Thunder Martial Chapter 91 - Unusual Group

Even if the masked man was crippled, he would still have a strong life force. He lasted for a full two hours before being killed. He died miserably without a complete corpse, not even a bone the size of a palm was left behind.

This animal actually caused the death of so many people, it's a sinner and deserves death

Ahh, the heavens are unfair. This animal killed so many people. Why is it only his life that's going to be repaid?

Fellow villagers in heaven, please rest in peace. We have already avenged you.

After the punishment was done, the small village became desolate. A dense sense of sorrow emerged and a light rain began to fall from the sky. It was as if the rain was trying to speak up for these ordinary people.

Human lives were like grass and is easily destroyed

Speaking of the previous village, many of the villagers were sighing endlessly. Some of them even began to shed tears. Those villages all had relatives.

Originally, the village was filled with joy, but today, it was filled with sadness and desolation.

Zi Chen, the benefactor who saved their life is naturally not forgotten about

They wanted to allow Zi Chen to have a good meal so they plan to kill some sheep and pigs

Thank you, there's really no need for that. I still have urgent matters to attend to, so I'm leaving. Zi Chen helped others solve their danger but no one helped him. There were even people chasing after him.

Young hero, you are the savior of our Clear Water Village. No matter what, you must eat a full meal today. The villagers kept urging him to stay.

I'll go back and kill the pigs. The butcher had taken back his knife and it had been cleaned.

I still have an old hen at home. It's been five or six years, I'll go slaughter it.

I still have some cured meat at home.

The villagers were all very cordial.

The corpses of the dead villagers had yet to turn cold, many of their faces were filled with sorrow but they had to reward Zi Chen and let him eat a good meal.

Looking at these simple villagers, Zi Chen sighed in his heart, the heavens were not fair, the simple villagers were only here to survive, to have food to eat everyday, to be able to live a good life and not cause trouble, but the masked man took the initiative to find them, massacring one village after another

Zi Chen left, he really could not eat their food. The dead villagers bodies were not even cold yet and their labour force was reduced, he did not want to cause any more trouble for them

When he left, all the villagers came out to see him off.

Before he left, Zi Chen left behind ten broken Yuan Stone. Broken Yuan Stones are the common currency of the continent, they could be exchanged for gold and silver, but gold and silver could not be exchanged for broken Yuan Stones. The group of villagers were moved to tears and all refused but Zi Chen shook his head and left.

With the death of the masked man, he was able to clear his mind. Following the guidance of the villagers, he finally found the road to Cloud City two hours later.

Following the road forward, not long after, Zi Chen's stomach started to growl. It had been a long time since he had a full meal and the death of the villagers caused him to have no appetite but his stomach was empty.

Where am I going to get food? Zi Chen looked around, there were no wild fruits at all, only some big trees that did not have wild fruits, their branches and leaves were luxuriant.

Should I eat the leaves? If I had known earlier, I would have taken a piece of cured meat. When Zi Chen left, the villagers heard that he wanted to reach the largest city's Clouds City. Each of them said that the distance was too far and they even brought some food for Zi Chen to eat but he rejected them all.

If Zi Chen were to choose again, it would naturally be to refuse. As a cultivator, he could not hold on if he did not have food, let alone those ordinary villagers.

After walking for another four hours, Zi Chen finally saw a tree of wild fruits. Although the fruits were still young, Zi Chen was elated

After eating his fill, he drank two mouthfuls of water. Besides tasting extremely bitter, it is still edible so Zi Chen picked another ten wild fruits for himself.

He did not know when the Wu Zong people would catch up so Zi Chen's speed was very fast. One day later, at a fork in the road, he found a trace of a carriage.

The road was covered with dust, and Zi Chen finally saw a human.

It was a caravan with two large carts of goods, a few fine horses pulling it and a slightly gorgeous carriage behind.

Zi Chen did not rashly go forward, and only watched from afar.

There were a dozen or so people in the caravan with swords and sabers, one of them had a beard that was the most conspicuous, he had a rough appearance and he had a ferocious look on his face but he was the only one among them who did not carry a sword and sabre. The others had ordinary appearances but it was definitely not hard to notice them among the crowd of people.

Zi Chen followed the other party for two whole days. He felt that the other party was just an ordinary mercenaries and should be escorting the bearded man to Cloud City. After making up his mind, he was also prepared to go forward and let the other party lead him there.

After eating the bitter wild fruit for the last time, Zi Chen stood up from the ground and walked forward. After walking for a few hundred meters, and after walking past a large tree, a change suddenly occurred.

In the blink of an eye, several weapons that were radiating cold light arrived in front of Zi Chen. They were extremely fast and stopped at his neck in an instant.

Four people appeared from the shadows, two of the four weapons aimed at his throat.

Gentlemen, what are you doing? Zi Chen raised both his hands, his expression becoming flustered.

Speak, who are you and why are you following us? A middle-aged man walked out from behind a large tree. He looked very ordinary but Zi Chen could sense a dangerous aura from him.

