The Peerless Master Chapter 111 - Shirley's Past

Shirley, you kill innocent people and injure ordinary people. Today, I will give them peace. Then, Wu Xin released a strong pressure in her hands.

Burn, the light of judgment! As Wu Xin yelled, two dazzling beams shot suddenly at Shirley.

Hehe, it's this little trick again! Shirley smiled again and again, but her body was dodging from left to right, like a spirit cat in the dark, so the white light could not catch her figure.

Wu Xin, we were classmates, why should we fight for our lives? Shirley stood in front of Wu Xin and smiled.

You represent the evil blood family, and I am the incarnation of light, destined to destroy you. Wu Xin's face was very solemn at the moment, as if she was a holy angel.

Since, you are the incarnation of light, why didn't you stop me from killing these people? Shirley still smiled vigorously, and her naked breasts shuddered tremblingly inexpressibly.

Hahaha, what holy church. You are just wolves in sheep's clothing. Shirley suddenly laughed and the laughter was full of irony, Wu Xin, you and I used to be good sisters, don't blame me for not being kind.

Do you know why I became like this? Shirley's emotions fluctuated, and a thick grudge burst out unabashedly.

It's because of your so-called holy churches. Under the guise of spreading light, you people are doing the darkest thing in time!

It's the pope you adore, it's him. Under the guise of spreading doctrine, he r*ped me! Shirley's voice was loud, almost as if she was shouting so that someone could hear how much resentment she suffered.[TN: Wasn't expecting to see this type of story here]

Nonsense, how could the great pope do such a thing! You are discrediting the Holy church! Wu Xin looked a little unnatural and was faintly angry.



Blood and tears streamed down her face, making her look even more poignant.

The Pope, what you call the greatest man under God had played with me wantonly that night...

Hehehe, are you surprised? The holy pope is so powerful. All night, he continued to r*pe me all night, playing with every place of me. Any posture you can think of has been played by him.

Shirley seemed to cry and curse at the same time. The strong unwillingness in her language was like a stone thrown into the water pool, making Wu Xin's calm heart ripple.

Nonsense! Wu Xin protested loudly, How could the great pope do such a thing!

Don't believe it, then look! Shirley smiled sadly and slowly took off her pants. Her trousers slipped off, revealing a slim body, beautiful legs, and thick forest and the looming mysterious area were all displayed in front of Wu Xin.

This is... Wu Xin's pupil shrunk, full of disbelief.

She saw that there was a scarlet scar under the thick forest. The scar is most familiar to Wu Xin!


Wu Xin's brain shuddered and a strong disbelief filled her mind.

Unexpectedly, the Pope you worshipped actually used the holy scriptures as a tool to r*pe me! Shirley was bitter, He used the divine power to burn the red scriptures and then imprinted it on my body just to make be come his slave!

That's why, I will fall from a saint to a blood race. Shirley seemed to relax because she had talked out.

No, no, it's not like that. You must be a woman who deliberately slandered the Pope! Wu Xin suddenly yelled wildly, and the original holy temperament suddenly shattered, but her face was full of rage.

You and I were classmates, and later became saintess at the same time, just because I didn't want to hurt you, so I kept hiding from you all the time. Shirley looked at Wu Xin, who was rushing at her, and there was a sneer in the corner of her mouth. You are right, from the moment I fell, you and I are enemies.

With that, a black long sword suddenly condensed in her hand.

Sword of darkness, cut her!

Shirley said softly and a black long sword appeared and slashed to Wu Xin not far away.

Holy Spear!


As soon as the two weapons contacted, a fierce collision occurred and the wall of the buildings between the two sides began to crack.

-Tap, Tap, Tap-

Wu Xin backed off again and again, staring inconceivably at Shirley's sword, You... why are you so powerful!

Are you shocked? Shirley was full of smiles, The blood clan members say that the power of my bloodline is the richest among them so although I have only fallen for one year, it is worth the centuries of ordinary blood clan members.

Shield of light! Wu Xin yelled and a strong sacred light appeared in front of her, forming a white shield of light.

In the moment when the light shield condensed, Shirley's black sword had hit her.


The light shield resembled a broken glass mirror and turned into pieces and disappeared.

The black sword instantly pierced the shield of light and she continued to pierce towards Wu Xin's throat without hesitation.

At this moment, a finger suddenly appeared next to the black sword, and smacked onto the sword.


The Black Sword was deviated from the original direction, rubbing across Wu Xin's neck, letting Wu Xin escape from the disaster!

Who are you! Shirley looked at the person who interfered in a dignified manner.

Well, I'm a friend of her! The man smiled at Wu Xin, who was still unable to respond.

The man, Chen Feng didn't chase and stood beside Wu Xin quietly, with some dignity in his eyes. In the blow just now, he didn't even get any benefits!