The Peerless Master Chapter 110 - Murder In The Crack

This is a very hidden gap. Between two buildings in the old city. It was only one and a half meters wide and it looked a little dark.

In addition, this place is usually filled with various discarded objects so the pedestrians outside the road can not see the scene in the crack.

Therefore, this place is usually used for black business, such as human trafficking.

However, at this moment, a beautiful woman is standing here in a pretty fashion. In front of her, a man with a pale face and loose hair was squatting on the ground in pain.

No, I don't want to be a member, I don't want to! The man grabbed his hair with both hands and looked excited.

Recognize your fate, my child. On the woman's glamorous face, there was an unusually loving smile, You are my child. Of the thousands, only you are awakened.

The woman's voice is very full of temptation, allowing the man to involuntarily integrate into her powerful aura.

No! I will not join you. I have a father, I have a mother, and I have many friends! Suddenly, the man growled low and looked at the woman's bloody eyes, I don't want to go with you, I want to stay in this city, to accompany my loved ones, my love!


The woman suddenly laughed aloud, but the silver bell-like laughter showed a little coldness.

Do you think that you still have choices now? You can't live without blood. You are no longer human. The woman's voice was murky and there was no temperature or temperature.

Come on, now, I am your mother, I gave you a new life, gave you strength, follow me, I will give you everything! The woman looked at the man on the ground, full of temptation.

No, no, I won't go with you. I'm human, I'm human! The man was completely mad and his eyes turned blood red. Moreover, between the shouts, two sharp fangs drilled his mouth, making him look terrifying.

Brother, that beauty just walked in here just now and she hasn't come out yet!

Just then, a voice rang at the crack. Then, a group of people squeezed into this small jump.

Haha, beauty, how come you are here. A big brother-like person looked at the woman with pride, with a sly smile on his face.

The feeling seemed to be the excitement of the hunter when she saw a prey.

Hurry up, hurry up and run! The man crouching on the ground suddenly roared at these people loudly, Hurry up and run if you don't want to die!

Ha ha, if you want us to go, how can it be so easy! The big brother said sarcastically, followed by a group of chuckles behind him.

Due to the obstruction of some debris, these people did not see the fangs in the man's mouth.

They are getting closer.

Hurry up... The man looked weak as they came closer and closer. He clearly saw the weird smile on the woman's face.

With such a smile, these days he has seen a lot of things.

Whenever this woman smiles like this, someone will die.


The woman suddenly smiled, twisting her attractive body, and walked towards the leader.

If you want me, just say it, and I will agree... The woman bit her lip lightly as she said and an endless temptation surged out at this moment.

Hahaha, okay, you're so cooperative! The leader was so fascinated by this woman that he hugged the woman's slender waist and kissed her face hard, then he praised, It's so sweet, beautiful, follow Laozi in the future and I guarantee you won't be able to get up on the bed every day! As he said, this foolish boss burst out a complacent laughter.

Run, don't be fooled by her! The man shouted again, but at this time, even he felt how weak his voice was.

Shut up, do you want Laozi to chop you up and feed you to the dogs? The bastard shouted fiercely. Then, he pulled the woman's shirt away with his hand, and suddenly, a black bra was exposed.

Under the black bra, two magnificent and white giants are showing a large piece of white flowers.

Hahaha, it's so beautiful, so beautiful! The leader laughed loudly and then, his right hand rudely ripped off the bra.

Suddenly, the two plumps were completely exposed in front of everyone. The white skin, the perfect shape, and the two little red n*pples, as if with boundless temptation, caused everyone's blood to boil.

Some uncontrollable underlings simply pulled the zipper of their pants, took out their little brother and started to do things that man of culture does. [TN: Not literal translation but it gets to the point and I also want some ads so]

Like a wolf who has been hungry for a few days, this woman was like a jade rabbit. Soon, there was a burst of booming sounds.

While his underlings were doing cultural things, his hands hand is also not idle as he greedily played with the woman's breasts, ravaging hard, constantly changing the shape of her t*ts.

The woman looked coldly as the boss was moving on her chest, she moved gently and she kissed the boss's neck.

Ah, so comfortable, you truly... The boss muttered with satisfaction.

Suddenly, his voice came to an abrupt halt and a sharp pain accompanied by a deep sense of weakness made his brain dark, and then leaned softly against the woman's chest.

The woman kissed frantically, making a noisy voice from time to time.

Look, that woman is such a sl*t, and is so active. A small gangster on one side moved hard under his crotch with his right hand, while talking to the person next to him.

He saw that their boss fell to the ground softly at the moment. On his neck, two deep holes were on his neck, but no blood bleed out.

Humpj, you are useless! The woman gently licked the blood at the corner of her mouth and smiled at the stunned eyes.

Originally, this beautiful smile would make these underlings rush forward. However, at this time, they looked like she was a demon from hell, their legs couldn't help but tremble, and a few with quick reactions turned around long ago. They didn't even bother taking care of the thing that extended beyond the zipper as they ran out desperately.

Hehe, you want to run? It's too late... The woman chuckled. She looked like she was walking but her speed was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, she had already passed all the underlings and stopped at the exit.

At the exit had many obstacles and was like a barrier that blocked all visibility.

Then, there was a tragic cry. However, the cry was immediately overwhelmed by the noisy cars on the street.

On the ground, there were corpses lying on the ground, each with a pair of blood holes on the neck. It's just that, unlike the leader, a lot of blood was sprayed out of these holes and quickly stained the surrounding ground.

This time, I don't know if you can wake up? The woman said softly, looking at the corpses.

Suddenly, her brow furrowed and she shouted at the exit, Come out, stop hiding!

As soon as her words fell, a tall woman came out of the dark.

Shirley, accept judgement. The tall woman's face was solemn and between her hands, two groups of holy light exuded invisible pressure.

Wu Xin, I'm finally found by you... Shirley chuckled softly, her voice full of coldness.