The Peerless Master Chapter 109 - Strange Car Accident

Okay, okay, I'll be back soon! Lili shouted helplessly, then hung up.

Lili looked at Chen Feng resentfully and shouted, Bad guy, I'm leaving!

Chen Feng's behavior made her both embarrassed and mad. Especially when the waiter saw her ambiguous posture. She had an urge to strangle Chen Feng.

What's the matter? Why are you so anxious? Chen Feng asked, looking at Lili's cute look in shame.

It's my mom. A bitter look flashed in Lili's eyes, My mom has already called her good sister's son to the house, and now is waiting for me.

Isn't that very good? Chen Feng looked at Lili funny and quipped again.

Hey, why are you acting like this is someone else's business? Lili shouted uncomfortably, You need to know who you are now. You are my boyfriend all day today!

Yes! Chen Feng snapped a salute, pretending to obey the order.

Pfft Lili was amused by Chen Feng's sudden movements, and couldn't help but chuckled, I didn't think that you, a big villain, also knows humor.

After finishing talking, Lili stood up and lifted her bag and smiled at Chen Feng, Big villain, I'm leaving. After a few steps, she couldn't help but turn around, warning with a face, Chen Feng, if you don't come, I will... bite you!

Bite me? Chen Feng suddenly looked at Lili two rosy lips when she was warning, and suddenly showed an ambiguous smile. Lili's words reminded him of the recent definition of the word bite on the Internet. When women, especially beauties, say they want to bite a man, the man will unconsciously automatically change the meaning of the word. However, Chen Feng will naturally not tell Lili he has such an evil idea.

What are you thinking about? Laughing so lasciviously! Lili looked at Chen Feng's cheesy face and couldn't help asking.

No... nothing. Chen Feng's face hurriedly straightened, and solemnly said, I'm thinking, since I will see my future mother-in-law, what gifts should I prepare.

Who is your future mother-in-law! Lili blushed and she yelled fiercely at her mouth, You have to recognize your status, you're just my temporary boyfriend! Note, it's temporary!

With that, Lili turned around and quickly left the box. At the moment when the box door was about to be closed, Lili's voice came again: Your salary in the mortuary is not high, so don't buy a very expensive gift.

Then the door slammed shut.

This girl... Chen Feng couldn't help but chuckled, but there was a warmth in his heart. Although Lili has never had a good temper for him, she always considers his feelings.

As soon as Lili left, there was only one person left. Naturally, he didn't have the mood to sit down. He settled the bill. In the ambiguous eyes of the waiter, Chen Feng left.

After leaving the cafe, Chen Feng made a phone call to Situ Qiang, hoping he could help get his driver's license.

Chen Feng had the intention to buy a car, so he needed to get a driver's license. Even if Chen Feng's car skills are amazing, but driving without a license, there will still be a lot of trouble in this Hangzhou city.

Situ Qiang, as the chief of the public security department, naturally has his network of connections.

Sure enough, after Chen Feng explained the demand, Situ Qiang patted his chest and said that he would do it himself..

After a few words with Situ Qiang, Chen Feng hung up the phone.


At this moment, a harsh brake sound sounded not far from Chen Feng. Then, he heard a bang.

Somones been hit! A shout came and people circled around the road behind Chen Feng, looking panicked and pointing. A high-end BMW was parked not far from the side, and the entire front was sunken into it, which seemed to be a bump.

Quickly stepping forward, Chen Feng came to the place of the incident.

A man with loose hair was lying straight in the main lane without a sound.

The BMW owner was anxiously trying to explain.

I didn't drive fast. It was the man who went in front of my car! The owner was obviously anxious as he hurried to explain.

Who are you trying to fool? Someone immediately questioned.

That's right, if you didn't drive fast, can your car be dented like this?

He went in front of your car? Is he a fool?

For a time, everyone shouted one sentence at a time, but obviously, no one believed this man's words.

En? Chen Feng observed the scene, and suddenly a question flashed in his heart.

This crash is too weird. Everyone didn't seem to notice some details.

Looking at the BMW front, Chen Feng concluded that without a speed of 100 mph, it must not cause such a deep depression. However, this is a main road in the urban area. There are many vehicles, and the scene is located around the commercial area. There are also many people crossing the road. No car dares to drive up to 100 mph.

Moreover, even if the owner really drove at 100 mph, under such an impact, the individual should have broken bones, and the blood would have spattered. However, Chen Feng observed the victim on the ground and found that although his clothes were broken, his face was pale, and there was no breathing, there was no slight bruise or bleeding on his body, as if he was just asleep in the middle of the road.

Weird, too weird.

Under doubt, Chen Feng used his perception on the victim.

In Chen Feng's perception, this person really had no breathing and heartbeat, but there was a hidden power lurking in his body.

This discovery suddenly made Chen Feng curious.

The driving recorder can record the spot of the place where the camera is aimed when the vehicle is driving during the driving process, just like a video recorder that is shot throughout.

At this time, the BMW owner held a tablet in his hand and shouted to everyone, Look at everyone, this is the video of the crash.

Then, the tablet started playing a video. The video shows that the speed at that time was only about fifty mph, which is a normal speed on this road. When the vehicle reached this section of the road, the victim suddenly rushed out of a lane not far away, and then ran straight to the road, rushing backwards toward the BMW. The speed was unbelievable.

Moreover, Chen Feng clearly saw in the video that the victim was not half scared at the moment of being hit. Instead, he was... relieved.

As soon as the video on the driving recorder was released, everyone immediately discussed it again, and it seemed that things were not as simple as they thought.

Suddenly, those who had a lot of discussion stopped involuntarily, all staring at the woman in a daze.

This is a woman of incredible beauty. Her slender figure infinitely attract everyone's attention.

Many men were fascinated by their eyes, unaware that their saliva had dragged a long line and dripped down.

Sorry, this is a patient who has escaped from our mental hospital. The woman smiled apologetically at everyone. It was this laugh, as if there was boundless temptation, which made these men's eyes even hotter.

After the woman finished speaking, she leaned over and tapped a few times on the face of the victim, gently calling out, Wake up, my child.

Okay, my boy, come back with me. Since you are already one of us, you will never be able to change it. The woman said softly, but she stood with her hands pulled by the victim.

She didn't greet other people, just under the stunned eyes of everyone, she helped the victim to leave.

After the woman left, Chen Feng saw two more people followed. Obviously, the two did not seem to have good intentions.

Chen Feng didn't see the woman's face clearly but from the back view, it was a bit familiar, and he seemed to have seen it somewhere.

After the woman left for a while, all the people present came to a sudden awakening, and there were a lot of discussions.

The BMW driver looked at his deformed car and smiled bitterly. After a while the traffic police came, how should he explain?

Can he say that the person who got hit caused the accident?