The Peerless Master Chapter 105 - I'll Teach You How To Get A Girl

Chang Mao, I haven't seen you for a long time. Chen Feng's words were not impatient, as if there was nothing to worry about the youth.

Die! The leader smiled cruelly and the strength in his hand increased a bit.

Kill? With the strength of the Taizi Party, what is he afraid of?

Huh? Suddenly, the gangster's face stiffened and he felt that his switchblade seemed to be stuck on a hard wall. He moved forward one more step and couldn't help looking down.

What! When he looked down, he couldn't help but cry in shock. He saw that there were two slender fingers tightly holding his switchblade. The tip of the switchblade was less than a centimeter away from the youth's body.

However, the distance of less than one centimeter is like a world gap, making him unable to cross anyway.

Chang Mao, do you remember me? Chen Feng smiled lightly at the shocked young man.

You were at the construction site that day... The young man widened his eyes and looked at Chen Feng in disbelief.

It turned out that this man was the leader of the things who appeared when Chen Feng went to ask Zhou Yupi for his salary.

Yeah. Chen Feng looked at the young man with a smile, Unexpectedly, we would meet again in such a situation. Anyways, how come you shaved your long hair?

The young man's face turned red and just as he was about to explain, his face suddenly changed as he looked at the fat boss who fell on the ground and anxiously shouted, Brother, are you okay!

The fat boss covered his abdomen, his face pale, but he still cried out worriedly: San'er, put the knife down, did you forget what dad told you before he died!

The young man's face was white, the knife in his hand fell to the ground and a feeling of regret and self-blame appeared on his face.

It seems that the leader still has some prestige and the underlings suddenly waved the switchblade in their hands towards Chen Feng.

Idiots! Chen Feng's face was cold and his hands waved quickly.


There was the sounds of something cracking and immediately, the few who rushed up were like rolling gourds as they fell down on the ground.

In particular, the leader has been specifically taken care of by Chen Feng and he had a swollen face like a pig's head. The corners of his mouth were covered with blood and with a cough, he spat out broken tooth.

B*stard, you dare to mess with the Taizi Gang?! The leader covered his face, full of pain, but still yelled and threatened. Without a full mouth of teeth, his voice is like a broken bellow and it was awkward to listen to.

Dan Zu in the previous life is such a person. If others do not provoke him, he will naturally not provoke others. However, if someone dares to provoke him, they will be greeted by his revenge.

After being struck by Chen Feng's murderous intent, the leader felt fear. The boundless fear made him hurry to get up, and regardless of his companions, he ran out like crazy.

After seeing the leader running away, the rest naturally ran too.

Nice! At this time, the diners who watched around clamoured.

Chen Feng glanced at them disdainfully. Of these people, many of them could help but no one dared to come up to stop them. Now when everyone left, everyone began to fill up with indignation.

Walking to the fat boss, Chen Feng felt apologetic. He could have stopped it earlier but he chose not to.

Tapping his hand a few times on the boss's fat stomach, Chen Feng smiled and said, Don't worry, it's just skin trauma, I'll stop the bleeding.

It's strange to say that after a few taps, the blood that couldn't be stopped had stopped flowing out.

Chen Feng, thank you very much! The fat boss said with some fear. If it weren't for you, us brothers wouldn't know what will happen today.

Oh, the boss doesn't have to be polite. Chen Feng finished, turned his head to look at Chang Mao, and asked, Chang Mao, why are you here?

Chang Mao wanted to open his mouth, but could not say anything.

Ah, my brother used to do bad things. He didn't learn well and mixed in with the underworld. However, he has changed ever since the death of our father. The fat boss was full of sorrow: If it wasn't for our father making him swear to be a good man, I don't know if he would have become a changed man.

Chang Mao's eyes also turned red but he resisted not letting the tears fall.

It's because he used to mix with bad people, now he can't even find a job. It happens that my wife is not feeling well these days so I can only ask him to come to the store to help. The fat boss looked at Chang Mao with a bit of hatred and bitterness.

Don't mention this matter right now. If you are injured, go to the hospital to deal with it. Chen Feng interrupted the fat boss and looked at Chang Mao, then he said, If you really want to be a new person, come to the People's Hospital and look for me later. Your elder brother knows where I am. Also, don't open the store for the next few days, take care of your wounds, and avoid the limelight of the Taizi Gang.


At the gate of Times Square, a beautiful figure stood happily at the gate. However, her brows frowned slightly, as if she was angry.

Dead Chen Feng, he said he will not be late. It has been more than two minutes and he hasn't appeared yet! Lili looked at her watch and said to herself angrily.

Miss, waiting for someone? A thick male voice rang beside Lili.

Humph, go away, I have no time to care for you! Lili is upset so how could she have the mood to be nice to others?

Yo, miss, your temper is so hot. Hahaha, I like it! The thick male voice laughed a little.

Who are you, do I know you? Lili turned her head and yelled at the man.

This is a middle-aged man, slightly bald, with a pair of black-framed glasses, carrying a black handbag in his hand, just like a successful person.

Hey, it doesn't matter if you don't know, we'll get to know each other soon. The middle-aged man put on a self-righteous smile, and said with some arrogance, I just bought an Audi Q7. Miss, do you want to go for a ride? The man said as he reached out to touch Lili's little hand.

The middle-aged man's hand was slapped away by someone before he could even touch her. When he looked up, he saw a young man put his arm around his shoulder and smiled and said, Brother, that's not how you do it.

Oh? The middle-aged man's eyes lit up, This brother is also the same type of person. I wonder how we do it?

The young man smiled slightly at the middle-aged man and said, Let me teach you how to get a girl. After that, the young man came to Lili and hugged her shoulder gently, saying, Miss, how about a cup of coffee with me?

Lili blushed and nodded gently, Okay.

Then the young man hugged Lili's shoulder, smiled deeply toward the middle-aged man, then left.

Is this trick popular now? The middle-aged man touched his bald head and muttered to himself.

Hurrying forward, the middle-aged man put his arms around the girl's shoulder and said anxiously, Miss, how about a cup of coffee with me?


He was greeted by a heavy slap.

Crazy! The hot girl stared at the middle-aged man in disgust, shook her hair, and walked away.