The Peerless Master Chapter 10 - Shujin Hand Massage

Ah, I had a good night's sleep! Chen Feng yawned and walked out of the room.

Good morning, I made porridge. Let's have breakfast together. Mu Wan'er, wearing an apron and holding a large bowl of porridge greeted Chen Feng when she saw him come out of his room

Okay. Chen Feng smiled and agreed, quickly went to the bathroom, finished washing and then came to the table.

At the dining table, Mu Wan'er is not there, She went back to the kitchen and only Lili sat there. Seeing Chen Feng, she lowered her head and ate her porridge silently.

Er, good morning. Chen Feng glanced at Lili cautiously greeted her.

Humph! Lili snorted and looked away from Chen Feng.

Big Hooligan Faintly, Chen Feng heard this woman's vague voice.

Chen Feng touched his nose and couldn't help but smile. Hey, are you angry because I said I wasn't ready?


Just as his voice just fell, Chen Feng felt a black shadow rush up to him. When he looked up, he saw Lili standing beside him, with her hands on her waist and one foot on his chair, snarling fiercely, You big hooligan, say it again. See if this Aunt won't cut your clothes to pieces and throw it into the streets

Chen Feng suddenly shrank, he was shocked. This woman is crazy so she can definitely do such a thing.

Looking at Lili, Chen Feng's face suddenly became strange, and a bad smile suddenly filled his face.

Oh, you dare to smile? Lili saw that Chen Feng's change in expression and couldn't help but give him a fierce look but she saw Chen Feng smirking and pointing to somewhere.

Lili looked down and her face turned red. Under her anger, she forgot that she wore a short skirt today. Her current posture is basically telling Chen Feng that he can look at the scenery down there.

Pink... Chen Feng smiled and said.

Ah, you hooligan. You dare to eat this Aunt's tofu! Lili hurriedly retrieved her right food, grabbed the cushion and slapped towards Chen Feng in panic.

Lili, I know that you are happy that Chen Feng moved in. However, it's been less than a day but you two have already started playing again Mu Wan'er held a plate of food as she walked out of the kitchen and sighed.

Who is playing with him. Lili returned to her seat with a bang, grabbed a piece of meat and bit down and looked at Chen Feng while chewing, as if this piece of meat is Chen Feng


Today is Monday, Chen Feng went to find work after Lili and Mu Wan'er went to work. Chen Feng, who has lost his financial resources must find a new job to maintain his life. He does not think that Lili, this overbearing woman will allow him to live here for free. Moreover, this is not the style of Chen Feng.

At this time, many people are going to work. The bus was very crowded and the entire bus was completely packed with passengers.

The summer of Hangzhou is extremely hot. Although it is cooler in the morning, in such a compartment, because it is not ventilated and plus, the bus rarely turns on air conditioning in the morning, the whole compartment is extremely hot.

Suddenly, there was a scream at the back of the bus.

Driver, stop. Someone fainted Someone shouted loudly and looked very anxious.

The driver heard it, hurriedly turned to the right and then slowly stopped in a safe place.


The door of the bus opened and the passengers on the bus got out of the bus one by one, causing the bus to begin to empty. The scene at the back of the bus also appeared in the eyes of everyone.

There is a pale-skinned old man lying on the ground in the back of the compartment, his face pale and sweaty.

Call the ambulance! A calm voice rang and when everyone looked at the owner of the voice, they saw a middle-aged man come to the old man. Everyone, please stand back and let the air circulate The middle-aged man looked serious and carefully examined the old man's body.

No, this old man is an acute myocardial infarction. It is very dangerous The middle-aged man suddenly changed his face and hurriedly shouted, Driver, there is no time to wait for the ambulance, drive directly to the hospital

Isn't that Dr. Wang? He is the vice president of the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Someone has recognized this middle-aged man and shouted in shock.

Okay! The driver replied and hurriedly tried to start the bus. However, for some reason, the bus that just happened to be fine earlier couldn't start at this time. The driver was sweating and he did not succeed in starting the bus even after using all kinds of methods.

Dr. Wang has already used the first-aid measures that can be used in this moment but the symptoms of the old man still has not been alleviated.

There's nothing I can do but try. Dr. Wang's face was solemn and his right hand had suddenly pressed on the chest of the old man. Then, with the old man's chest as the center, he slowly started to move his hand in a circle. The movement made people feel that the middle-aged man's hand seemed to become magical.

The Shujin Hand Massage Chen Feng suddenly recognized the name of this hand massage. However, immediately afterwards, he shook his head, It's just an imitation, he most likely learned it at home

Sure enough, after a while, this doctor Wang suddenly sat down to the ground.

At this time, the old man's breathing was heavy and the old man's eyes began to roll around. Moreover, his became stiff and his body started to tremble

No, this old man's situation is getting worse! Dr. Wang looked at the symptoms of the old man and sweated anxiously, If the ambulance does not arrive soon, this old man will be in danger.

Let me try it! Chen Feng smiled and walked up to the middle-aged man.

You? Dr. Wang looked at Chen Feng with a puzzled look and asked strangely, Are you a doctor?

Chen Feng shook his head.

Dr. Wang was angry and said: Then don't add to the chaos. Then, his right hand once again was placed on the old man's chest, no matter whether it is useful or not, it is better than waiting.

Chen Feng looked at Dr. Wang and he was somewhat appreciative. A medical practitioner must try and whether he can heal someone or not, he should do his best.

Add one more point of strength to the Tongzhong Point, yes, that's it. You are putting too much strength in the Mastoid Point, use three points smaller. How are you so stupid? Use five points of strength on the Tianshu Point... Chen Feng sometimes calmly said a few words and sometimes yellowed, causing the passengers on the bus to become speeches. This young man is actually teaching Dr. Wang.

But when he heard these words, in Dr. Wang's ears, they are like the sound of angels singing. With the guidance of this young man, he actually discovered that his Shujin Hand Massage had actually produced a very unusual fluctuation. It seems that the blood in the old man is in his control and he is able to make it flow wherever he wants to

Under this force, some of the blood vessels that had been blocked were instantly open. For a moment, the blood of the old man returned to normal and his pale face gradually became rosey.

Finally, when Dr. Wang completed the last action, the old man's breathing also returned to calm. Dr. Wang sighed with relief, the life of this old man was finally saved.

Then, Dr. Wang even respectfully bowed to Chen Feng and said with conviction, Sir, thank you for your guidance, you allowed me to thoroughly master this 'Shujin Hand Massage'.

Chen Feng waved his hand and did not speak.

Huh? Just then, the old man slightly opened his eyes