The Peerless Master Chapter 108 - I Saw Nothing

Zuocheng Coffee is famous for its quiet environment and soft atmosphere.

In a box, Chen Feng and Lili sat opposite each other, their eyes wide open.

Finally, Chen Feng was defeated.

Lili, the seat near the window is good and you can see the scene on the road below, why must we come to this box.

As soon as Chen Feng said this, a black line appeared on Lili's face.

Don't think that I don't know about your skewed thoughts! Lili looked up and said angrily,

However, as soon as he sat down, Lili realized that the waiter here suddenly became enthusiastic. She came to pour water every two minutes. At the beginning, Lili thought that the service of Zuocheng Coffee had improved and it was beautiful.

However, the next thing made her completely collapse.

When a waiter passed by them for the third time, Lili finally realized something was wrong. The eyes of all the waiters stayed on Chen Feng's body, and all of them looked like nymphos.

On the other hand, Chen Feng, in the face of these enthusiastic eyes, seemed to be extremely happy. Not only is he not embarrassed, but he even occasionally winked at them, which makes the little waiters heart chaotic.

Finally, because of Lili's annoyance, the two were transferred to this box.

Humph, if I didn't choose the clothes for you, you might be the one having to beg for a menu. Lili frowned and felt inexplicably sour. Although this sourness was not strong, it made her uncomfortable for a while.

Hey. Chen Feng seemed to see through Lili's mind and looked at her with a smirk. He couldn't help joking, Are you a bit jealous to see me so popular?

Ah! Lili seemed to be like a little wolf dog with its tail stomped on and zhe sprang up and pointed at Chen Feng's nose and scolded, Jealous? Look at yourself, it's better if you just go be a gigolo.

Uh. Chen Feng touched his nose and said in a sudden realization: Oh? I remember someone just said that if I were a gigolo, I could make a fortune. Could it be...

Chen Feng's eyes looked up, staring at Lili's pretty face with an evil smile


Lili hit Chen Feng's nose fiercely. Suddenly, Chen Feng covered his nose with his hands and looked to be in pain .

Hey Lili was a little surprised and felt guilty, You... aren't you strlng, why didn't you dodge.

However, Chen Feng still closed his eyes and covered his nose without saying a word, and it looked very painful to look at it.

Hey... are you okay. Lili panicked, and walked gently to Chen Feng's side, lowered her head and asked with concern.

Hey, you rogue! Suddenly, Lili shouted with embarrassment.

It turned out that Chen Feng was acting just now. Chen Feng then hugged Lili's waistline.

You say that I'm a rogue? Then I will be a rogue! Chen Feng's big hand rested on Lili's waist, feeling the lightness and softness of the skin inside and the exciting elasticity, he couldn't help but hold Lili a bit tighter.

As a result, Lili's body fell on Chen Feng's body.

The seat of the box is actually a set of sofa chairs. At this time, Chen Feng is completely leaning on the back of the sofa chair, and Lili is directly on Chen Feng's body.

But in this way, a more embarrassing scene happened.

Lili was wearing a wide-neck t-shirt. At this time, this action just caused the neckline to sway straight down, and the clothes on her chest part also hung down. For a time, Lili's chest area was hollow.

Moreover, Chen Feng's back is leaning on the back of the sofa, and the position of his eyes is just in line with an open neckline.

In other words, as long as Chen Feng did not close his eyes, what he will see was the beautiful scenery inside Lili's neckline.

At this time, will Chen Feng's eyes close? Obviously impossible. As a man, how could he miss such a scene.

The slender jade-like neck looked smooth and slender. Under the jade-like neck are two groups of trembling big white rabbits. The rich visual experience made Chen Feng swallow.

The pink bra made this full abundance more lovely. The deep gully exudes infinite magical pens, attracting Chen Feng.

Especially because Lili struggled just a few times and pulled the strap of the nra, causing the nra to shift somewhat. As a result, a small piece of pink of her t*ts protrude slightly, causing Chen Feng's eyes to squinted.

Don't look, villain! Lili's face flushed red, looking at Chen Feng's squinted eyes, scolding softly.

Hey, hey. Chen Feng smiled, but his eyes were still unscrupulously glancing deep into the neckline, and his mouth said, Relax, I haven't seen anything.

At this moment, the door opened, and a pretty waiter brought in what the two ordered. Who knows, when she opened the door, she saw this ambiguous thing. Especially the beautiful woman, with her eyes full of eyes, boldly exposed her chest to this man.

Uh, things are definitely not what you think. Chen Feng pretended to let go of Lili and explained to the waiter for a while.

I understand! The guests who come here generally say so. The waiter put the order on the table, and then looked at Chen Feng's face, You continue, I didn't see anything!


In a luxurious manor just outside Hangzhou, a tall, thin young man was looking at a document in his hand with a cold face. Next to him, there was a person reporting.

Unexpectedly, this Chen Feng still has some skills. However, if you provoke me, there will be no good ending! The tall, thin man was fierce.

Sir, do you want to use the power of the military? The person who reported was a little cautious, and the information showed that Chen Feng should not be weak.

No! Just a small person, we can't make use of the military's strength. Moreover, this is not Beijing

That... The people reporting were full of inquiries.

A strong dragon can't overwhelm the snake! The voice of the tall, thin man was very cold.