The Peerless Master Chapter 104 - Chang Mao

Although it is autumn, this morning is still very hot.


Chen Feng exhaled slowly and gently opened his eyes.

When I got this soul ring, I hadn't used it for a long time. Unexpectedly, at this moment, this ring has such a remarkable effect for me. Chen Feng felt the situation in his body and couldn't help but smile.

With this ring, cultivating for just one night is worth the effort of the original three days, which saves me twice as much time. Chen Feng held his fist, his eyes full of confidence.

A cell phone ringing suddenly sounded and Chen Feng picked it up.

Lili, why did you call me so early? Chen Feng looked at the clock on the wall and it was only half past five. Moreover, Lili's sneaky tone also puzzled him.

Chen Feng, I don't have time to tell you that much. At nine o'clock this morning, meet us at the gate of Times Square. Lili's voice seemed swift and low, as if to prevent others from hearing it.

Oh, okay. Chen Feng suppressed his doubts and nodded.

Remember, come, if you don't come, you're done! Lili's voice was slightly heavier and full of warning.

Okay, I won't be late... Chen Fenghad hung up the phone without waiting for Chen Feng to say anything else.

Out of the hospital, Chen Feng came to a shop not far away.

Those who make breakfast are busy people. Because the pace of life in the city is fast, many people come here for breakfast before 6 o'clock.

Chen Feng, it's so early today. The boss is a fat man. When he saw Chen Feng, he greeted him with a smile.

Chen Feng is an old customer here, and has often come here to eat ever since he started to manage the morgue.

Haha, I'll have the usual. A cup of soy milk and some dumplings. Chen Feng chuckled, the boss is an honest person. He does not adulterate in business and is very good with Chen Feng.

Today, the soybeans in this soy milk are brought by my relatives from my hometown. They are absolutely high-quality. I specially grinded some soy milk to give you a taste. The fat boss said proudly.

Well, it's a lot more fragrant than before. Chen Feng took a sip and gave a thumbs up.

Of course. The fat boss smiled with satisfaction.

At this time, several discordant voices came.

Boss, who is the boss? Several people with all kinds of hair dyed into the restaurant aggressively, shouted.

Boss, from now on, this shop will belong to our Taizi Gang. Then, a yellow-haired young man squinted at the fat boss, and said tentatively, From today, two hundred yuan per day for the protection fee. Someone will collect it every morning!

This... The boss looked bitter and looked at the leader anxiously. He couldn't help but say, This big brother, my shop is a small business, I can't handle two hundred yuan. In the past, the Xiaolong Gang only asked for 50 yuan.

This shop has a turnover of five or six hundred a day. If the protection fee of two hundred yuan is deducted, he won't be able to pay for his rent, water and electricity at all.

Humph! The leader looked at the fat boss and was dissatisfied and scolded, Xiaolong Gang? The Xiaolong Gang has long been destroyed by our Taizi Gang! I tell you, if you don't pay, maybe something will happen, Don't blame us too when the time comes. The Taizi Gang will not come forward to protect you.

This... this... The middle-aged fat man's face was awkward, and his face was full of struggle, This elder brother of the Taizi Gang, can you lower it?

However, the fat man's body is really heavy so how could he be lifted? After pulling for a bit, the body of the fat man was not pulled halfway, but the clothes of the fat man was ripped.

Damn it! The gangster didn't manage to move the body of the fat man so he felt like he had lost his face. He immediately snorted and was about to snack him.

Stop it! A loud shout suddenly came from the street outside.

A young man rushed into the shop with a knife, looking at the gangsters with anger.

The young man had short hair, and there were traces of tattoos on his exposed arm.

San'er, what are you doing, didn't you promise that you will never use this thing again? The fat boss saw the young man carrying a knife and rushed in, and he was a little anxious. He explained to the gangsters, Big brother, little kids are not sensible, don't be angry.

With that said, the fat boss nodded and took out a pack of cigarettes, and divided it, I will pay the protection fee, I will pay it immediately!

The protection fees must be paid. The leader took the cigarette in the hands of the fat man and sighed comfortably. However, since this kid dares to show his knife, shouldn't we greet him too?

When he had finished, he reached for his pocket and took out a brown wooden object. Then, as soon as he pressed a button on the top, a blade appeared.

This brown wooden object turned out to be a switchblade!

However, he did not retreat because of fear, but instead eagerly begged, Several brothers, this child is not sensible, please forgive him.

Go away! The leader of the gangster's face was ruthless and he suddenly kicked the fat boss hard and then shouted: Brothers, this kid dares to point a knife at us too. Look!

With that said, the leader waved the switchblade and rushed towards the young man.

Immediately after, the others followed in.

Brother, don't do it! The fat boss shouted anxiously but found that it had no effect. In a hurry, he grabbed the kitchen knife on the chopping board and chopped towards a man.

Ah! The fat boss covered his stomach and blood dripped through his hands.

Brother! The young man screamed, rushing toward the fat boss sadly.

Boy, go and die! At that moment, the leader shouted loudly, and the switchblade in his hand pierced towards the young man's waist.

The young man is focused on the fat boss, where did he have time to pay attention to the movements behind him? When he finally noticed it out, it is too late to dodge.

I'm dead. Looking at the switchblade that was near, the youth's heart flashed with despair.

Cheng Mao, long time no see. At this moment, Chen Feng’s voice rang out.