Thunder Martial Chapter 96 - Chase

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The palm imprint carried a terrifying might as it enveloped a radius of tens of meters. With a loud bang, it descended, emitting a wave of aura.

The people from Cloud City all rushed towards Wang Xian'er as if they were flying, protecting her with their lives. However, Zi Chen was alone and his eyes revealed despair.

How could he, a mere True Qi Realm, withstand such an attack from an Imperial Sky Expert?

The trees exploded and wood shavings flew everywhere. The old man floated in the air, his expression was cold and his aura was like a mountain.

A glaring red light burst out from Wang Xian'ers body. Her eyes were bright and brilliant, extremely clear and streams of True Yuan surrounded her body's surface, blocking this strike.


The palm print finally landed on the ground. At this moment, the sounds of bones breaking and miserable screams rang out. The terrifying palm imprints had already annihilated countless people.

The Xiantian Experts bodies exploded upon contact.

Zi Chen felt the danger of death and with this palm, it was as though it is the might of the heavens, it was not something his small True Qi Realm could resist. At the moment, everyone was protecting Wang Xian'er, no one cared about him, what awaited him was death.


Right at this moment of life and death, Zi Chen's chest suddenly shook, and that round black disc suddenly emitted beams of black light, like water, it rushed towards Zi Chen's entire body and protected him in the center in an instant.


The palm print landed and the destructive aura completely exploded. The area with a radius of tens of meters turned into a vacuum, dead silent. The hundred year old forest disappeared and endless bits of wood flew into the air, no one could be seen on the ground.

Haha, genius of Cloud City, go to hell. The grey-clothed old man stood in the air, his eyes like lightning as he wildly laughed. At this moment, he felt that there was movement below him and then he saw a flash of red light.

Still not dead? The old man sneered. His aura surged again as his palm print descended. In an instant, three terrifying palm prints descended from the sky.




The palm imprint landed on the ground with a terrifying aura. The earth sank tens of meters deep into the ground and a clear five-fingered palm imprint appeared.

Let's see if you're still alive. The old man sneered. After four consecutive attacks, he was confident that everyone would die. However, he did not give up and prepared to make another two strikes.

You old bastard, die! Suddenly, a cold shout came from the horizon as Wang Zhenwei turned into a stream of light and chased after him.

Wang Zhenwei, wait for the day you die. This old man will leave but you must be careful. In the future, when a force offer a high price to take your life, we will take it. The grey-clothed old man laughed arrogantly before disappearing into the horizon.

The ground was deathly still, full of flesh and blood and there was no longer a complete body left.


Suddenly, a figure rushed out of the crater. It was a man with a face covered in dust. His clothes were tattered and he had traces of blood at the corner of his mouth.

So dangerous, so dangerous. He took out the black disc from his chest and looked at the complicated patterns on it. Zi Chen kissed it, he is able to escape from death all thanks to it.

What a pity, such a beauty died just like that. Zi Chen sighed in his heart, and lamented repeatedly.

Bang! Wang Xian'er appeared like an immortal goddess, her red clothes fluttering about, without a speck of dust at all. Her clothes fluttered, although she is still pretty, her face was a little haggard, with traces of blood at the corner of her mouth. It seemed that she was also injured.

You... you're not dead yet? When Wang Xian'er appeared and saw Zi Chen hugging a black disc and kissing it, she was immediately shocked. Her beautiful eyes widened, as if she was looking at a thousand-year old bastard.

It was already a miracle that he did not die in the Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation before and now, he did not die in the hands of the gray-robed old man who is in the Imperial Sky Realm.

After Zi Chen finished praising the black disc, he immediately turned and looked at Wang Xian'er, also startled. He did not expect she to still be alive, thus he continued to pout his lips, looking like he was about to kiss Wang Xian'er.

You... You're a lecher. Wang Xian'er was enraged, her jade-like face immediately blushed red, like a red apple, beautiful yet cute.

Misunderstanding, misunderstanding. Zi Chen returned back to normal and repeatedly explained. Afterwards, he put away his black disc, used the Nine Thunder Pass and turned into a silver light, ready to escape.

If he didn't run now, he will be captured again.

Just then, another sound rang out, and a middle-aged man wearing a set of armor jumped out. His body was covered in mud and his mouth and nose were filled with blood.

You're not dead? He saw Zi Chen first and felt a little dizzy as he said blurrily. Even though he wasn't dead, his life was already in danger.

Aren't you alive as well? Zi Chen rolled his eyes, he did not care about the other party, with a tap of his feet, he rushed out, transforming into a ray of lightning, running towards the forest.

You lecher, don't go. Wang Xian'er sprung up from the ground, her body floating in the air and with a light shout, she chased after Zi Chen.

After a few breaths, a sonic boom could be heard, then Wang Qiong, who was covered in green armor, appeared. He landed in the deep pit and saw the middle-aged man who was about to die.

How can this be? Wang Luo, how are you? Wang Qiong helped the middle-aged man up, his face full of concern.

An old man... Attack... They are all dead... That brat ran away...The second young miss went to chase after him... Wang Luo gasped for breath, his words were intermittent, even though Wang Qiong had grabbed a bunch of pills and placed them into his mouth, it was useless.

