The Peerless Master Chapter 107 - Gigolo

It's so expensive. Lili was surprised when she heard the price, Then I'll...

Waiter, I want this shirt. Just when Lili wanted to refuse, a rampant voice rang out.

Lili frowned, turned her head, and saw a tall, thin man standing not far behind her, looking at her with interest.

The man's face was sharp and angular, quite like a British American man. In particular, his eyes looked very deep, as if they were mixed with infinite cognition, and people would be attracted to him involuntarily. Coupled with his tall, thin figure, neat and decent clothes, and his elegant posture, people would know at a glance that he was born into a wealthy family. It's just that the rampant lppk on the man's face made Lili a little annoyed.

Especially after being watched by this man, Lili suddenly developed an unspeakable dislike in her heart. It feels as if she is the prey he hunts..

Lili is wearing an ordinary white t-shirt today. A cute cartoon pattern on the t-shirt makes her look extraordinarily youthful and cute. In addition, a pair of short denim shorts in the lower body made her figure unreserved, especially the two slender white legs under the shorts, which made many men's eyes can no longer separate from it.

Humph! Lili looked at the tall, thin man and said nothing.

Oh, waiter, I want this shirt. The tall, thin man didn't care and shouted at the waiter.

Sorry, I'm sorry. According to the rules of our store, the same product must be sold to the customer who consults first, so... The waiter was apologetic, but still abided by the rules in the store.

They? The tall, thin man glanced at Chen Feng's clothes again, Look, can this man afford the shirt? As he said, he looked at Lili with a smile, This lady, are you going to pay for him?

I want you to shut your mouth! Lili's pretty face turned cold.

After he finished speaking, there were some kinky smiles in his eyes, Miss, why not follow me, I promise to make you happy!

What are you talking about? Lili was hot-tempered and she shouted suddenly, but Chen Feng grabbed her.

Forget it, don't worry about him. Chen Feng gently patted Lili's little hand and comforted.

Humph! Lili snorted softly and stopped talking, but the big humming eyes were still staring at the tall, thin man.

Miss, I want this one! Chen Feng took out a bank card and handed it to the waiter.

This... The waiter was stunned. How could there be such a person? Do you think this is an auction house?

However, people who do business always take profits first. If she can sell at a higher price, she can make a good sum of money for his achievements! Thinking of this, she could not help looking at Chen Feng.

Heh, if you double, then I will double the offer! Chen Feng flashed a gleam in his eyes and refused to give in.

Oh? You think you're richer than Laozi? The tall, thin man burst into rage, yelling wildly.

I'll pay 100,000 to buy this shirt! He shouted arrogantly!

Laozi will pay 400,000! The tall, thin man still raised the price fiercely. At this time, he was already blown away by Chen Feng. From small to big, when was he hit like this?

Chen Feng, you... Lili pulled Chen Feng's clothes anxiously.

Chen Feng chuckled and suddenly hugged Lili's waist, then ​​said, Ah, my memory, I seemed to forget that I don't have enough money Then, Chen Feng brought Lili closer to him and said: Go, let's go look elsewhere, there may be some cheap and beautiful clothes.

After finishing speaking, Chen Feng did not look at the tall, thin young man whose face was like pig liver, and left with Lili.

F*ck, I was pitted! The tall, thin man suddenly knew that he had fallen into Chen Feng's plan so he had to catch up and give him a lesson but he couldn't. The waiter was already eagerly holding him Sir, 400,000 right? I have all your receipts for you. Then, she raised the receipts in her hand.

Damn, don't let Laozi find you! Staring at the intimate backs of Chen Feng and Lili, a trace of viciousness flashed in the eyes of the tall and thin man.


Hey, don't twist it! Ouch, it hurts!! Chen Feng, who was walking besides Lili, suddenly whispered.

Humph, who allowed you to take advantage of me again!

Humph, let me go! Lili gritted her teeth, her right hand silently twisted 360 degrees around Chen Feng's waist.

What were you going to do if that annoying person was not fooled by you? Can you really come up with hundreds of thousands of yuan? Lili didn't relax her hand, but tightened it.

I can. Moreover, didn't you say that shirt suits me well? Chen Feng said as a matter of course. For money, he sees it lightly.

Lili looked at Chen Feng like she was looking at an idiot: You don't seem to have a fever. With just the salary from your mortuary, how would you be able to buy it?

Chen Feng smiled and said nothing. He would not tell Lili that he still had millions of yuan on his bank card.

Stop smirking. Let's go in and choose some clothes! Lili pointed to a not so high-end brand clothing store and walked in.

Half an hour later, Chen Feng, who changed his clothes, came out of the dressing room.

Huh? Lili was shocked.

Not only Lili, the female shopkeeper who was busy organizing the clothes also stared at Chen Feng motionlessly, not knowing when the clothes in her hands fell.

At this time, Chen Feng was wearing a floral shirt and a pair of casual jeans. It's not formal clothes but it makes Chen Feng look more sunny.

Under the collocation of good clothes, a man's charm will exude and Lili's heart couldn't help but beat heavily..

What's the problem? Chen Feng was enjoying himself in front of the mirror. He heard what Lili said and asked immediately.

If you want to be a gigolo, you can make a fortune! Lili said with certainty.

Lili just finished and the female shopkeeper nodded with approval.