The Peerless Master Chapter 11 - Mortuary Administrator

Huh? Just then, the old man slightly opened his eyes

Next, the old man sat up and made the people around him amazed. The old man who was supposed to be half dead stood up by himself

Chen Feng's eyes also flashed with surprise. This is unusual because theoretically, even if the old man was able to open his eyes, he shouldn't be able to sit up. Unless...

Chen Feng suddenly had a speculation.

Ah, sir, why did you sit up yourself? Dr. Wang looked at him and hurried to support the old man.

The old man looked at Dr. Wang and was grateful: Thank you for saving me. This old man is really grateful to you. Although he fell to the ground and seemed to be in a coma, he was actually aware of the surroundings. He knew that if not for the middle-aged man in front of him, he might not be able to live.

Dr. Wang's face was red and he was embarrassed as he waved his hand: This old gentleman is thanking the wrong person. If it weren't for the guidance of this little brother, I could do nothing.

Oh? The old man looked at this unremarkable young man and his eyes flashed a glimmer of light, I didn't think that although this gentleman is so young, you are so remarkable. Thank you very much.

Chen Feng looked at the old man and suddenly spoke: Old man, you did not have a simple myocardial infarction.

The old man heard it and looked at Chen Feng with surprise.

Impossible, it is obviously a symptom of myocardial infarction. Dr. Wang looked at Chen Feng inexplicably with a hint of confusion.

When Chen Feng saw this, he lightly said, Old man, you must have suffered a minor internal injury.

The old man was stunned. After a while, he finally said, Mr. is really incredible. This old man did indeed suffer from a light internal injury in the past few years but I was able to suppress it. However, my old injury started to recur, causing this to happen. When he finished, I went to the ground and faced Chen Feng, I ask sir to save me.

When Chen Feng looked at the old man and suddenly said, It is not difficult to save you. So give me your number and I will contact you when I have time.

The old man was excited and hurriedly took out two business cards from his bag, one for Chen Feng and one for Dr. Wang.

Chen Feng glanced at it and put it in his pocket. However, Dr. Wang could not help but exclaimed, You, you are actually the chairman of the Xiao Group, Xiao Changhe?

The old man nodded,smiled and said, It is indeed this old man.

God, how can you be on this bus? Dr. Wang couldn't help but ask, the chairman of such a big group had squeezed in the bus like them. Has this world gone crazy.

The old man smiled and said, Isn't it all about low-carbon environmental protection now. Then, he couldn't help but laugh.

Dr. Wang also smiled heartily, didn't he also take the bus to work because of this purpose.


The engine of the bus roared again. This bus, like the police in the movies, always start after everything is settled.


In the job fair, there are many people. Even in this hot weather, the passion for finding a job remains undiminished.

I'm sorry sir, our requirement is that you have at least a diploma.

Sir, I don't think you are suitable for our job. We need at least an undergraduate diploma.

Some of the answers are even more simple.

What, you did not even graduate from elementary school? Walk away, walk away, our cleaners need at least a junior high school education

Chen Feng's face became more and more bitter. For a whole day, Chen Feng ran all over the job fair but did not find a job. Every job required a diploma, and even the cleaners needed junior high school education. They even doubted his intelligence, You don't even have a junior high school education, how would you understand the words of Men's Toilet and Women's Toilet?

Don't I have to return without success today? Chen Feng secretly groaned but he decided to make one final effort for the day.

Eh? Chen Feng walked into a remote corner. There is also a recruiting station here but it is deserted and clear of people

The mortuary administrator? Chen Feng looked at the signboard and couldn't help but look at it.

Little brother, are you interested? When the recruiter saw Chen Feng seemed to have some thoughts about the job, he hurriedly explained Little brother, this job is very easy and you will usually do nothing nothing. All you need to do is sit in the office and read the newspaper or something, no one will bother you. Moreover, the salary is not low, it is 2,500 Yuan a month, much higher than other positions... This recruiter started to speak endlessly, he was afraid that Chen Feng would run away so he did his best to try to interest Chen Feng.

The morgue is the place where the hospital temporarily stores the bodies of the deceased. However, Chen Feng is naturally not afraid so he signed the contract on the recruitment contract under the eager guidance of the recruiter.

When the recruiter saw Chen Feng signing, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. This damn job is finally over. He enthusiastically told Chen Feng, Come report to the Personnel Department of the Chinese Medicine at the City Hospital at 9am tomorrow morning. At that time, I will handle the procedures for you.


What, mortuary administrator? Lili almost spat out her food, then laughed happily, You big hooligans, do you know where the mortuary is, that is the place where people die.

What's wrong, isn't it just a dead person? What's so scary? Chen Feng was speechless, there was nothing funny about being a mortuary administrator.

Isn't it just a dead person? Have you ever seen a dead person? When Lili saw Chen Feng's indifferent face, she decided to try to scare him and said, A few days ago, our Interpol team received a report and found a body. Do you know what the body is like? His eyes were as wide as a tennis ball, his face is bloody and his tongue has reached his chin, it was so horrible. As she was speaking, Lili made a face, just like the body she described, How is it, isn't it terrible?

Chen Feng looked at Lili's face with amusement. Where was there a hint of horror, it was instead cute.

Tic! Chen Feng's finger flicked Lili's small nose and he couldn't help but smile, Wow, wow, it's terrible, I'm so scared.

Humph. You smelly rogue, you dare to mess with me Lili jumped up and pointed at Chen Feng fiercely, as if she wanted to swallow him alive.

Okay, okay, don't make trouble. Mu Wan'er, who looked calm, persuaded, In fact, the dead are not so terrible and being a mortuary administrator is a really relaxed job. Suddenly, Mu Wan'er thought of something and suddenly asked, Chen Feng, which hospital are you going to?

City Traditional Chinese Hospital. Chen Feng said inexplicably.

When she heard Chen Feng's words, Mu Wan'er suddenly blushed and she unconsciously clenched the hand that was holding her chopsticks

By the way, Wan'er, aren't you a pediatrician at the City Hospital? Won't you and Chen Feng be colleagues? Lili said with a look of surprise. Then, she found out that Mu Wan'er had an unusual expression so she asked, Hey, what's wrong with you, are you uncomfortable?

Mu Wan'er did not answer but stared at Chen Feng. After a long time, she said, Chen Feng, can you quit this job? Don't go!

Why? Lili rushed to ask without waiting for Chen Feng to answer.

Mu Wan'er seems to think of something terrible, pale: Chen Feng, you really can't go. In the past few months, the mortuary has been haunted. The hospital has changed several administrators but none of them have stayed for more than three days, they were all scared away.


Lili's face suddenly turned white as she felt a shiver and her body can't help but lean against Chen Feng, Chen Feng, it sounds really scary, do you really want to go?

When Chen Feng heard her words, he could not help but jokingly said, Go, why won't I go. It's just some ghosts, see how this I will catch them.

As if! Lili glanced at Chen Feng with disdain, and grinned indifferently: This Aunt is waiting to see you be scared back in a few days!

Mu Wan'er looked at Chen Feng and she also stopped talking but she is still worried.