Thunder Martial Chapter 92 - Conspiracy

After spending a few days with them, Zi Chen finally realized how childish his previous thoughts were. Merely following them for two days and seeing that they didn't have any abnormalities, he thought that they were just an ordinary mercenary group.

In fact, they were not ordinary at all, apart from their looks that is.

There were a total of eighteen people here and they were driving two large carriages that contained unknown goods. In addition, there was also a carriage that seemed to have a patient inside. The patient was currently being looked after by the bearded man.

The bearded man looked fierce and muscular. From time to time, the sound of an old man coughing came from the carriage, and according to the bearded man, they were heading to Cloud City to see a doctor.

However, who would bring fifteen Xiantian Realm experts and three Zhen Yuan Realm Experts to see a doctor? Furthermore, the bearded man was able to hire them so he was definitely not an ordinary person. Zi Chen was not able to see through his cultivation.

Everyone treated Zi Chen pretty well, there was food, drinks, meat and alcohol, he didn't need to do anything. Occasionally, there would be one or two people who would leisurely chat with him.

The appearances of the eighteen were all very ordinary and not one bit inconspicuous but Zi Chen had never dared to be careless.

Why isn't this Ol 'Nine back yet?

It's been more than ten days. Logically speaking, he should have returned by now.

In the past few days, Zi Chen had always heard these kinds of discussions but he didn't mind.

During the past few days, the only thing Zi Chen was dissatisfied about was that their speed was too slow. The Wu Zong members could catch up to them at any time, and with their speed being so slow, Zi Chen was very anxious but at this point, even if he wanted to run, he was unable to escape.

Kid, eat.

The bonfire was lit and the roasted meat, which was dressed like bamboo sticks had already turned golden in color. The oil fell onto the bonfire, creating crackling sounds.

What made Zi Chen extremely dissatisfied was speed and what made him satisfied was the food. The one who roasted the meat was a very skinny guy and he cooked very well, even from far away, the smell of roasted meat still filled the air. Zi Chen ate every day and he did not feel sick of it.

This... Seniors, I wonder what business do you have going to Cloud City? Everyone was eating in silence when Zi Chen suddenly said this.

No one paid any attention to him, not even looking at him.

Didn't I already tell you all about it? The big bearded man's rough voice sounded.

Zi Chen laughed awkwardly, and said: Oh, I almost forgot. Right, Clouds City is said to be one of seven main cities and its area is extremely big, there should be a lot of experts there right?

Just like that, the chatterbox opened. The middle-aged man from Zhen Yuan Realm who often chatted with Zi Chen also spoke up. Of course there are a lot, it's impossible to count the number of them. The True Qi Realm is just like cannon fodder there.

So many geniuses there?

The middle-aged man looked at Zi Chen and gave a faint smile, If you consider yourself to be a genius, then Clouds City has at least a hundred thousand geniuses just like you.

Zi Chen inhaled a breath of cold air. The middle-aged man meant that in Cloud City, there should be at least a hundred thousand people at his age that had reached the tenth layer of True Qi.

So many geniuses? Zi Chen was shocked.

Pfft! However, the moment he said that, a few people spat out what they had eaten.

All of them looked at Zi Chen as if he was a monster, and one of them laughed loudly, Brat, you can't really be thinking of yourself as a genius, right?

Aren't I? Zi Chen asked. In this period of time, they had never asked Zi Chen about his name nor where he had come from.

Bullsh*t. One of them said unrestrainedly: With a trash like you who still dares to claim to be a genius, the appearance of Cloud City's true genius will definitely scare you to death.

Zi Chen was not to be outdone, and said, No matter how much of a genius they are, I do not believe that they can reach the Zhen Yuan Realm at my age.

Zi Chen's words attracted all the despised gazes.

The number one genius of Cloud City, Wang Qiong has already reached the Zhen Yuan Realm at 19 years old. On the second day, Wang Xian'er has also reached the Zhen Yuan Realm at 18 and a half years old. The man looked at Zi Chen complacently and said, You're already so old yet you haven't even reached the Xiantian Realm at your age of 20. You're really a toad in the well, wondering how high the sky is

What, nineteen years old Zhen Yuan Realm expert? Zi Chen was shocked and did not care about the ridicule from others.

According to his normal age, Zi Chen was already nineteen this year and was close to twenty. However, he was not yet at Xiantian Realm yet the other party had already reached the Zhen Yuan Realm.

The gap between the two could be said to be extremely enormous, comparable to the distance between heaven and earth.

No, you're lying. Zi Chen suddenly said, Then why is number one genius not the 18 and a half year old?

Idiot. That's because Wang Xian'er is Wang Qiong's blood sister, there's no need to fight with your own brother.

