Thunder Martial Chapter 99 - Wang Qiong making his Move

Bastard! Zi Chen suddenly roared out explosively, with a tap of his feet, his figure quickly shot up and in a blink of an eye, he had already reached a height of over ten meters. Following that, by using the tree as support, he soared up into the sky, arriving in front of the Roc.

Clenching his hands into fists and with his fist emitting silver light, Zi Chen punched towards the Roc's head.


In between the bright silver light, Zi Chen threw out a powerful punch. the Roc continuously swayed, as if it was drunk and its body became unstable in the air.


Zi Chen raised his fist and grabbed the Roc's neck with his legs, then fiercely punched towards its head. The Roc was instantly stunned, swaying and spreading its wings, its body couldn't help but fall to the ground.

Seeing that, the rest of the Roc chirped as they swooped down, their sharp claws emitting a cold metal light as they grabbed towards Zi Chen's head.


Zi Chen ignored the danger above his head and continued to throw punches, using his full strength in every single punch, releasing dozens of punches. It was only until the last punch landed that the Roc finally couldn't take it anymore and was knocked unconscious with a single punch and fell face downwards. Fortunately, it was already not far from the ground at this time.

The Roc fell down and crushed many trees, causing a loud explosion. Its entire body was placed horizontally on the tree branch and its figure was blocked by the treetops, not dropping to the ground.

The Roc was confused and disoriented but did not die. When it is about to land on the ground, it started to flap its wings, wanting to fly again.

Zi Chen also landed on the ground, a cold light flashed in his eyes as he once again leapt into the air. His two palms shone with a silver light as they firmly held onto the Roc's neck, his hearted emitted energy and suged throughout his body like tidal waves, providing Zi Chen with unlimited power.


With an explosive shout, Zi Chen swung both of his arms, bringing along the Roc. Like a weapon, it was swung up by Zi Chen.


The leaves danced about and the Roc was swung around like a weapon. Countless leaves and branches exploded and the large trees snapped.

The Roc continued to struggle as its wings flapped. Zi Chen waved with all his might and with a bang, he smashed the Rco into a hundred-year old tree.

Immediately after, the sounds of trees exploding continuously rang out and an empty area appeared around them. Zi Chen's body was covered in bright silver light, his expression was cold and his eyes were emotionless, like a silver war god. His strength was immense and even though he was holding onto the neck of the dozens of meters long Roc, he was actually swinging it like a weapon.

Inside Zi Chen's body, his blood and vitality was surging violently, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The energy in his heart was spreading far and wide throughout his body, providing him with endless energy.




The trees exploded. Under the huge impact, the Roc cried out repeatedly and finally fainted. Its black feathers covered in cold iron fell into the forest and there were already many wounds on its body.

Oh my god. He is a true monster, he's just at the True Qi Realm In the distance, Wang Xian'ers beautiful eyes were opened wide and she was dumbstruck and tongue-tied. She watched helplessly as Zi Chen swung the Roc bird to the east and west, like a mighty Silver Armored War God.

A Xiantian level Roc was easily subdued.

In the sky, the other Rocs cried out and swooped down for their comrade. Their ice cold claws emitted a cold light as they prepared to attack Zi Chen.

Bastard! Zi Chen shouted and the silver light shone brightly. He soared into the sky like a war god, his arms dancing as brilliant silver light exploded. He directly grabbed the Roc and used it as a weapon to strike at another Roc in the air.

A large mass of shadows flashed past and the Roc was used by Zi Chen as a weapon. It fell down like a large rod, heavily smashing onto the other Roc's body.


Under the dull sound, the Roc's body staggered and directly fell towards the ground. During this period of time, Zi Chen once again swung the Roc as if it was a big bat and the Roc's wings stopped flapping as it fell head first.

He knocked down another Roc with a Roc

Wang Xian'er watched speechlessly, Zi Chen's actions were completely like those of a barbarian.

In the forest, Zi Chen was like a giant ape, constantly jumping. Every time he jumped, he would use the Roc as a weapon, bringing about a large shadow as he jumped towards the Rocs in the sky.

Peng !

Dull sounds continuously sounded out, and the Roc was ceaselessly smashed down as it continuously wailed.

What the f*ck is this?

His strength is immeasurable. Is he an ape? Or is he the reincarnation of an ancient beast?

The black clothed men was currently running over non-stop. After that, when they saw Zi Chen in the distance jump up and swing the Roc to hit another Roc.

Hurry up and chase them. If these Rocs die, we will all die.

They were all mad with shock and anger.




Zi Chen jumped forward, leaving behind a row of unconscious Rocs wherever he passed until all the Rocs were knocked down.

In the end, Zi Chen put down the Roc and punched him dozens of times. Silver light continuously flashed, illuminating the forest and with a loud bang, the Roc's head was directly smashed into pieces and it died.

Ha ha! Zi Chen laughed, as though he was a blood demon, his expression was sinister.

Did you kill the Rocs? Zi Chen's entire body was covered in blood, his eyes naturally emitting a terrifying cold aura, he looked at Wang Xian'er who was rushing over and asked.

