The Peerless Master Chapter 106 - Boyfriend

Hahaha. Lili stood aside, holding her belly and laughing. Her soft and bright hair swayed slightly, making her look extremely cute.

Chen Feng involuntarily reached out to touch Lili's little head.

What are you doing? Lili's laughter stopped suddenly, looking at Chen Feng's right hand resting on her head with a frown.

Uh. Nothing, it's just that something was on top of your head. Chen Feng's face blushed but his mouth said very sincerely. His hand was still patting Lili's head in a pretense manner, and then said casually, Okay, it's gone.

Oh, is there really something? Lili looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, full of suspicion.

Of course. Chen Feng nodded definitely.

Okay, I believe you! Lili nodded, and then her voice suddenly increased by eight decibels, pointing at the watch in her hand and growled, Didn't I say to meet at 9 o'clock? Look, It 's 9:10 now!

Uh, how could it be? Lili said doubtfully when she saw Chen Feng's mobile phone at exactly 9 o'clock.

Suddenly, she remembered that the other day, in order to avoid being late, she adjusted the time on her watch ten minutes faster. It seems that she has not fixed it until now.

However, Lili will naturally not admit her mistakes. She wrinkled her brows and shouted, Even if you're not late, you let a girl wait alone for so long, aren't you ashamed?

Chen Feng smiled and accompanied his smile: Okay, okay, I was late

Glad you understand Lili raised her face and said with pride.

Chen Feng laughed a little. Fighting with Lili was really a pleasure.

Say it, Chen Feng screamed on the chest. As long as Miss Lili commands, I will do my utmost to fulfill it. Whether it be climbing a mountain of swords or jumping into a sea of fire

I... I want you to be my boyfriend! Lili's little face was red as she said.

What? Chen Feng's eyes widened and could not believe what he heard.

I said, I want you to be my boyfriend! Did you not hear me? Lili groaned and got up again, shouting at Chen Feng's ear.

Lili seemed to be out of the ordinary, this time, her voice was loud.

Before Chen Feng responded, some people around them had already started pointing.

Why, why don't I have this kind of affair!

Wow, that boy is quite handsome. He's my favorite type.

For a time, people around were talking.

It's all because of you! Lili gave Chen Feng a blank look. The sound of discussion around them was not low at all and Lili was thin skinned so she couldn't help but feel a little ashamed.

Why are you so anxious? I'm not ready yet. Chen Feng looked at Lili's pretty and pretty look, and felt a little itchy in her heart.

Come on, it's not real Lili interrupted Chen Feng and said in a hurry, If it was for my mother saying that she will give me a blind date tonight, I'd be too lazy to care about you.

Of course, otherwise, do you really think you will be my boyfriend? Lili looked righteous as she said so.

Then, she looked at Chen Feng's sad expression and suddenly smiled badly, Is it possible, do you really want to be my boyfriend?

During her speech, Lili's white teeth gently bit her little tongue, which was full of temptation, so Chen Feng could not wait to bite.

Yes... yes. Chen Feng swallowed and said the truth.

Humph, keep dreaming! Lili's eyes were full of narrow smiles, Anyways, it will only last half a day. However, if you perform well, this girl can consider extending it for a few days.

Oh! Looking at Lili's successful scheme, Chen Feng responded happily, So now, am I your boyfriend?

Where are we going? Aren't we going to see your mother?

You are stupid. You want to see my mother in these clothes? Lili slapped her forehead and said a little speechlessly, If she sees you wearing this, my mother would definitely not be happy. Come, this lady will take you to buy some decent clothes.

Alright! Chen Feng agreed, and then hugged Lili's shoulder.

Hey, what are you doing? Lili protested in a low voice with an angry face.

Isn't that what you said? I am just acting. Chen Feng smiled: Of course, boyfriends and girlfriends have to walk like this.

With that said, Chen Feng did not care about Lili's resistance, he hugged her shoulders aggressively, and walked into Times Square.

Times Square is a large shopping mall. It has many stores and has both an entertainment and shopping part. Moreover, it is a major commercial spot in Hangzhou City.

Because it is a weekend, although it is nine o'clock in the morning, there is already a crowd of people in the square.

Chen Feng, you try this one!

No, try this one again.

This one is better, try...

At this time, Chen Feng finally realized the pain of shopping with women. Just in order to choose a jacket for him, they had ran out of a dozen stores but she didn't find the right one. Even if Chen Feng was a cultivator in the Ning Yuan stage, he couldn't help feeling tired.

Alas... there are no suitable clothes for you to wear. Lili looked at Chen Feng helplessly and complained, It's not that these clothes don't fit, but no matter which one is worn on you, there is something weird that can't be said.

Ah! Lili exclaimed suddenly, and then ran to a branded clothing at the speed of the Olympic champion, standing in front of a white shirt and staring.

Chen Feng, this short, this shirt is as if it was made for you! Lili screamed at Chen Feng who came after her in surprise.

En! Chen Feng looked at the shirt and nodded.

This shirt is really good. Chen Feng knows that it is suitable for him.

Miss has a good vision. This shirt is the latest limited edition shirt of xgx company. There are only one thousand shirts in the world. There is only one in our shop.

Generally speaking, limited edition things are often synonymous with high prices.

Miss, the xgx limited edition shirt is priced at 28888 yuan in the shop. If the miss pays immediately, I can lower it to 28000.

It's so expensive. Lili was surprised when she heard the price, Then I'll...

Waiter, I want this shirt. Just when Lili wanted to refuse, a rampant voice rang out.