The Peerless Master Chapter 112 - Love Rivals

Why not chase her? Wu Xin asked, a little puzzled.

Chase? There was an indifferent look on Chen Feng's face and he suddenly smiled and said, Why chase, is she related to me?

She is from the blood race, she is a demon! Wu Xin was stunned and then pointed at the corpses on the ground, gritting her teeth and saying, You see, these people were killed by her!

Hum... Chen Feng looked at Wu Xin deeply, They deserved it. If that woman is just an ordinary person, do you know what will happen to her?

Ordinary person? Wu Xin was shocked in her heart, If she is an ordinary person, she would... When she was about to finish her sentence, Wu Xin found that she couldn't say anything.

In fact, in her heart, she felt that these gangsters deserved it. This can be seen when Shirley slaughtered these people. However, the hatred of darkness made her take it for granted as Shirley's sin.

Wait... Wu Xin suddenly stopped Chen Feng, Don't you want to know my identity?

Chen Feng looked at Wu Xin deeply, and said lightly, Everyone has secrets. Your secrets, I am not interested. After that, Chen Feng walked out of the crack.

You... Wu Xin froze for a moment, wanting to catch up and say something, but she suddenly stopped.

The dead bodies on the ground had stood up slowly.

Their faces were extremely pale, their steps were vain, their eyes were crimson. They stood there and stared at Wu Xin as if they were a wild animal staring at their prey.


These blood slaves made a beast-like roar, then opened their mouths to reveal two sharp fangs and rushed towards Wu Xin.

Dirty things, let me purify you! A holiness appeared on Wu Xin's face, Holy Light!

With a soft shout, Wu Xin's body suddenly emitted a strong milky halo and a ray of holy light was projected on these violent blood slaves.


In a few breaths, these blood slaves stopped moving and their whole body fell apart, turning into dust

May God's brilliance save you! Wu Xin murmured, and then walked out of the crack without looking back.

On the top of a very high building in the distance, a man and a woman stared at this hidden gap with cold eyes. Isn't that Shirley and the man who had ran?

Another group of blood slaves without awakening. The woman sighed slightly with regret. Then she turned to look at the silent man beside her.

Why don't you run away? Shirley stared straight at the man's eyes and said softly, as if it was a murmur between lovers.

Shirley flashed a deep sadness, silent for a long time.

Wait for me to arrange my things, I'll go with you. The man's tone was full of melancholy, and there was another deep sadness.

What's your name? Shirley suddenly discovered that she didn't know the man's name yet.

My name is Zhou Bin. The man said.


Chen Feng rang the doorbell.

Come in! Inside, a girl's voice filled with joy rang.


The door opened and Lili shouted with joy, Chen Feng, you are here.

Lili's voice was very loud, as if deliberately intended to be heard by the people in the room.

Chen Feng pointed at the watch in Lili's hand somewhat depressively and said in a low voice, How is it late? It's not four o'clock.

Lili was surprised, and then threatened and said, After a while, perform well in front of my mother. Don't mess up, otherwise...

Lili just wanted to say a few threatening words but a female voice in the house came, Who is here, Lili? During the speech, the woman's body came out of the living room.

This woman is Li Xin's mother He Xinlan.

Hearing the voice, Lili's threatened face suddenly became full of smiles, took Chen Feng's hand, turned around, and smiled sweetly at He Xinlan.

Mom, this is my boyfriend Chen Feng! Lili smiled sweetly, her heart full of happiness.

Hello auntie! Chen Feng also said politely following Lili's words.

Oh, hello. He Xinlan couldn't respond a little. Although hesitated, she responded politely.

Chen Feng, let's go in. Lili snuggled all over Chen Feng's shoulder and said sweetly.

Seeing LiLilike this, Chen Feng couldn't help but be stunned, and all of his hair stood up. This Lili is used to being overbearing and suddenly becomes such a woman, which really makes him a little unaccustomed.

When Lili wanted to walk, she also found that a certain part of her was in contact with Chen Feng, and she blushed. However, she also seemed to have made up her mind, clenched her teeth and maintained this posture, and the smile on her face was still bright.

Yes, go in and sit down. He Xinlan laughed when she saw this.

Lili, is it your friends? At this moment, a man came out of the living room.

The man is dressed in formal clothes, a trousers shirt, a shiny belt, a successful person's appearance, plus his face was quite handsome. If put on the workplace, he must be very popular among girls.

However, after seeing the intimacy of Lili and Chen Feng, his face suddenly stiffened.

Although Chen Feng's appearance is of a very ordinary type, at the moment, under the collocation of the clothes he just bought in the morning, along with his temperament, he looks very dashing. It seems that clothes really makes a man

It turns out the boyfriend Lili was talking about is you. The stiffness on the man's face disappeared quickly, but instead he quickly put on a smiley face and extended his right hand to Chen Feng, Hello, I'm Cao Jiaying, nice to meet you.

Lili's mother showed a bit of satisfaction in her eyes, which was highly appreciated of Cao Jiaying's manner.

Chen Feng. Chen Feng also gave Cao Jiaying a light grip.

The two smiled at each other and looked extremely friendly.

In the side of Lili's eyes, their eyes crashed together like two lightning bolts.