Thunder Martial Chapter 95 - Caught by a Beauty

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Running out of the canyon, Zi Chen reached a huge mountain forest with towering hundred-year -old trees that could be seen everywhere.

Zi Chen rushed into the forest and ran like his life depended on it. He was sure that the old man in the carriage did not die and was waiting to strike a killing blow for Wang Qiong. Thus, in this period of time, it was better for him to run as far away as possible.

The wind screamed past his ears as Zi Chen turned into lightning and rushed into the dense forest. He did not know how strong the old man was but he was confident that he would be able to kill the number one genius of Cloud City.

A cold shout came behind him from time to time. The experts were approaching, and Wang Qiong's people were chasing after him, treating him as if he is someone of the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

Stop chasing me, I'm not from the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

Misunderstanding, this is a huge misunderstanding.

Zi Chen unceasingly ran with a very fast speed. At the same time, he shouted out loud to defend himself.

Little thief, who would believe your words? If you have the ability, then stop.

You didn't learn well at such a young age but you actually learned to be a killer and commit evil. I won't forgive you.

An angry shout came from behind.

Damn it, I'm not one of them. I was just kidnapped by them. Zi Chen complained incessantly, but fortunately, he was fast enough.

Hmph, go trick a ghost. It was the Zhen Yuan Realm expert who replied. This kind of person was someone Zi Chen could never hope to defeat, the difference was two great, with two whole realms between them, Zi Chen could only frantically flee for his life.

Look at how handsome and elegant I am, then look at those Heaven Killing Pavilion, which one of them isn't ordinary? You can even tell by their looks. Zi Chen ran as fast as he could, flashing across the dense forest with lightning speed.

Bullsh*t. Stop being so narcissistic. We've been observing you for a long time. You two are in the same group. As the Zhen Yuan Realm experts got closer and closer, their speed actually increased a little compared to Zi Chen.

That was a misunderstanding. Zi Chen screamed as he swallowed a Qi Restoration Pill. His speed increased once again and in the recent period of time, his Nine Thunder Pass had made great progress and he had reached a whole new level. Otherwise, he would have already been caught by the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Hehe, even the Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation wasn't able to kill you. Finally, I can see a living person. It seems like Big Brother has had his moment of miscalculation. At this time, a light laugh sounded out

A red light flashed and a figure appeared in front of him. It was a young woman about eighteen or nineteen years old, with a jade-like face, slender stature, slim waist, straight legs and red clothes fluttering in the wind.

Without touching the ground, she stood between the treetops. Her clothes fluttered like a dancing fairy with a mocking smile on her jade-like face.

This was a beauty, a beauty that can tople counties. Zi Chen felt a ripple in his mental state but that was all because in the next moment, this beauty's body was releasing a terrifying aura, this aura far surpassed the average Zhen Yuan Realm. It was obvious that she isn't in the early stages of the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Cloud City's second genius, Wang Xian'er. The beautiful woman blocked his way as Zi Chen suddenly stopped in his tracks and exclaimed in shock.

To recognize me with a single glance, how dare you claim that you are innocent? It sounded like an oriole coming out of a valley. The sound was crisp and pleasant but there was a chill spreading through the air.

Zi Chen felt like slapping himself twice and quickly said, It's a misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding. I was just quick with my words, I've heard of this lady's name before.

Zi Chen heard the sound of wind whistling from behind him. He could not stay here for long, so after he finished speaking, he turned into lightning and ran towards the other side.

Since it's an injustice, why run away? Wang Xian'ers clothes were fluttering, her figure was elegant and graceful, like an ethereal goddess, she floated over and blocked in front of Zi Chen.

I'm afraid that you guys will kill me before I can even say anything. Zi Chen's figure flashed again, using the Nine Thunder Pass to attempt to escape.

Wang Xian'er scoffed lightly, You still dare to quibble? Your Heaven Killing Pavilion is evil to the extreme, you won't even let ordinary people off, just to harm us siblings, against people like you, how can we possibly let you off?

Her words were filled with killing intent, it was obvious that the little beauty hated the people of Heaven Killing Pavilion and she hated them as if they had killed her father.

It's a misunderstanding, it's the first time I've heard of the Heaven Killing Pavilion. Their appearances are ordinary, just like a mortal. Zi Chen's figure continuously flashed, he rushed forward from left to right, the lightning around his body surging forth, wanting to rush out.

However, Wang Xian'er was like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world, her figure was graceful, her steps were light and graceful, she moved a little and blocked Zi Chen's way. The gap between her and Zi Chen was two whole realms apart. She is a genius, Zi Chen could do nothing about it.

Damn you, you lecher. You've killed countless people yet you still dare to speak such frivolous words. Die. Wang Xian'er shouted lightly, her slender jade-like finger pointed out and in that instant, a red light appeared like a spirit serpent, illuminating the entire mountain forest.

