Thunder Martial Chapter 94 - Battle of Imperial Sky Experts

In the massive canyon, the wind blew. Although it looked calm and erratic, there was a supreme killing formation. A slaughter was going on.

At this time, Zi Chen had four wounds on his body, blood was flowing down and his heart had emitted out endless supply of energy.

The Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation is an offensive Yuan Formation. It was extremely powerful and was famous in Cloud City. It was said that once this formation was set up, anyone who entered would not be able to live.

The group had the strength of Zhen Yuan Realm, so it could be said that they were exceptionally strong. However, inside the formation, the bearded man and the rest did not even have the chance to attack the Yuan Formation, they could only passively defend.

With the activation of the formation its power would become stronger and the sword light would become sharper and sharper, until all life fell but the consumption was also huge, and Yuan Stones were being consumed at all times.

Zi Chen though he would die for sure and despair rose in his heart but he still persevered on. He would not give up until the very last moment.

You're not f*cking dead yet?

Zi Chen was almost unable to hold on and the other three people were almost unable to hold on as well. When one of them saw that Zi Chen was only injured and was still alive, he could not take it any longer and cursed angrily.

Another person had died.

Don't talk! Another expert raised his voice and roared. His body exploded with boundless energy, wanting to shatter the surrounding sword lights. However, before he could attack, dozens of sword lights flew over and broke his defenses.




Countless sword lights pierced through him. In the blink of an eye, he no longer looked like a human being.

As the number of people dwindled, the number of sword lights they would encounter would increase.

At this moment, there were only two people left. Zi Chen cried out incessantly as the number of wounds on his body increased and he felt like he had reached the end of his life. If not for his special heart, he would have died several times already.

Just then, the bearded man who was still holding on turned his head suddenly and looked at Zi Chen with a pair of ice cold eyes.

I, a dignified elder of a Heaven Killing Pavilion am actually going to die here. Even if I am going to die, we will die together The bearded man's eyes were determined, his body exuded killing intent, his Zhen Yuan aura churned up and he suddenly pounced towards Zi Chen.


The sword lights blotted out the sky and covered the earth, bringing along with it a boundless killing intent. It covered the entire Formation and was airtight, just like an inescapable net. It completely occupied the Formation as countless sword glows rushed towards the two of them.

In that moment of shock, everything came to an end as Zi Chen and the bearded man fell one after another.

Within the Thousand Illusion Swords Formation, it was silent. Fresh blood flowed all over, forming a small river that no longer had any signs of life.





Outside of the Thousand Illusion Swords Formation, Low grade Yuan Stones continuously exploded after consuming all of their energy.

Space distorted everything returned to normal. Within the canyon, corpses were displayed and blood filled the air. Broken limbs could be seen everywhere. Outside the canyon, a group of people slowly walked over.

He was the number one genius of Cloud City, Wang Qiong, the proud son of heaven of Cloud City. He wore green armor and shone brilliantly, giving off a heroic aura as he walked

He was simply too outstanding, to the point that the people behind him became mere foils.

He raised his head and looked at the canyon in front of him. His eyes were as deep as the ocean.

He looked at front canyon with pupils which is as profound as the sea, and said, The Heaven Killing Pavilion does all kinds of evil and is despicable enough to kill mortals. If you see anyone still alive, kill without mercy

His voice was ice-cold, like the ice of the highest heavens. The dense killing intent seeped into his bones. It was obvious that he despised evil.

Yes sir! Behind him, the crowd replied respectfully.


Right at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared among the numerous corpses. This person was covered in blood and jumped out from the pile of corpses. He stepped on the ground and a bright, silver light shot out like a bolt of lightning.


The sudden scene caused everyone to be startled, even Wang Qiong, a hint of surprise appeared in his pitch-black eyes.

I'm blind, am I seeing things? The one who just escaped is actually a little fellow with True Qi Realm?

You didn't see wrong, I saw it too.

Your eyes aren't blind, you guys are not mistaken, that guy really is in the True Qi Realm and he's not that old either.

The Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation was extremely powerful. Even the Zhen Yuan Realm Experts had died but a small True Qi Realm was still alive. Who would dare believe this?

Chase after him. Leave no one alive Wang Qiong, who was despise evil spoke coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Behind him, many armored men followed quickly. Among them, there was actually an existence of Zhen Yuan Realm.

In the blink of an eye, everyone disappeared from the canyon.

There was only Wang Qiong and a middle-aged man left.

The two of them looked at the corpse on the ground. Their eyes were cold and emotionless.

The matter of the villages being massacred, they already knew and grasped reliable information so they especially waited here. A Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation, which cost four Low grade Yuan Stone had already eliminated four of their Zhen Yuan experts and fifteen Xiantian Experts.

The two of them stood silently in front of the corpse, waiting for everyone to return.

