The Peerless Master Chapter 102 - Don't Even Think About It

How could you not protect the young master?

At the headquarters of the Taizi Gang, a majestic middle-aged man with an angry face was scolding the three people in front.

These three people, with their faces full of sincerity and fear, were all kneeling down on the ground, trembling. Aren't these people the bodyguards around Yao Fei?

Deputy leader Ma, that man is too strong, even though we launched the three-in-one formation, it was also broken by a finger! The leading bodyguard shouted in horror, That punch also has the strength of an eighth layer of True Qi but he randomly discarded my fist with one finger! As he said, he raised his right hand, where there were only bare wrists and blood that leaked from time to time.

Waste, you only know to make excuses for yourself! Deputy leader Ma was full of grief, Because of your ineffective protection, the young master has been comatose so far! Wait for the leader to come out and you will receive your verdict.

As soon as the middle-aged man said this, the three bodyguards all looked anxiously, and they bamged their heads incessantly, Deputy lesfer Ma, please say a few good things for us! Otherwise, we will not be able to survive.


At this moment, a door behind them clicked open and they saw a doctor in a white coat walk out with a tired expression on his face.

Dr. Zheng, how is the young master? Deputy leader Ma quickly greeted him and asked anxiously.

Alas. Then Dr. Zheng sighed helplessly: The bone in the young master's hand can be healed, but...

Seeing Dr. Zheng's words stop talking, deputy leader Ma urged for a while, What is it?

What, it can't be saved? Vice-President Ma widened his eyes and grabbed Dr. Zheng's arm, Dr. Zheng, aren't you known as one of the most famous surgeons in the country, how? Can it not be saved?

Deputy leader Ma squeezed his arm and Dr. Zheng's face was full of pain, and he struggled hard, Mr. Ma, let go, let go!

Deputy leader Ma also reacted and hurriedly released his hand. He said in a huff, Dr. Zheng, I was too anxious, but you haven't told me why you can't save it.

If it is just a simple injury, I can still be somewhat sure. However, the young master's lifeline completely exploded, and only a small piece remains, and I can't help it. Dr. Zheng shook his head, full of sighs, The young master will probably never be able to touch women again.

Okay, I know! Deputy leader Ma suddenly calmed down: Three of you, take Dr. Zheng out.

Alas... Dr. Zheng shook his head and went out with the bodyguards.

After they went out, deputy leader Ma's face suddenly became haggard. Looking at Yao Fang, who was still comatose in the operating room, he muttered to himself in a voice that only he could hear: Hahaha, he's a waste. My daughter... the heavens have finally punished this beast!

While speaking, he carefully took out a photo from his shirt. Looking at the photo, deputy leader Ma smiled happily, his face was full of love and on it, a girl full of vitality looked happy while holding his shoulder.


Chen Feng, haha, I didn't think you were so powerful Jin Liang was so drunk that he drank the wine in the glass all at once and praised Chen Feng.

Brother, you're being too modest. I almost peed myself in fear because of the bodyguards but you beat them with just one finger. No, I want to worship you as a teacher! Jin Liang's eyes flashed, and he wanted to bow down.

Goodness, you are too drunk! Wu Xin held Jin Liang and grabbed the wine glass in his hands. She couldn't help but complain, You always talk indiscriminately after drinking too much.

There was no more sense of mystery from Wu Xin and she is like a faithful wife who thinks about her man all-day.

Ha ha, aren't you happy today? Jin Liang's mouth was ambiguous and he was obviously drunk.

You are really useless. Look at Chen Feng, he drank no less than you but he is not drunk at all. Look at yourself. After drinking a little, you got this drunk. Hey, don't drink! During the speech, Wu Xin grabbed the bottle from Jin Liang's hand.

Uh, rest! Come, Wu Xin, let's go to bed! Jin Liang was drunk and heard this sentence and was full of vigor as he pulled Wu Xin to leave.

Xiao Lin's face turned red when she heard Jin Liang's words.

Wu Xin also looked a little shy, twisted around Jin Liang's waist, and said, What nonsense are you talking about, people like Chen Feng and Xiao Lin are still there.

Hahaha, shy, everyone is not a child anymore. Jin Liang's eyes flashed, and he said rightfully, Besides, people Chen Feng and Xiao Lin must also have a rest. We are bothering them so it's not good.

With that in mind, Jin Liang waved at Chen Feng, Brother, I will bother you in the future. Now, I will not disturb you. After that, Jin Liang pulled Wu Xin and left.

This Jin Liang is like this every time. He talks nonsense as soon as he drinks too much! Xiao Lin's small face was red. After she finished speaking, she saw that Chen Feng didn't seem to listen to her. She couldn't help but poke Chen Feng's waist and complained, Fool, what are you thinking about?

Chen Feng recovered and took Xiao Lin's hand and smiled, I'm thinking, should we also go to bed? As he said, Chen Feng gently lifted Xiao Lin's small chin and squinted. Squinted, I remember someone promised that as long as I overtake all the cars, we can continue last night's things.

Dream on! Xiao Lin glanced at Chen Feng in a variety of ways, ran away, then turned back to Chen Feng and made a punching motion, Wait for this aunt to be in a good mood first, then I will fulfill this condition. Don't even think about it now!