Thunder Martial Chapter 98 - Comprehending the True Essence

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Ancient trees towered up into the sky and they were full of vigor and power. They are deeply rooted in the ground.

Wang Xian'er was injured in many places and fresh blood flowed out. Her red clothes had already been torn in a few places, revealing her jade-like skin, making her look extremely bright and beautiful. At this moment, she felt extremely wronged because that damnable lecher had really left, leaving her alone here.

Her beautiful face was stained with blood and she looked delicate. The onlookers' faces were cold and occasionally, they sneered.

Haha, that little lover of yours ran away. I don't care about you anymore.

That's right. It seems that your eyesight isn't good. You actually took a fancy to such trash.

You seem to be an existence of Zhen Yuan Realm as well, why would you fall for that pretty boy at the True Qi Realm? He isn't even strong nor is he that good looking

Everyone talked back and forth and continuously ridiculed her but their attacks were extremely sharp. Every move being fatal, Wang Xian'er was already unable to persevere any longer.

Lecher, if I, Wang Xian'er, am lucky enough to not die today, I will definitely not let you off. Wang Xian'er cried. This was entirely due to grievance and anger as well.

Haha, it seems that it's because of love that you became hateful. However, a pretty boy like him is truly unworthy of loving.

Don't worry. You won't die. We'll give you another chance. We'll seize this opportunity to threaten that pretty boy and see if he has any feelings for you or not.

All the black clothed men laughed mockingly, their attacks were even fiercer, and usually, the existence of the Xiantian Realm were strong people, but here, they were nothing. They could barely help and they could only make sarcastic remarks, provoking Wang Xian'er.

Right at this moment, the cry of a roc sounded out, followed by a few other cries that unceasingly rose and fell.

What's going on, didn't the Roc chase after that kid? Everyone stared blankly. They did not understand why the Roc had turned back.

The Roc is back, did it catch that kid?

Some people raised their heads and looked up into the sky.

Just then, a loud shout came out, You bunch of sons of bitches, a bunch of people bullying a weak girl, you guys are worse than beasts, look at how your Master Zi Chen will deal with you.

A streak of silver light flew over from the distance. Like a bolt of lightning, it brought along its extreme speed as it charged toward the group of people.

With the sword in his hand, he became one with the sword, releasing an oppressive cold aura, pointing straight at everyone.

Stop him!

They really are a dog-couple. He actually came back.

Looks like our previous decision was right.

When the group of black-clothed men saw Zi Chen return, their eyes lit up and they all made their moves. However, for the existence of Xiantian Realm, they were all knocked back by Zi Chen.

Immediately afterwards, Zi Chen rushed towards the eight Zhen Yuan Realm existences. With a ruthless look in his eyes and a resplendent silver light, he charged forward as though nothing had happened.




Streams of sword light flashed and a dagger struck towards Zi Chen who blocked them with a backhand move and with a cracking sound. The dagger exploded into little pieces that cut across his face.

Instantly, Zi Chen charged into the encirclement. There were many wounds on his body but he did not die under Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's attack. It was simply because his physique was too strong.

Zi Chen's body was covered with wounds, his clothes were untidy and he was drenched in blood. In a sorry state, he rushed to the front of Wang Xian'er.

Previously, Wang Xian'er hated Zi Chen to the bones but at this moment, when she saw Zi Chen resolutely return and attacked the Zhen Yuan Realm experts with just the strength of a True Qi Realm, it made her extremely moved.

Don't be so distracted, hurry up and leave.

Zi Chen pulled Wang Xian'er and rushed out of the crowd.

You want to leave? It won't be that easy.


The black clothed man reacted, all kinds of weapons flashed in front of them as they greeted Zi Chen.

Sword light flashed, and an unparalleled sword intent raged.




In an instant, a few clear sounds rang and the wounds on Zi Chen's body increased by quite a bit and there were even a few that were deeper.

Zi Chen's face was firm and unwavering, he did not budge. He used his body to protect Wang Xian'er and did not let her be harmed anymore, like lightning, he rushed out, the silver light around his body flickered, and the light beneath his feet flashed as he used the Nine Thunder Pass.



A sharp weapon pierced through Zi Chen's shoulder, directly through him, causing blood to spurt out as a ray of sword light slashed across his neck. In that moment of life and death, Zi Chen tilted his head and a layer of blood appeared on the blade of the sword.

A sword light flashed and on Zi Chen's arms, several slashes deep enough to see his bones were made

Zi Chen grimaced in pain but he did not give up. He charged left and right, determined to break out of the encirclement.

Sword lights burst out and a few more wounds appeared on Zi Chen's body.

What kind of physique does this fellow possess? Why is he still alive?

This physique is even more terrifying than the Mysterious Sky Demon Beast. Attack his vitals.

The blade and sword howled through, rushing straight for Zi Chen's vitals.

At this moment, he was truly in imminent danger and the silver energy in Zi Chen's heart could not heal him fast enough because his injuries were simply too severe.

