Thunder Martial Chapter 97 - Love turned to Hatred

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The Roc spread its wings for tens of meters and each of its black feathers were like cold iron as they emitted an icy cold luster. It repeatedly cried out and called for its companions, causing the sun to be blotted out as they brought out large shadows on the ground.

Wu Zong's Sect reinforcements had finally arrived.

The last time they went to destroy the Ling Wu Sect, their losses were extremely heavy. Four Rocs, several of their Zhen Yuan Realm, and even quite a few of their Xiantian Realm experts had died.

When the black-clothed man went back to call for reinforcements, although he received an angry rebuke but they also guessed that what they were looking for might very well be in the hands of that young man.

After using some connections, a group of people already knew the name of this youth, Zi Chen.

So this time, just to be safe, they sent many Zhen Yuan Realm Experts, including many Xiantian Realms experts.

The Roc repeated screeched in the sky while blotting out the sun as several more Rocs appeared, dancing in the sky as they chased after Zi Chen.

This is really not the right time. Zi Chen let out a strange cry, turned his head again, and ran in another direction.

At the same time, many of the black-clothed men charged towards Zi Chen.

The roc opened its wings and released even more experts, wanting to surround Zi Chen.

Damn it. Zi Chen scolded angrily, he could only flee for his life but many people from the Wu Zong Sect had already surrounded him,

Who are you? Suddenly, an angry shout came from afar, Our Wu Zong Sect has something to do here. Everyone else, leave quickly.

The Wu Zong Sect.... such arrogance. This is the territory of Cloud City and not the territory of your Wu Zong Sect. Then, Wang Xian'ers voice rang out.

The people from the Wu Zong Sect had already seen that Wang Xian'er was not ordinary. Her red clothes was fluttering in the wind, like an immortal and her temperament was extraordinary. They did not want to make a move on her, so they said, This is an inside matter of our Wu Zong Sect. I hope that Miss can leave quickly so as to avoid hurting our relationship.

Wang Xian'er remained silent and hesitated.

It's her. When Zi Chen heard their conversation, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Wang Xian'er strength is very strong and as a genius of Zhen Yuan Realm, her fighting strength cannot be measured by common sense.

One is the Wu Zong Sect and the other is Cloud City. These two forces are evenly matched and can easily contend against each other. Zi Chen turned and directly rushed towards Wang Xian'er.

Lil 'Immortal, why are you still wasting words with them? These are the people that I told you about. They do all sorts of evil things. I never would have thought that they would come here. Zi Chen's body turned into a flash of lightning as he quickly rushed forward.

Wang Xian'er was startled. She didn't know that Zi Chen was talking to her.

As for the people from the Wu Zong Sect, they were on guard. There was only Wang Xian'er here and the only person Zi Chen could possibly speak to is her.

Everyone misunderstood, and Wang Xian'er also intended to explain You all...

Little deity, kill! There's no need to be polite with these evil people. Kill them. Don't hesitate A silver light flashed around his body and Zi Chen had already quickly moved forward, interrupting Wang Xian'ers words.

Zi Chen turned into silver light and struck an Xiantian Realm.

It's him. Catch him

They're in the same group. Attack.


Zi Chen's actions immediately led the crowd and in an instant, a battle broke out. Some attacked Zi Chen while others attacked Wang Xian'er.


Zi Chen threw out a punch which released a silver aura and was extremely powerful. In an instant, an Xiantian Realm was sent flying, Zi Chen's attack was just too powerful.

Go to hell, you trash. Our reinforcements will be here soon. Zi Chen's mouth was full of nonsense and he relied on his footwork to continuously dodge.

How long until our reinforcements arrive, little deity? Zi Chen was naturally thick skinned, he called Wang Xian'er a little deity and and even said our in a very intimate manner.

Do I know you well? Wang Xian'er was anxious and angry but at the same time, someone had already attacked her, she had no choice but to retaliate, as agile as an immortal. Without touching the ground, she stepped lightly on the branches of the trees and red light started to form around her.




In the blink of an eye, several experts were hit by the red light and were forced to retreat as their blood surged.

Little deity, you still refuse to acknowledge me? I admit that you're a little pretty and your tone is harsh, but like I said, we can still be friends. You can't get angry at me at a time like this, we have to join hands and destroy the enemy. Zi Chen's mouth was full of nonsense, it was simply a big mouth but in the moment of life and death, his mouth suddenly became very good.

Who wants to be friends with you? Wang Xian'er was furious, her breathing hastened, her chest heaved up and down and her proud twin peaks trembled, her attacks becoming even more powerful.

Very well, little deity. I admit that I am handsome and elegant. However, you cannot do this either. Emotions are things that you and I have to grow. You cannot force them. The sounds of explosion in the forest repeatedly rang but Zi Chen's mouth was not idle either.

You... Wang Xian'er was furious.

I admit that I am valiant and unordinary, and am naturally handsome. However, little deity, I can tell you this very clearly. You are also very beautiful and there will definitely be a lot of people who like you. Why are you still obsessed with me? Zi Chen's eyes became very melancholy, There is already someone in my heart.

