The Peerless Master Chapter 100 - Am I Qualified Now?

Leave a hand? Chen Feng looked at this man in amusement.

Yao Fang, who do you think you are, and you dare to cut someone's hand at will? Xiao Lin stopped in front of Chen Feng, just like a mother who nursed the young.

Who? Yao Fang hummed coldly: I am the young master of the Taizi Gang. I can do whatever I want in Hangzhou!

Such a big tone, are you not afraid of being blown away by the wind? Jin Liang scolded with a stern expression, Hangzhou is a society ruled by law, how can you do whatever?

Yao Fang listened, stared at Jin Liang disdainfully, and said arrogantly, Jin Liang, do you think you're qualified to point fingers at me even though your father is the secretary of the provincial party committee. Let me tell you, after a while, this Hangzhou City will belong to the Taizi Gang and even your father, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee can't control my Taizi Gang!

Wu Xin chuckled at Yao Fang, Brother Yao really is as amazing as the rumors but Chen Feng is my good sister's boyfriend so this sister will have to ask you for leniency.

Yao Fang looked at Wu Xin's hot body, and a flash of fire flashed in his eyes.

Well, since Miss Wu is pleading, I don't want one of his hands anymore. As he said, Yao Fang said with a tone: However, his hands won't be cut, but this person must kneel down and kowtow to admit his mistakes.

You are too much! Xiao Lin waved her fist, gritting her teeth with hatred.

Wu Xin wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Yao Fang.

Miss Wu, I'm not an unreasonable person. Today, this kid dared to overtake my car and annoyed me. Looking at your face, I promised to spare him as soon as he kowtow. Looked at Chen Feng with a sneer, Boy, hiding behind a woman is really not a manly thing. If you are a man, come out. Do you want your face or your hand, you choose!

Chen Feng, don't go... Xiao Lin pulled Chen Feng's clothes and looked at Chen Feng anxiously.

Gently patted Xiao Lin's hand and gave her a reassuring smile. Chen Feng came out and stood in front of Yao Fang lightly.

Do you think no one can make a move on you in Hangzhou city? Chen Feng ignored Yao Fang's arrogance and just said quietly.

Yes, I am the young master of the Taizi Gang. Who dares to move me in this Hangzhou city! Yao Fang said as a matter of fact.

Chen Feng looked at Yao Fang coldly and said softly, Wrong, someone dares to.

Who? Yao Fang froze, and immediately responded, Do you mean yourself? He said with a smile and then said with disdain: You think, just because you know to hide behind a woman that you can threaten me?

Are you finished? Chen Feng looked at Yao Fang indifferently as if he were watching a wonderful performance.

Enough laughter, I'm about to start Chen Feng said as if talking to himself.

Hum... shameless! Yao Fang's smile went away and his face turned cold, Just keep on pretending to be fierce.

With that said, Yao Fang punched Chen Feng in the face.

Since the Taizi Gang can stay in Hangzhou city for so long, naturally there are many masters in it. Yao Fang, the young master of the Taizi Gang will naturally be taught by them.. At the moment, Yao Fang has already practiced Qi. As far as strength is concerned, he is already a master who is about to condense his True Qi.

This achievement is extremely rare in the younger generation of Hangzhou city. Therefore, Yao Fang has developed this arrogant and domineering character.

Yao Fang, don't think about hurting anyone! Jin Liang saw Yao Fang's punch and he was shocked in his heart. His body suddenly accelerated, trying to stop Yao Fang's punch.

Looking at his pace, everyone immediately understood that although Jin Liang looked gentle, he turned out to be a master who was also hidden.

However, he was wrong. The mistake is that he missed a person, the most important person.


Chen Feng squeezed Yao Fang's fist gently, and was full of inquiries: Didn't you say that I was pretending? Then I will pretend to show you!

With that said, Chen Feng's hand clenched Yao Fang's fist tightly.


The horrible screams made everyone stunned in an instant. Jin Liang looked at Chen Feng who was still indifferent with a look of surprise on his face, full of wonder.

Bastard, I will not let you go! Yao Fang cried, looking at Chen Feng's eyes full of murderous intent.

How dare you do something to Laozi, I will kill you! After that, Yao Fang scolded in the dark in the distance, You guys, don't you see me being bullied? Come out and kill him!

This little brother, since the young master has spoken, we will have to kill you. The leader was very polite, but full of murderous intentions.

These three people seem to be walking very slowly, but in fact they are as fast as lightning and they have already arrived next to Yao Fang and Chen Feng.

You three dog minions, haven't you seen me in agony. Why haven't you killed this bastard! During his speech, Chen Feng's hands tightened again, and Yao Fang screamed in pain.

Yes! They looked at Yao Fang with some disgust but all three of them still endured their anger and nodded.

One fifth layer of the True Qi stage and two second layer of the True Qi stage. This is unexpected. The Taizi Gang is really good. Such people are actually bodyguards. Feeling the strength of the three, Chen Feng said secretly.

Boy, we must kill you!

Stop! Jin Liang and Xiao Lin shouted at the same time, Is there no law here?

Wu Xin only smiled but did not say anything.

At last, the three men exchanged glances with each other, and then broke up together, rushing towards Chen Feng!

Looking at the three figures rushing quickly, Chen Feng's mouth twitched with a chuckle, his right hand extended...



Like flies, the bodyguards flew obliquely and fell to the ground like a broken kite.

Now, am I qualified to pretend to be fierce? Chen Feng looked at Yao Fang sarcastically and asked softly.