Just as his life was at stake, the light beneath Zi Chen's feet flickered and suddenly, he became even more strange, as though his body had turned into a true bolt of lightning and his speed suddenly increased.




Zi Chen's figure flashed as he brought Wang Xian'er to quickly escape. Numerous deadly attacks flew past his body but none of them harmed him.

This... Zi Chen's body seemed to have become light and agile, boneless, and soft like a fallen leaf amidst a raging wind. Although he was constantly being attacked, none of the attacks managed to hit him.

Although it was very dangerous to step on the brink of death at any time, it also proved how nimble and ingenious Zi Chen was.

The current Zi Chen looked like a real bolt of lightning, flashing past the black clothed men one by one

I've finally mastered the first form of the Nine Thunder Pass. I've comprehended it's true essence. At this moment of life and death, Zi Chen had completely ignited his potential to break through the first stage of the Nine Thunder Pass

In the blink of an eye, he had dodged all the attacks and rushed out of the encirclement.


Zi Chen fled quickly with Wang Xian'er, leaving behind a long trail of blood wherever they passed. There were many wounds on his body and fresh blood flowed out from them like a river.

Wang Xian'er looked at Zi Chen in disbelief, allowing him to hold onto her jade hands. She had already decided to die with Zi Chen, not because she liked Zi Chen but because there was no other way.

Zi Chen protected her, his body had been slashed dozens of times, shocking her. The hatred she had towards him also weakened but she still did not think that they would come out alive.

However, she never would have thought that in the next moment, Zi Chen's speed would become even faster and after a few tries, they actually broke out of the encirclement.

This completely exceeded Wang Xian'ers expectations, this speed is even faster than hers. One had to know, he is only in the True Qi Realm.

Are you okay? Zi Chen rushed out with Wang Xian'er but his body was riddled with wounds, there were more than ten of them which were extremely shocking to look at and his entire body was covered in a mess of flesh and blood, which was a sight to behold.

Don't worry. As long as we don't get caught, I won't die. Zi Chen clenched his teeth, and then, he took out a porcelain bottle from his bosom and poured the Pills directly into his mouth.

Wang Xian'er was shocked, she had already seen that Zi Chen had eaten a Xiantian Pill and he even ate two of them, she immediately exclaimed, You're crazy, to actually eat two Xiantian Pills, that will cause you to explode, you should eat medicinal Pills.

Zi Chen grinned, and with blood flowing out from his body, he said. I do not have any medicinal Pills.

Zi Chen's words made Wang Xian'ers heart ache, and made her want to take out her own healing medicine for him.

I don't want it, the Xiantian Pill is good enough for me, hurry up and recover from your injuries. Zi Chen said.

Zi Chen fled along with Wang Xian'er. Above him was the continuous chirping of the Roc as well as the angry shouts from the black clothed men behind him.

Two hours later, Wang Xian'er discovered something that moved her. She actually discovered that the wounds on Zi Chen's body were currently healing under the naked eye.

The dozens of wounds were extremely shocking and tragic but at some point, the bleeding had stopped. Moreover, there were a few that weren't very deep wounds that had already healed and scarred.

How is this possible? Wang Xian'er looked at Zi Chen as if she was looking at a monster. She could see that his wounds were currently recovering under the naked eye. Previously, his white bones could be seen, but now, they were retracting bit by bit.

Previously, Zi Chen's face was extremely pale, but now, after running for two hours, his face regained some redness.

Is he a monster? How can his body's recovery rate be so strong? Could it be that what he took before was not a Xiantian Pill but a type of miracle medicine? Wang Xian'er immediately denied her guess since she knew what the Xiantian Pill looked like.

Not only did he not die in the Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation, he did not die even after taking four hits from the gray-robed elder. Now that his life was at stake, after running for two hours, not only did he not die from blood loss, he even recovered a lot of injuries.

In Wang Xian'ers eyes, Zi Chen had become very mysterious.

As his injuries recovered, Zi Chen's speed became faster and faster, directly leaving the black-clothed man far behind. the Roc was chasing after Zi Chen but it could still barely catch up.

However, the people behind did not come for a long time. The Roc was extremely anxious and acted as if it was going to swoop down continuously but it did not dare to actually attack Zi Chen.

As its wings flapped, numerous gales were stirred up and continuously harassed Zi Chen. Under this gale, Zi Chen's had no choice but to slow down.

These damn beasts. Zi Chen scolded angrily, this Roc was really annoying. If it weren't for it, these people from the Wu Zong Sect wouldn't have been able to find him.

Wang Xian'er had already consumed a pill and was recovering from her injuries. Although she was not as fast as Zi Chen to recover, she had recovered more than half of her strength as she was being pulled by Zi Chen.

Just at this time, another Roc swooped down, its wings flapping continuously. Waves of violent winds swirled up and like a gigantic wind blade, it sliced towards Zi Chen.