The current Zi Chen had already killed several Xiantian Realm experts and those who could give him a dangerous aura with a single glance were at least experts of the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Zi Chen's heart skipped a beat. This ordinary person was actually Zhen Yuan Realm expert, whereas, the four people beside him were at the Xiantian Realm.

There's something weird about this team. In a small team, there were already five experts, making Zi Chen no longer think that the other party was ordinary.

These were all disguised, and they were all very strong.

These five people were all part of the first group and were existences that Zi Chen was not concerned about before but due to his neglect, he has a sword at his throat.

I didn't follow you guys, I just wanted to go to Clouds City and we happen to go the same way. Zi Chen's face was bitter as he shouted his injustice.

Hmph, you sneakily followed us for a few days. Do you really think we will believe that your only goal is going to Cloud City? The middle-aged man's expressions turned cold.

This... Zi Chen's face was full of awkwardness as he said: I was afraid that you guys would be bad people, so I didn't dare to greet you guys. I secretly observed for two days and discovered that you were just ordinary mercenaries, so I hope that you could bring me along.

Zi Chen was very sincere, with an extremely awkward expression, he said, If you guys are not willing, then I will stay far behind you and will not disturb you guys.

Just at this moment, another person walked out from the direction of Zi Chen, holding the remains of the wild fruits in his hands.

It's just these things. There are no marks. The bearded man picked up the leftover wild fruit, looked at it carefully and then looked at Zi Chen.

Fine, I admit it. Zi Chen's expression became even more awkward. I don't have anything to eat anymore, I've been eating wild fruits recently and I wanted to follow you guys because I wanted to get something to eat.

Hmph. The bearded man laughed coldly as he threw away the fruit in his hand, You can follow us if you want, but it depends on whether you are qualified or not.

With that, he looked at one of the four.

Three of the four kept their swords but the other one simply raised them and pierced them at the same time. Sword light flashed and slashed at Zi Chen's neck.

Ah... You guys want to kill people? I just want to follow you guys and get something to eat. It's just an emergency, do you guys really need to kill people? Zi Chen let out a strange cry, his eyes filled with fear and with a tap of his feet, he dodged to the side.


Although he managed to dodge the attack, a piece of clothing was cut off near his neck.

What are you doing? I don't want to take advantage of you guys for nothing. I have Yuan Stones, I have a broken Yuan Stone and I can give it to you. Zi Chen retreated a few steps, grabbed toward his chest in panic, and took out a piece of broken Yuan Stone.

During this time, the man holding the sword unleashed several more attacks, every sword strike grazed past Zi Chen's clothes, with extremely ruthless techniques. If not for the fact that Zi Chen had some abilities, he would have died long ago.

Ah, don't kill me.

Zi Chen retreated backwards, accidentally stepping on a rock, he sat down on the ground, following that, a sharp sword light flashed, aimed straight at Zi Chen's neck.

I'll give you two broken Yuan Stone. Seeing that his life was at stake, Zi Chen bellowed and took out another broken Yuan Stone from his bosom.

Just at that moment, the sword stopped right at Zi Chen's throat, the sword tip was filled with a cold aura, just a bit away from killing Zi Chen.

Phew... Hu... Zi Chen panted heavily as cold sweat dripped down his forehead and his eyes filled with fear.

Here, here, two broken Yuan Stone. Zi Chen carefully handed over the broken Yuan Stone in his hands, preparing to give it to the person in front of him.

Who knew that the other party would only twitch his mouth. A hint of disdain flashed in his eyes as he put away his long sword.

Tenth layer of True Qi. He should be around twenty years old. His talent is mediocre. The bearded man from before said indifferently.

Uh, I'm only one month away from twenty. Zi Chen wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and said.

Humph, I think it's a month away from twenty-one.

Laughter sounded out from all around, every single person had a disdainful look in their eyes when they looked at Zi Chen.

God damn, you are looking down on me. Look at your appearances. Zi Chen cursed in his heart. He was actually looked down upon by this group of people. However, on the surface, he looked like he had been exposed, making him look even more awkward.

You should take back your broken Yuan stone. We can take you along, and we can also give you good food and drink. You don't need to pay anything. The bearded man said.

It's that simple? Zi Chen was suspicious.

Of course not, when we reach the Clouds City, you have to do one thing for us.

I don't want to kill people. I hate killing people. Zi Chen quickly waved his hand and said, I'll still give you the broken Yuan stone. It's much more stable this way.

Hmph, there's no need to find a trash like you to kill people. Someone on the side coldly snorted.

I'm not asking you to kill someone. I just want you to send me a message. The bearded man said with a faint smile.

Okay, as long as I don't need to kill anyone, it's fine. As for passing on messages, it doesn't hurt or itch, that's fine but since I'll be eating and drinking from you the entire way and I only need to send one message for you, it seems like you'll be the one losing out. Are you sure you don't want me to send more than one message? Zi Chen said very sincerely.

Hmph, you're quite honest. Don't worry, there's only one. The bearded man sneered, and then walked forward.

Zi Chen also closely followed.