Thunder Martial Chapter 93 - Thousand Illusion Sword Formation

There were several hundred sword lights in the air. They were dazzling, cold, and filled with killing intent. No one knew how they appeared but once they appeared, they started attacking the group.




The three Zhen Yuan Realm experts all made their moves at the same time as their spirit energy surged violently. Terrifying attacks continuously appeared and the entire space trembled from the attacks.

These longswords were all formed from spirit energy. Although they weren't real, they were very powerful.


Fifteen people drew their swords, their feet flashing with extraordinary speed, dodging the attacks of the sword lights. They used the same attack sword technique, just like a poisonous snake, flying towards the incoming sword lights, with tricky angles and sharp and ruthless angles.

Their attacks were vicious and decisive. One strike was enough to shatter a sword light. However, there were too many of them and they were hard to guard against.


A strong aura surged, Xiantian Qi continued to flow and in that instant, dozens of sword lights dissipated but there were still more sword lights rushing over with cold killing intent that penetrates to the bone.




The sword lights quickly flashed. Among them, three of the Xiantian Experts had their bodies pierced by dozens of sharp swords lights. Their life force dissipated and they fell to the ground. Their strong Xiantian Qi couldn't protect them.

That's the same move as that guy. Behind him, Zi Chen relied on thunder and lightning to dodge the attacks, but when he saw the fifteen people attacking, his eyes became extremely cold, he could already recognize that they were all using the same sword technique as the masked man.

They were in the same group. All of his guesses had come true.

Out of the fifteen Xiantian Realm experts, only twelve remained. The horses that were pulling the carriage all died under the sword lights, blood flowing out from them, none of them escaped, the goods on the carriage fell to the ground, it was just ordinary food, it was not worth it for so many experts to escort it, they definitely had other plans.

The bearded man jumped onto the carriage to block all the swords attacks. The instant he attacked just now, Zi Chen could sense that his strength was actually at the Zhen Yuan Realm as well.

Amongst the nineteen, there were actually four Zhen Yuan Realms and fifteen Xiantian Realms. Three people had died in one wave of attack yet no one had seen who the enemy was. This was very sad.

Be careful, the enemy might be hiding in the dark.

Be careful of your surroundings.

The group spoke softly, no one cared about Zi Chen, whether he lived or died, they could only leave it up to fate.

But soon after, another change occurred. The space in the canyon distorted once again and after that, a ruthless sword intent appeared. A terrifying pressure bore down on everyone, causing their hearts to tremble.

From all directions, rays of resplendent light appeared. Each ray of light was a sword, emitting a piercing brilliance. This time, there were thousands of sword lights that appeared out of thin air. They carried a substantial amount of energy as they charged towards the group.

Not good, this is the Wang Clan's Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation. Seeing the sword light coming from all directions, the bearded man's facial expression changed instantly as he exclaimed, The Wang family has found us, We have a traitor here

Everyone's eyes, all turned to look at Zi Chen, their gazes cold and ruthless. However, he was currently dodging those sword lights so there was no time to pay attention to them.

Zi Chen's body turned into silver light, like a bolt of lightning, flying back and forth in the midst of the sword aura, his speed was extremely fast.




Countless sword lights brushed past the corner of Zi Chen's clothes and rushed forward. Zi Chen was like an agile dancer, dancing in an agile dance with the steps of death, one wrong move and his life would be over.

Let's block these sword lights first. Dammit, they actually set up a Formation here to block us. It seems like they were already prepared. The bearded man let out an angry roar and his body suddenly exploded. An incomparable energy surged from his body as he charged forward with a terrifying might.


Quite a number of the sword lights were shattered, turning into energy that dissipated. However, even more sword light whizzed past.




This time, even more Xiantian Experts died. Facing the numerous sword lights coming from all directions, they could not avoid the attacks and could only be pierced by other sword lights.

You people of the Heaven Killing Pavilion dared to start a massacre in the vicinity of Cloud City. Today is the day you all die, in the future, I, Wang Qiong, will also go to the Heaven Killing Pavilion to experience it. Outside of the Formation, a cold voice rang.

Hearing that the voice was actually from the number one genius of Cloud City, Zi Chen was shocked, this master had truly come and unconsciously, he looked at the horse carriage guarded by the big bearded man, there was no sound at all, as though the old man had already died.

At the moment, Zi Chen's life was not safe, hearing the other party's tone, even he himself might be killed so he could not care about the life and death of others and has to preserve his own life first.

His footwork flickered as he dodged the myriad of sword lights, each time, he stepped on the edge of the line of death.

The Thousand Illusionary Sword Formation was extremely powerful. It was known as the Killing Yuan Formation. Once it was used, its power would be peerless. Countless sword lights would appear, blotting out the sky and covering the earth, and killing intent would pervade the air.




