2 The Peerless Master

The Peerless Master Chapter 1 - Falling

On a scorching summer day, the temperature had already risen above 40 degrees. Even the ones who had been the happiest had stopped their singing and was lazily sleeping on the treetops. The intense heat made the city seem like a lifeless steamer.

However, in a construction site on the outskirts of the city, the sounds of a machine running was still heard. A large group of dark-skinned migrant workers continued to work on the construction site under the blazing sun. They sweat profusely in the hot sun for their wages

What an asshole. On such a hot day, he still won't let us rest.

That's right, this Zhou Yupi is too unkind. Not only is he not going to let us rest, he's not going to even going to give us the promised cold drinks, What a son of a b*tch

Don't say anymore. If Zhou Yupi hears you, he'll deduct your wages again.

Three or five groups of migrant workers were working and complaining at the same time. From this, it could be seen just how terrible Zhou Yupi's image was in their eyes.

Eh, hey, Ga Zi, be careful Suddenly, a loud shout made everyone stop what they were doing and look towards the source of the sound.

They saw a dark and strong young man standing at the edge of a floor without railings. He was swaying and unable to stand steadily, as if he was possessed by a devil.

Ai, isn't that a Ga Zi? Why are you dancing instead of painting the wall? A few workers who did not know what was going on could not help but make fun of him.

No, he must have suffered a heatstroke. He must be delirious! A slightly older migrant worker loudly shouted, Find someone to quickly pull him back in case he falls

Hurry, hurry! In a moment, several strong young workers were running towards the building.

But he is at the fourth floor and it would take a while to run up the stairs.

Seeing that Ga Zi was about to stumble to the edge, everyone panicked.

If he goes out a bit more, he'll fall down. Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

Ga Zi, wake up, wake up! Several loud voices started shouting in succession, trying to wake Ga Zi up from his stupor.

However, Ga Zi still stumbled outwards as if he didn't hear anything.

Ga Zi's foot stepped on the edge and the next moment, Ga Zi's body suddenly fell

Ahh! Everyone could not bear it any longer and closed their eyes.

At that moment, a bare-chested figure quickly grabbed onto one of Ga Zi's hands and quickly pulled him up

Everyone could not help but let out a sigh of relief. Ga Zi had finally been saved.

What a lucky fellow. Needless to say, this Chen Feng doesn't seem to have a very strong body but at critical moments, he runs quite fast. Some workers couldn't help but joke around. This was also a pleasure in their boring jobs.

However, in the next moment, their eyes widened. They saw that after Chen Feng pulled Ga Zi back onto the building, for some reason, his feet slipped and he fell straight down the building!

What's going on? How could he have slipped?! The few young men running up the stairs behind him wanted to save him but it was too late. Everyone looked at the area where Chen Feng had slid down and saw that the floor, which should not have been cracked, had actually started to crack slightly. A thin layer of cement had already covered the surface of the cement ashe and a footprint that extended outward endlessly was especially eye-catching.

Chen Feng only slipped when he stepped on the cement dust on the cracked ground

F*ck, such a life-threatening project When the several young workers saw Chen Feng's falling body, they could not help but curse loudly

Oh my god, am I going to die? Chen Feng thought as he fell down.

Chen Feng had grown up in the mountains. He did not even graduate from primary school and had to work in the fields with his old father. Until he reached his twenties. Chen Feng, who was filled with ambition and Ga Zi who was from the same village had arrived to the city together. They joined a group of laborers and started to live in a big city.

Chen Feng had a dream, which was to work hard, make enough money, go home, marry a wife and let his parents carry his grandson as soon as possible. Thinking of his aged parents, Chen Feng felt an unexplainable pain in his heart.

Chen Feng's body heavily crashed into the ground and laid there motionless. Thick blood flowed out from his head, making it look extremely dazzling under the scorching sun.

All of the workers surrounded Chen Feng and tried to help him up

All of you, back off. Maintain air circulation. Don't move Chen Feng A few workers who knew first aid shouted out before desperately pressing down on Chen Feng's chest. At this moment, they no longer cared that Chen Feng was a man. They opened their mouths wide and started to perform artificial respiration

Gradually, everyone's gaze became serious as they looked at Chen Feng who had stopped breathing and a thick sense of grief emanated from their hearts. Although they were not related by blood, they had shared food and slept under the same roof with each other over the past few days, so the relationship between these workers extremely were good.

Wee! Woo! Wee! Woo! - The sounds of a siren startled everyone as it rang out loudly

Quick, the ambulance is here! Suddenly, someone shouted. It turned out that someone had already cleverly dialed 120 just now. [TN: 120 is the number for the ambulance in china]

Right, hurry and send him to the hospital, there might be a chance of survival A glimmer of hope rose in everyone's hearts.


In the emergency ward of the People's Hospital, several doctors and nurses were busy.

Quick, inject a shot of cardiotonic!

Cardiac Pacemaker, Resuscitation!


Dr. Fang, the patient still has no heartbeat. His heart rate is at zero and has no blood pressure.

Increase the power of the Cardiac Pacemaker and start pacing again.


Dr. Fang, the patient's heart is still not beating. The electrocardiograph shows zero.

Increase the power of the Cardiac Pacemaker and start pacing again!


Sigh... Give the family a death notice Doctor Fang said helplessly as he tiredly wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked regretfully at Chen Feng who had lost all blood on the rescue bed.

The nurse took off her gloves and nodded softly.

Then, Dr. Fang took off his Scrub and tiredly pushed open the door of the operating room.


Doctor! How is Chen Feng? In an instant, a large group of people covered in sweat surrounded him, grabbing onto Doctor Fang's white coat as they asked anxiously. They were a few of the workers that Chen Feng had gotten along well with back at the construction site.

Looking at the anxious faces of these people, Doctor Fang's expression darkened. He said helplessly, I'm sorry, we've tried our best.


Although they knew that his chances of surviving weren't high, Doctor Fang's words were like a bolt lighting, catching all the workers off guard.

Wuu, wuu, wuu... Ga Zi weakly fell to the ground and actually began to cry, It's all because of me. It's because he was trying to save me

If it wasn't for me, Chen Feng wouldn't have come up to save me and fall down Ga Zi's eyes were full of tears as he continued, It's all my fault. It's because I got a heatstroke, how can I explain this to Uncle Chen As he spoke, Ga Zi raised his hand and smacked his own face

After a while.

Hey, who's the family of the deceased? Come with me to handle the formalities Doctor Fang looked at Ga Zi and sighed inwardly.

Chen Feng's family are all at home in the northeast, I'm from the same hometown as Chen Feng, I'll go with you. Ga Zi's mood also calmed down a little.

Then come with me! Before Doctor Fang could finish his sentence, the door to the operation room was suddenly pushed open and a nurse ran out in a hurry. Her face was flushed red as she gasped, Fang... Dr. Fang, the patient's heart is beating again. His heart is beating again