This... Wang Xian'er got goosebumps from Zi Chen's gaze and couldn't help but lower her head. She was like a little girl who had done something wrong and only a mosquito would hear her voice saying, I can't bear to do it, they're all lives.

You are too soft-hearted. If you don't kill them, they will bring those Wu Zong Sect people to kill us. Are you trying to kill us? Zi Chen bellowed, he did not feel the huge difference in strength between the two of them.

What a woman! Zi Chen said coldly. He turned back the way he came, wanting to kill those Roc.

Wang Xian'ers red lips slightly opened, wanting to stop him but in the end, she did not say anything. Zi Chen's words were very reasonable.

Right at this moment, Wang Xian'er saw Zi Chen, who had just turned around and returned, quickly running back.

It's too late, they are coming. Zi Chen pulled Wang Xian'er and ran deeper into the forest.

Wang Xian'er had not fully recovered from her injuries and her speed could not compare to Zi Chen's so she allowed Zi Chen to pull her.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had disappeared into the forest.

Wake these idiots up and tell them not to attack. Damn it, all of you must have eaten the wrong medicine. What a bunch of idiots.

When the Wu Zong Sect people saw the Rocs that had fainted on the ground, their lungs almost exploded. One of the Zhen Yuan Realm Experts even started to curse angrily.

the Roc was an important treasure of the Wu Zong Sect and they couldn't afford to lose it. Therefore, everyone stayed behind and tried to wake the Roc up. There was a slight delay in time.

The Rocs woke up one by one and flew high into the sky, constantly screeching. The group of people from the Wu Zong Sect prepared to climb onto the back of the Rocs and chase after Zi Chen.

Suddenly, another sound of strong wind was heard behind them. The ear-piercing sound of air exploding indicated that the person was very fast and very anxious.

Be careful.

Those from the Wu Zong stared at the back as they drew their swords. Their eyes were filled with vigilance.

After a short moment, a male with an outstanding temperament and wearing green armor appeared from the forest.

The man's eyes were as bright as the stars. His eyes were ice-cold and his speed was extremely fast. His face was filled with panic and he appeared to be very anxious.

Halt, who are you? The black-clothed men let out an explosive shout. Their swords and sabers glinted with a cold light as they pointed straight at the azure-armored man.

The green armored man was naturally the number one genius of Cloud City, Wang Qiong. He had chased after his sister the entire way but he was one step too slow.

You don't know who I am? Wang Qiong spoke coldly, her eyes releasing a terrifying aura.

Why the hell would we know who you are? There were eight Zhen Yuan Realm Experts here, although the man in front of them looked heroic and extraordinary, they were not afraid due to their strong numbers.

Wang Qiong's gaze turned cold once again but he was still suspicious in his heart, could it be that these people are not from the Heaven Killing Pavilion?

Oh, I know who you are. Suddenly, one of the black-clothed men said.

Wang Qiong's pupils contracted as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

You must be looking for that dog-couple. You're their rescue troops right? What? You are the third party to intervene in our matter. Don't know who we are?

Haha, I also remember now. That kid said he had a new partner, he can't be talking to you, can he?

I don't think so. This guy looks like a dog but he probably has a crush on that girl. It's such a pity, she doesn't appreciate ones kindness and only likes that pretty boy.

Haha, not bad, not bad. What a love triangle

The Wu Zong Sect is very far away from here so who would have the time to come to Cloud City to recognize these geniuses and even if they wanted to know, they did not have the qualifications to do so.

Under normal circumstances, how could the young master of Cloud City know them and how could they know what the young master of Cloud City look like?

Wang Qiong was a genius and also the son of the city lord of Cloud City. He has a prestigious status and and whoever saw him had fawned over him. He grew up without any grievances, and didn't even receive much scolding, let alone humiliation.

At this moment, the words of the Wu Zong Sects people were simply inaudible to him. They also said that he had an affair with a pretty boy. This infuriated him. His hateful and vengeful nature was completely exposed at this moment.

Brat, I'm not done talking to you. You look like a dog, how can you do such dirty things? You don't like women but you actually like men.

That's not for sure. Maybe he likes both men and women. This is a different type of person.

Everyone was laughing, unsheathing their swords but they did not let down their guard.


An aura surged out as green light filled the sky. Streams of energy surged endlessly like sharp blades as they shot out in all directions.

Wang Qiong finally made his move. He did not have any more patience to listen to them, he had already made his move.

The space twisted, a terrifying pressure blew against their face and a burst of ruthless killing intent filled the area, Wang Qiong's entire body was shrouded in green light, it was extremely valiant and mighty.

Not good, this fellow's strength is too strong!

Quick, retreat. We've encountered a tough one

The faces of some of the disciples who were still laughing wildly changed drastically as they retreated one after another. Under Wang Qiong's might, they were like small boats in a storm and they were in danger of being shattered into pieces.




The green light cut through the air like sharp blades. In a flash, seven to eight people fell to the ground, including the Zhen Yuan Realm Expert.


Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they retreated once again.

Roc, get down.

Someone shouted loudly, signaling the Roc to come down and bring them away. This person was too terrifying and their numbers simply could suppress him.