Ah, you're serious? I'm truly wronged. Zi Chen let out a strange cry and silver light formed on his fingers. A thick bolt of lightning appeared, bringing with it rolling thunder that rumbled loudly.


The red light shone like a spirit serpent, it released out rays of light with unparalleled might towards the lightning and instantly, the lightning shattered and Zi Chen is blown backwards.

However, Wang Xian'ers speed was even faster and her beautiful eyes continuously flashed, as if she was a little surprised. She blocked Zi Chen first, and then, with a slight flick of her finger, a red light appeared.

Ahh! Zi Chen bellowed, he roared and rushed forward, his eyes shining like stars, his fists clenched, the silver light shining even more dazzling, like a tyrannical demon beast, he punched out.


His fist could break the body of an Xiantian Expert but when facing against a genius at the Zhen Yuan Realm, he was much weaker. The silver light on his fists exploded, causing Zi Chen to fly backwards as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


In the next moment, Zi Chen landed on the ground but following that, a few weapons flashed with a cold light, with a speed that was as fast as lightning, they struck at his neck.

Don't kill him. Killing this kind of evil person on the spot is really letting him off easy. Bring him back to Cloud City and parade him through the streets. Wang Xian'ers figure flashed and landed, with a graceful posture, he easily subdued Zi Chen in two strikes.

Yes Ma'am!

A group of experts rushed over and bowed respectfully, then picked up Zi Chen.

Blood dripped from the corner of Zi Chen's mouth. After being defeated by a young lady in two moves, he finally understood the disparity between a genius and himself. Standing up, he glared at Wang Xian'er fiercely.

Boy, close your dog's eyes. Can an inhumane person like you look at the face of our young lady? Be careful, I might dig out your eyes. At the side, the expert from Zhen Yuan Realm said coldly, Go back and break his bones, and then parade him through the streets, in case he suddenly goes crazy and injure ordinary people.

Hmph. You can't differentiate between good and bad and you can even grab the wrong person. Your dogsh*t genius lady, in my opinion, she's just a little girl. Zi Chen had no power or influence and at the moment, he was even branded with the reputation of an evil being.

You... You dare. The Zhen Yuan Realm Expert was furious. He extended his hand, wanting to give Zi Chen a slap.

Wait. Wang Xian'er's face turned ashened. Gritting her teeth tightly, her red lips rose up as she said, You said that I wronged you. How can you say that you're not here with them?

We came together, that's right, but I was threatened along the way. You guys just randomly killed people. From what I saw, you're quite pretty. I didn't expect you to be a person with a big chest and no brains. Zi Chen scoffed, he was already ready to throw caution to the wind.

Damn brat, you're courting death. The Zhen Yuan Realm Expert was enraged, his aura surging as his spirit energy surged. He was about to strike at Zi Chen's head.

A ray of red light appeared, coiling around Zhen Yuan Realm Expert's arm like a snake. He later shook his head and retracted his hand, Second Miss, you are pure and kind, please do not be fooled by him.

With just his little girl's thin skin, Wang Xian'ers lungs was about to explode, but she could not let her anger take over. Furthermore, she saw that this young man's strength was average but his footwork technique was profound and he was even able to unleash lightning bolts. He could be considered a genius so the Heaven Killing Pavilion did not need to let him out.

Take him back first and interrogate him slowly. Wang Xian'er clenched her teeth and said.

Yes Ma'am!

The few of them fiercely glared at Zi Chen, as if to say that your fate was indeed good and then they carried Zi Chen and walked towards the Canyon

Right at this moment, a terrifying pressure descended from the sky and an overwhelming aura wreaked havoc in the world. A gale appeared in the sky and the forest constantly swayed. A huge crack appeared in the sky and the grey-robed elder stood in mid-air.

He was covered in blood and many wounds appeared on his gray clothes like raindrops. His spirit was sluggish but his aura was enormous.

Flying in the air? He can actually fly? Looking at the old man, Zi Chen was shocked. He never thought that there would be a cultivator that could fly, flying high in the sky like a big bird that could reach the heavens and earth.

When he saw Zi Chen squinted his eyes, he said coldly, Brat, so many people have died and you are still alive and you, little girl, since I am unable to kill your brother, killing you is the same as well.

As the sound of his voice faded, the old man's aura changed once again. Like a mountain, he gave off a majestic atmosphere. When he raised his hand, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth surged.


The palm print descended and its aura surged with an unparalleled power. The trees below were unable to withstand this aura and they all exploded into wood splinters.

Protect Second Miss. Everyone abandoned Zi Chen and their aura around their body surged, rushing towards Wang Xian'er.

The overbearing pressure was like a mountain pressing down on top of his head. Zi Chen could not bear it and sat down on the ground. His expression changed drastically and his eyes were filled with despair.


The hundred-year-old tree was tough yet it still exploded. The splinters were like a concealed weapon, rapidly approaching them.


The palm print covered the sky and the earth. Its power was peerless. It could destroy the heavens and earth.