Pah, I have taken a fancy to you? Dream on. Hurry up and make your move. Hurry up and kill this lecher. Oh, no, capture him and let me torture him. Wang Xian'er was infuriated. She had never suffered such injustice before, to actually be teased by a stranger.

Little deity, what's the point in doing this? Is this the reason for love and hatred? Zi Chen's eyes were gloomy but his attacks were sharp. Numerous Xiantian Realms were sent flying but his clothes were also tattered.

Ah... This is so infuriating. You lecher, I will definitely catch you with my own hands. Wang Xian'er was about to go crazy from anger, she said to the black-clothed men, Quickly go and capture him, attack him.

Fine, then come kill me. Little deity, I never would have thought that you would truly change from love to hatred. Everything was my fault. If you feel that my death will make it better, then just let me die. Zi Chen said gloomily.

Ah, I'm so pissed off. Wang Xian'er screamed in shock and almost collapsed.

However, before she could collapse, the black clothed person beside her first collapsed.

We don't care what had happened to you two, but please do this somewhere else.

Kill, kill without mercy!

Let these two couples go to hell to flirt with each other.

When the black-clothed men heard the sounds of fighting, they all rushed over. There were a large number of them, eight of them had Zhen Yuan Realm and more than a dozen of them had Xiantian Realm.

Hearing the black clothed man's words, Zi Chen laughed, his goal had been achieved.

Who is a couple with him? I don't know this lecher. Wang Xian'er is flustered and exasperated, her reputation had been completely ruined today.

You say that you don't know him but you two are clearly having a lovers argument. Do you think we're idiots? Kill us without mercy! With reinforcements coming, the man in black was very confident. His killing intent filled the air as he repeatedly attacked.

Ah, all of you deserve to die. Wang Xian'er was finally enraged, she went berserk, the red light around her body flickered, it filled the entire forest. The red light was like a spirit serpent as it shot out in all directions.





Red light flashed and the power was very strong. The spirit serpent exploded in front of everyone, creating a powerful force that sent some of the black-clothed men flying.

Little deity, not bad, I'll take care of them Zi Chen timely praised, following that, a black clothed man's head fell, blood spewed out from his neck.


At the same time, Zi Chen's figure flashed and rushed towards another black-clothed man.

Wang Xian'er had already gone berserk, attracting many experts while Zi Chen could only take the chance to hit them from the side. After a moment, he felt that it was enough, he forced one of the Xiantian Realms to retreat and immediately ran far away.

He ran! Someone exclaimed.

Chase after him. Send a few people after him and get the Roc to pay attention to that kid's movements. First take down this woman and catch her. I refuse to believe that kid won't return. A black-clothed man at the Zhen Yuan Realm said.

A total of eight black-clothed men surrounded and attacked Wang Xian'er together. She was injured before and had also chased after Zi Chen for a long time so her energy consumption was not small either. Now that she was surrounded, she didn't even have the time to swallow the medicinal Pills.

After a series of attacks, she spat out a mouthful of blood due to her previous injuries.

Haha, she's almost at her limit. Hurry up and attack. Grab her and force her to submit.

This brat is quite lucky to have a beauty like her pasted on him.

Everyone laughed coldly, they could already see that Wang Xian'ers emotions were unstable and they were purposely provoking her.


Wang Xian'er spat out another mouthful of blood. Her red dress was stained with blood, making it even more eye-catching.

Her figure was no longer light and agile. The injuries she had suffered previously flared up once again and her consumption was too great. The eight Zhen Yuan Realm experts attacked continuously and the Xiantian Realm experts launched sneak attacks too. She had no way of defending against them.

A sword light flashed past and a patch of red floated down. A corner of her clothes had already been cut off.

You lecher. Wang Xian'er gnashed her teeth, the hatred she had towards Zi Chen had reached a point where it was unable to be supplemented any further, and she wished that she could swallow him whole.


A ray of blade light streaked across and a cut appeared on Wang Xian'ers jade-like skin. Blood flowed out and she staggered backwards, retreating a few steps.

At this moment, everyone was surrounding her and she had nowhere to run.

As for Zi Chen, he had long since disappeared.

This damned fellow, he actually had the heart to leave me here. I am a great beauty Wang Xian'er felt extremely wronged. Her feelings were extremely complicated. She hated Zi Chen and felt wronged.

She had the urge to cry.

Zi Chen had just run out when he heard the sound of blood spitting out from Wang Xian'ers mouth. His body suddenly jerked as the sound of wind came from behind him, someone had caught up to him. Without hesitation, he continued to move forward.

She is a genius of Cloud City, she shouldn't be killed by a few trash, right? After rushing out of the encirclement, Zi Chen was running for his life but he didn't feel happy at all.

Right at this moment, a shout came out. This voice was uttered by Wang Xian'er, causing her body to tremble violently.

She is very strong, but she must have been injured before. Now, she has to fight one against eight, and even face the harassment from the Xiantian Experts. They also determined that we are related, so they wanted to use her to threaten me. Then the consequences...