The Peerless Master Chapter 103 - Master And Apprentice Reunion

Finally, Chen Feng sent Xiao Lin back to the Xoao Manor and he himself went back to the mortuary.


As soon as he walked to the door of the mortuary, Chen Feng realized that an extremely cold aura came from the door of the mortuary.

However, there was no fear, Chen Feng held his head high and stepped inside.

In the mortuary, a person facing backwards was standing behind the door. The boundless cold aura was transmitted from him.

Seeing this back, Chen Feng sighed and a very cordial feeling sprung up.

After saying that, an invisible pressure suddenly shone towards Chen Feng. For a time, like a gust of wind rising, the entire mortuary suddenly darkened.

Chen Feng just smiled and stood on the spot. Chen Feng has an unyielding will so he was able to resist this powerful pressure.

Oh? How unexpected. Cui Jue looked at Chen Feng with admiration: Did you tell the ghost to tell the judge that there is an old friend of mine from Qingyun Mountain?

With that, Cui Jue was a little bit eager in his eyes, staring at Chen Feng and asking, Where is the old man of Qingyun Mountain?

Chen Feng remained silent, but only looked at Cui Jue carefully, as if to see him through.

Finally, there was a loving smile on Chen Feng's face, yes, it was a loving smile.

Xiao Cui, you still have such a hot temper! Chen Feng chuckled lightly.

Xiao Cui? Cui Jue seemed like someone has touched his reverse scale and the muscles on his twitched. Bold mortal, how dare to call this judge this way, what a crime!

With that, Cui Jue's big, staring eyes glared at Chen Feng, and the chill released from his body was more intense.

It was just that Chen Feng saw a touch of sadness in Cui Jue's eyes.

Fo Tiao Qiang? Cui Jue froze, then looked at Chen Feng in shock, without a word for a long time and scenes of memories flashed in his mind.

Uncle, I'm hungry! Cui Jue, who was very young at the time, was wearing a tattered dress and looked pitifully at a middle-aged man in front.

Uncle, this turned out to be the Fo Tiao Qing. It is really delicious.

Uncle, are you really an immortal? I will be an immortal too!

Master, please accept Cui Jue as your disciple!

This matter, Cui Jue never mentioned it to anyone else. Except for himself, only his master, Dan Zu, knew this matter in this world!

Master... Master! Are you really Master? The majesty on Cui Jue's face no longer exists. He looked at Chen Feng with tears in his eyes.

Master, you're not dead, that's great... Cui Jue had already sobbed and knelt at Chen Feng's feet, crying in pain while holding Chen Feng.

The magnificent magistrate knelt at the feet of a mortal, crying like a child.

Alas... Chen Feng gently lifted up Cui Jue, full of bitterness, You still recognize me as a master, I'm so relieved to be a teacher. However, at this moment, the strength of teacher is long gone and teacher is unable to help you.

Get up. Chen Feng's words seemed to have an indescribable dominance. It was a kind of vicissitudes that had settled down over the years.

Since we teacher and apprentice can reunite here, it can be regarded as a makeover. Chen Feng said quietly, Since you're here, I want to ask you for something.

Cui Jue hurriedly said, Master, please say. Whatever you want, disciple will give.

Chen Feng chuckled: It's not a precious thing. Do you remember when I first accepted you as my disciple, I gave you a ring?

Yes, I remember. Cui Jue nodded again and again. Then, his fingertips lighted up and a silver-white ring appeared in his palm.

Okay, although this soul ring is only the lowest inferior divine weapon, it can draw Qi. At present, it is of great use to me, so I will take it back for the time being. Chen Feng said as he gently put the silver ring into his middle finger.

In an instant, Chen Feng felt the Qi around him suddenly became active, rushing towards himself.

Okay, with the effect of this soul ring, it will be helpful for teacher's practice. Chen Feng seemed very happy, and he always revealed a strong confidence.

Master, I don't think this divine weapon can protect you. This Quishui swo r is something you gave me when I first started. It's just right for you to use it at this time. Cui Jue finished talking and a a green sword appeared.

Alright, teacher will accept it. Naturally, Chen Feng is not the kind of person who really cares about face. Although the Qiushui sword is of low quality and only has the level of a high-grade divine weapon, it is indeed the most suitable weapon for him at the moment.

With a thought, the Qiushui sword quickly integrated into his body. Another thought, and the Qiushui sword, like a spring mushroom, slowly extended from Chen Feng's palm.

One of the characteristics of the divine weapon is that it can be integrated into the body, and with just a thought, the sword can either go in or out.

Master, since you failed the tribulation, eldest brother and second brother have been very concerned about you. Do you want me to inform them to see you in the mortal world? Cui Jue asked.

No need. Chen Feng flatly refused: Your two brothers are busy so you don't need to tell them about my affairs.

Cui Jue nodded: Yeah, since master failed your tribulation, the mysterious forces in the cultivation realm are getting bigger and bigger. They have been very busy. As he said that, Cui Jue's expression became dignified, Moreover, it seems that the situation is not so good.

Then... Would you like me to get some pills for improving cultivation...

Cui Jue was about to ask but was immediately denied by Chen Feng: The path to cultivation, how can we rely on others over and over again. Today, it is enough to give the soul ring and the Qiushui Sword to teacher; Chen Feng raised his head with a strong self-confidence.

Jue'er understands. Cui Jue lowered his head solemnly.

Today, you go back. Chen Feng said to Cui Jue, Don't say anything about teacher.

Yes, Master! Cui Jue replied respectfully, and then his body turned into a cloudy wind and went deep into the ground.

Looking at the mortuary that was quiet again, Chen Feng didn't waste time and immediately sat cross-legged. Then, the soul ring on his right middle finger exudes white light faintly, attracting the surrounding Qi quickly...