The horses were dead and the goods were scattered on the ground. Blood was all over the place and the last carriage had been destroyed. Wood pieces fell to the ground and formed a pile of wood.


Suddenly, many wood shavings swirled in the air. They were like sharp swords that were floating in the air and exuding a brilliant light.





A sonic boom sounded out as countless of wood shavings turned into sharp swords, like the Thousand Illusory Sword Formation, they shot towards Wang Qiong.

What guts. So there is actually one more. Wang Qiong's face did not change, he remained indifferent and even had a smile on his face. His entire body was releasing green light, his aura was surging, stirring up the space around him, he did not move and the wood shavings that were flying towards him suddenly stopped when they were three metres in front of him.

The light on the wood shavings dimmed, and soon after, it fell to the ground.


Right at this moment, a sword hum sounded out and a sharp longsword pierced through the air, carrying a dense killing intent.

Wang Qiong's body was covered in armor, the green light shone brightly, facing the sharp sword, his expression did not change and the light on his finger flickered, shooting towards the sword.


He pointed his finger at the sword and once the green light touched the sword, it slowed down the speed of the sword but Wang Qiong was still hit, causing the sounds of metals clashing. Wang Qiong's figure quickly retreated backwards, the green light around his body constantly flickering, the strange colors fluctuated but he was still as valiant as before.

In front of him, a grey-clothed old man appeared in a flash. The old man stood in the air and his aura overflowed into the heavens.

What a Wang Qiong. As expected of the number one genius of Cloud City. Our Heaven Killing Pavilion's schemes can be considered to not be wasted. The old man's eyes were like lightning as he looked straight at Wang Qiong



Wang Qiong's expression did not change, his expression was calm but the green armor on his body released a cracking sound and cracks spread out like a spider web.

You old bastard, die!

Suddenly, an explosive shout rang out and following that, a berserk aura appeared like raging flames. The entire world became red as rays of red light descended down. Every single red light was like a sharp sword qi.

The world had changed drastically. The old man's face darkened and he was surprised. The sword in his hand began to emit a resplendent glow like the autumn water. The light was extremely bright as it shot towards the red light. [Search up Autumn Water on google to understand what it looks like. I don't really know how to describe it]




Sounds of explosions resounded in the air as the autumn water collided with the red light, filling the entire sky. Boundless energy wreaked havoc in the air, distorting the surrounding space.

This was a battle between two experts.


The grey-robed old man's body suddenly descended as a sword light flashed in midair. His sword retreated and at this moment, there were quite a few small holes on his grey clothes. They looked like they had been cut by a sword and blood was flowing out from them.

At the place where the grey-clothed old man stood before, a middle-aged man stood there. He was like a mountain, his aura was grand and like a giant, he was domineering as he looked down at the old man below, like a king looking down at an ant.

It's you, Wang Zhenwei. The grey-robed old man's face changed drastically.

Wang Zhenwei, the commander of Cloud City who had exceptionally terrifying strength of the Imperial Sky Realm. It was said that he was the second strongest warrior in Cloud City, only second to Cloud City's City Lord.

Wang Qiong stood in the distance, a crack appeared on his green armor like a spider web but he is extremely calm and even has a smirk on his face.

You still dare to play tricks in my Cloud City? F*ck you, I will turn you into a ghost today Wang Zhenwei's voice was cold and filled with killing intent.

Red light once again flashed. It was like a fiery cloud at dusk, dyeing half of the sky red. The myriad of red light descended like rain.

Damn it, such a meticulous plan has been destroyed, could it be that our Heaven Killing Pavilion has a spy? The grey-robed old man's expressions kept changing. The longsword in his hand once again flew into the air. A light like the autumn water blossomed and he charged towards red light.

The red light flashed and hit the autumn water, its power was peerless and caused the autumn water light to dissipated. Following that, red light condensed in the air, forming a great sword in the sky. The sword light was like a flame as it pressed down towards the old man.

The old man's sword glowed brilliantly, wanting to block it. However, in the midst of a cracking sound, the sword broke into pieces.

The grey robed elder spat out a mouthful of blood, his expression changed, the sword he had refined with his own hands had shattered just like that. Wang Zhenwei's power was truly worthy of his reputation.

As the sword light flashed past, the old man's sleeve was cut off. The old man was in a very sorry state. Although he had dodged this sword attack, the sharp sword intent had injured his abdomen and needed to be treated with care.

The monk can run away but the temple won't run with him. Wang Zhenwei, just you wait, for shame of today, in the future, my Heaven Killing Pavilion will return it tenfold. The grey robed elder left behind these fierce words. He suddenly broke through the air and flew into the distance, unexpectedly running away.

Trying to run? Did you ask if I agree? Wang Zhenwei stood in the air, motionless from start to end, his aura like a mountain. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and a large sword condensed from energy appeared.


The grey robed old man let out a miserable scream and coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood. The grey robed old man moved even faster and disappeared in the blink of an eye.