Although Wang Xian'er declared to the outside world that she broke through at the age of nineteen, some people still heard that her potential is even greater than her brother's. She was directly hidden by the City Lord.

Hidden by the City Lord? Is the city lord a man? Zi Chen suddenly asked.

What do you think? Everyone looked at Zi Chen with contempt,

Zi Chen was embarrassed.

Zi Chen did not ask anymore as he was currently feeling inferior. The man then continued, Those two siblings are very talented and powerful but they have a weakness, they like to meddle in other people's business and fight for injustice. They have nothing better to do otherwise

That is a good thing. Zi Chen muttered to himself.

For such a weakness, once they find out about it, then.... The man kept talking, as if he was addicted.

Eighth Brother, go check if there are any dangers around here. Suddenly, an indifferent voice sounded, interrupting the man's words


Eighth brother reacted, he immediately shut his mouth, fiercely glared at Zi Chen, and turned to leave.

After Ol 'Eight left, the place fell into silence and only the crackling sound of the bonfire could be heard.

The next morning, after a quiet night, everyone finished their meal and continued on their way.

Why is Ol'nine not back yet? The same question.

Has he gotten addicted to killing people? Didn't we say to hurry up? Another person said.

Zi Chen had been indifferent before but after hearing the two of them talking, a human figure suddenly appeared in his mind.

Could he be Ninth? Zi Chen's heart quivered.

It was a pity that he didn't see the masked man's true face that day. Suddenly, Zi Chen saw that their weapons were both swords and it is very similar to the masked man's weapons.

Could it be that they are ordering the masked men to kill the villagers? But why? Zi Chen's expression was not very natural.

Along the way, no one paid any attention to Zi Chen, he was just a passerby and because no one cared about him, they did not outcast him.

Did anything happen to Ol 'Nine?

Impossible, what can a bunch of ants do to Ol'Nine? He definitely didn't have enough fun yet so he must be continuing

Zi Chen was shocked upon hearing this, a ball of fire was ignited in his heart, he did not expect that the masked man had accomplices and that they were all extremely cruel fellows.

Zi Chen's heart was in a mess, the masked man was in cahoots with them and they were all gathered together. These people were definitely existences that could kill easily, leaving him to deliver the letter, was clearly just sending himself to his death.

He wanted to leave but he felt that something was wrong. It was as if there was a poisonous snake hiding in the darkness, ready to kill him at any moment.

Zi Chen remained calm and observed the situation, preparing to leave anytime.

On the second day, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed through Zi Chen's mind, as if he understood why they had done this.

That day, Ol 'Eight was stopped halfway through his words. Zi Chen seemed to be able to guess what he meant after thinking about it for two days, Seize hold of this weakness, deliberately find some things to lure them out and we'll be able to kill them.

Their target is those two siblings. Zi Chen was shocked, these people were so daring, they even dared to touch the children of Cloud City's City Lord, they had the guts of a leopard.

No, that's not right. Those two siblings are at the Zhen Yuan Realm and they are also publicly recognized as geniuses. Their strength is naturally strong so how can they rely on these trash? Zi Chen rejected this conjecture in his heart.

Suddenly, his gaze turned towards the carriage.

Could it be that the one in the carriage is the strongest one, an existence that has far surpassed Zhen Yuan Realm? Zi Chen's heart instantly went cold and he felt that the air he breathed in had a ghastly chill.

If that was the case, he would definitely die. Furthermore, under these circumstances, he didn't even dare to run.

I hope these siblings won't come out, or else they'll be finished. This was a meticulously calculated plan that was set up to target the Wang siblings. Once they appeared, Zi Chen guessed that they would definitely kill them in one hit.

Zi Chen absent-mindedly followed behind them.

A few days later, everyone was almost at Cloud City, the previously peaceful atmosphere had become much more tense. Zi Chen hadn't had a chance to escape in the past few days and prayed that the Wu Zong's people would catch up as well.

After we pass through this canyon, we will reach Cloud City. The bearded man who rarely spoke said to Zi Chen.

The atmosphere was tense to the extreme as everyone walked towards the canyon.

There was a steep canyon on both sides of the valley, but it was very spacious. There was no need to worry about the rolling stones above as the canyon was quiet and serene, the breeze in the air brought with it a slight chill. Everyone walked very slowly and carefully, guarding their surroundings.


The sky and the earth changed and space began to tremble and distort. Then, sword lights began to appear one after another, bringing with them a cold chill and boundless killing intent. They all rushed towards the crowd.

Be careful, there's an ambush. The bearded man let out an explosive shout as his body radiated rays of light. Streams of elemental energy surrounded his body as a powerful aura exploded forth. He raised his hand and struck out towards the sword light.


The sword light was sharp and it's killing intent was boundless. However, when it faced the bearded man's attack, it suddenly exploded. In an instant, more than ten swords shattered.