Another few Xiantian Experts were unable to avoid the sword light and died.

In this sword light, there was nowhere for them to hide, nowhere for them to escape. They could only wait for their deaths.

Seventh brother, Eighth brother... The mournful cries rang unceasingly as the Xiantian Experts fell one after another.

The sky was filled with sword lights. There was no open space inside the Formation. They were surrounded by the sword lights and each of the sword lights are extremely powerful. They covered the sky and earth like an inescapable net.


Zi Chen waved his fist covered in silver light. Silver light wreaked havoc, lightning snakes swam about and when he was unable to avoid the sword lights, he broke a few of them. He is currently safe but his black clothes were tattered as they were torn pieces but they were still hanging on his body.


The bearded man was forced back several steps and all of the sword lights landed on the carriage. With a loud bang, the carriage collapsed. The old man inside didn't make any sound, it seemed like he was already dead.

Damned traitor, it's you. It must be you! One of the Xiantian Realm experts turned his head. Seeing that Zi Chen was still unharmed and with eyes spitting fire, he actually gave up on the sword light and charged towards Zi Chen.

Idiot, what do you mean it's me? Zi Chen cursed and with a tap of his feet, he dodged to the side in a flash of silver light.




A series of light sounds rang out. From where he had been standing, there were at least a few dozen sword lights that pierced into the expert's body. The latter was knocked away by the huge impact of the sword light and his life force dissipated.

You're still hiding it. If it isn't you, who else would it be? During this period of time, another Xiantian expert had died. Sword light filled the sky, like a super big net. They could not avoid it, and would undoubtedly die.

The Thousand Illusion Sword's Formation was said to be unbreakable and in a short period of time, seven or eight had already died. Despair filled their hearts but they are incomparably vicious as they charged towards Zi Chen, wanting to pull him down with them.


Zi Chen bellowed, he did not hold back anymore and with a tap of his feet, after dodging the attack of the sword light, he directly threw a punch at the Xiantian Expert in front of him.


In an instant, another existence that had been pierced like a hedgehog appeared. During this period, Zi Chen had also received two sword strikes, one of them cut open his skin and the other almost pierced through his chest.

The power of the sword strike was too strong, even with Zi Chen's strong physique, he was unable to resist.

Kill, he must be the traitor, He betrayed us, Before we die, we must kill him The other Xiantian Realm experts who were lucky enough to not die also felt that they would not live for long and rushed towards Zi Chen.

'Traitor? With you trashy people, is there a need to sell you out? One of your members is someone who would kill thousands of innocent people. He committed all sorts of crimes and was miserable to the extreme. He hasn't done a single good thing and only committed evils, he deserved to die' Zi Chen thought in his heart as he continued to dodge the sword lights. The current him did not need to kill them and waste his energy, he just had to dodge the sword lights and remain his silence. As long as he did not die, the sword lights would fill the entire sky and they would eventually die

The four Zhen Yuan Realm experts were continuously resisting. The power of this formation was simply too strong, and even they were somewhat unable to do anything about it.


A sword light pierced through one of the Xiantian experts heart, Zi Chen had successfully exhausted one person to death.

I want you dead, you little thing. Another person came over with a sword.

Zi Chen's feet pushed off and he ran past them once again. He was hit by two sword lights but following that, ten of them pierced through the Xiantian experts body and another one died.

Ah, rush over and kill him.

However, at this time, the might of the entire formation had increased once again and the might of the sword light had gained another level. Its speed was even faster and like a flash of lightning, it instantly exterminated the last three people.

At this moment, there were only five people left alive inside the dimensional formation, four Zhen Yuan Realm Experts and Zi Chen who is at the True Qi Realm.

Although many Xiantian experts had died, Zi Chen was still alive. This was simply a miracle.

Good boy, I've underestimated you. I didn't expect you to be so secretive. A cold light flashed in the bearded man's eyes as a series of fierce attacks appeared. Endless sword lights exploded but as the number of people decreased the sword lights became more and the power became stronger.


The void trembled as more sword lights flew over. They were even faster and even more powerful than before, moving as fast as lightning.


One Sword light after another was shattered by a Zhen Yuan expert. However, a sword light still pierced through his left shoulder. His body trembled as he slowed down and more sword lights flew over. The man was instantly pierced by the sword lights into a sieve.

Numerous bloody holes had appeared on his body and he was bleeding profusely.


An expert of Zhen Yuan Realm had died just like that.

Zi Chen's heart shook as he saw this. Even an expert at the Zhen Yuan Realm was dead and yet he was still preserving on with his mere True Qi Realm. He unceasingly used the Nine Thunder Pass and at the same time, Zi Chen had also swallowed a Qi Restoration Pill.

This was a death trap. There was no way to solve it so he could only wait here for his death.