I can't take it anymore. Wang Luo shook his head with great difficulty, My entire abdomen is shattered. The only reason I'm still alive is because of my True Yuan.

Wang Luo's voice became much clearer, Second Miss was injured and went after that kid. That kid is weird and didn't get slapped to death. Miss might be in danger.

Don't say anymore. I bring you back for treatment, She doesn't care whether you live or die but you still care about her.

It's not like that. When young miss left, she had already given me pills and sent me a strand of True Yuan. Otherwise, I would have died a long time ago. She sneaked out, afraid that young master would punish her, so... It's just that she doesn't know about my injuries... I am also satisfied to be able to survive in the hands of the gray-robed old man for a while. Wang Luo's voice became lower and lower... Finally, there was silence.

Damned Heaven Killing Pavilion, damnable old fogey. I, Wang Qiong, will definitely pay a visit in the future. Wang Qiong's voice was ice-cold and contained an endless killing intent.

After a moment, Wang Zhenwei came over and shook his head, He got away run. At the critical moment, he used an escaping technique and lost some of his cultivation in exchange for speed.

Second Uncle, bury them first, I'll go chase after Xian'er. Wang Qiong stood up.

What? Xian`er is here too? Wang Zhenwei's expression changed.

Mm. She went to chase after that boy. That boy's really lucky. I'm afraid that Xian'er will be in danger. With that, Wang Qiong leaped up, a green light flickered around his body and after finding some clues, he began to chase after them.

Zi Chen continued to run in the forest, his body turning into lightning, his speed fast. In his heart, a steady flow of energy flowed into his body, quickly healing his wounds.

Behind him, Wang Xian'er seemed to have sped up and turned into a beam of red light, running between the branches without touching the ground at all, wanting to catch up to Zi Chen.

I say, why are you chasing me? It's not like we're in the same group. Didn't you see that the old man was going to kill me just now? Zi Chen explained as he ran. Luckily, Wang Xian'er was injured and her speed was greatly reduced, otherwise Zi Chen would have been caught a long time ago.

Since you are wrongly accused, why run away? Come with me to Cloud City, I will investigate this matter thoroughly. Wang Xian'ers body was light and nimble, her voice was crisp and pleasant to the ear but she was still relentlessly chasing after Zi Chen.

Zi Chen is not even at the Zhen Yuan Realm but he is able to survive the Thousand Illusion Sword formation and he could even withstand multiple attacks from the gray-robed elder without dying. Wang Xian'er garnered a huge amount of curiosity towards Zi Chen. Moreover, she had sneaked out this time. If she went back, she would definitely be punished. Only by bringing this strange fellow back would she be able to have an explanation.

If I go back with you, I won't be able to keep my little life. Zi Chen rolled his eyes and sped up.

The two chased each other at top speed.

During this period, Zi Chen hurriedly picked a few wild fruits, and started to eat with 'kacha, kacha' sounds. His mouth was filled with a sour taste and he had to eat them to replenish his energy.

Wang Xian'er was curious, her figure was light and agile, she extended her hand and plucked a fruit, then gently took a bite, but immediately after, she kept spitting out, her mouth was filled with bitterness and could not help but ask, How do I eat this thing?

You are the young miss of a huge family, of course you don't need to eat something like this. I am a poor boy, if I don't eat, I will starve to death. Zi Chen said in a bad mood but his speed did not decrease in the slightest. He tightly hugged the dried up bag to his chest.

There were Yuan Stones and Medicinal Pills inside.

The two sides chased each other for hundreds of kilometers. After another four hours, they both still hadn't given up.

I say, little lady, you must be crazy. Why are you chasing me? I didn't kill anyone and on the contrary, I even saved a whole village. Zi Chen's words were becoming more and more impolite because during this period of time, he had consumed quite a few Qi Restoration Pills and the amount of these things he has became lesser and lesser.

Hmph. You are disrespectful to me, and even if that is so, I cannot let you get away. Wang Xian'er wrinkled her nose and let out a light snort. Within the clear and pleasant voice, there was already anger.

You little girl, you're so naughty. Zi Chen was not courteous at all.

In the blink of an eye, another two hours had passed. Zi Chen had exhausted a great deal of his energy but the other party was still full of energy. Not only did she not exhaust herself, even her speed had increased.

Is she a monster? Does she also have a special heart? Zi Chen was shocked. If the other party was like him, able to quickly recover from her injuries and energy, then he would be captured

Furthermore, he had just called her by her name and he also said something rude so she would definitely not let him off lightly.

Zi Chen complained incessantly but is still unable to get rid of her.

Just as he was at a loss as to what to do, a shrill bird cry suddenly rang out in the air, followed by the whistling of the wind. A gigantic shadow appeared in the sky, blotting out the sun.

It was the cry of a Roc, and it was not just one. It was obviously the reinforcements from the Wu Zong Sect and Zi Chen could already hear the loud cries coming from the Roc's body.

Here, here.

Found him.

This sound continuously sounded out and the Roc flapped its wings as it started flying towards them. Waves of violent winds swirled in the air.

I can't be that unlucky, right? Why are they chasing me now? Zi Chen's face turned bitter, he did not know what to do.