As long as he passed this stage, he believed that He Xinlan would firmly stand on his side.

At first sight, Lili's beauty fascinated him deeply.

Chen Feng did not explain, still sitting quietly on the sofa.

This sentence would be normal if He Xinlan, who is Lili's mother, said it. However, when asked by Cao Jiaying, it seemed extremely weird.

Cao Jiaying, why do you ask so much? Lili looked at Cao Jiaying with some annoyance, but she felt a little anxious. She was in a hurry and she forgot to tell Chen Feng how to answer. If Chen Feng said the truth, wouldn't it be bad?

Thinking of this, Lili hurriedly winked at Chen Feng.

However, Chen Feng didn't seem to see it. In Lili's eyes, he said lightly, I'm a migrant worker, and I work in the city's traditional Chinese medicine hospital now.

Chinese medicine hospital? You are a doctor. Cao Jiaying flashed a contempt in his eyes, But it's not bad. The doctor's job is stable and the income is ok but how can you become a doctor from a migrant worker? At this point, Cao Jiaying also had some doubts.

Chen Feng will not lie since there is no need to. If he lied for this matter, he would have violated jos own heart and will leave a shadow on his heart of Dao, which will affect his cultivation.

As soon as his words were spoken, the expressions of the remaining three people were different.

Lili stroked her forehead with a small hand, and her face was pale. Why is this idiot so stupid?

He Xinlan's eyebrows were tightly locked, and there was some displeasure in her eyes. This is not something she should have a day in, but as a mother, it is natural to consider the future of her daughter. This Chen Feng does have a job but his job is to manage that dirty place, how can she be assured?

The happiest is Cao Jiaying. Originally, he just wanted to set Chen Feng up but he didn't expect to get such an awesome answer directly.

Haha, I admire brother Chen Feng very much. You can work in that kind of place so you must have some courage. Cao Jiaying seemed to have a lot of confidence at this time, and his waist was straightened a lot.

It's okay, I have time to do my own things. Chen Feng didn't take Cao Jiaying's words into his heart at all. It's as if a child is arguing with an adult.

Hahaha, since this is the first time I have met aunty today. I brought a little gift. I hope aunt will like it. Cao Jiaying took out a delicate red box from his leather bag and handed it to He Xinlan.

He Xinlan resigned, and finally took the box and opened it gently.

There, a jade bracelet was lying in the box.

This... this is expensive. He Xinlan was a little embarrassed.

It's not expensive, it's only five thousand yian. Cao Jiaying waved his hand, I hope auntie can accept it. After a pause, he continued, For me, I started a small company. The scale is not large, and I have just a few hundreds of employees. I only earn a million or so in a year, so don't be polite to me.

That's it. He Xinlan's heart was full of emotions, Well, aunt will accept it with a brazen face. Although their family opened a martial arts hall in their hometown and although their family background is considered to be substantial, they cannot be said to be wealthy. Such an expensive jade bracelet is something they dare not buy.

That's right. Cao Jiaying smiled and turned to Chen Feng. Chen Feng, why don't you come to work in my company. I can give you a salary of three thousand a month At this time, Cao Jiaying was full of pride, and his tone of speech also changed, and his title changed from Brother Chen Feng to Chen Feng.

Oh, no need, I'm fine. Chen Feng refused indifferently. Where can he find a job where he can have so much time to cultivate?

Oh, since you don't want to. I won't mention it anymore. However, if you change your mind, you must come to me. You are Lili 's friend and naturally my friend. This was shameless, as if he were Lili's boyfriend.

Lili on the side frowned and couldn't help but despise him.

Haha, it's not too early. I have booked a box at the Phoenix Hotel. Let's go now. Cao Jiaying said with a smile. If someone didn't know the situation, they would definitely think that he is the master of this family.