Thunder Martial Chapter 90 - The strength of the People

Two days later, Zi Chen passed by another two small villages and found the same problem.

Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and his speed was even faster. Finally, three days later, he made a discovery.

This was also a small village, there were dozens of households in the village and everyone were killed. When Zi Chen arrived, he discovered that the blood on the ground had not dried yet.

He should be right ahead. Along the way, Zi Chen walked in a straight line and the killer also walked in a straight line, straight towards the Cloud City.

Transforming into lightning, Zi Chen chased again.

One day later, outside of a small village, Zi Chen discovered traces of a human. This was a masked man who was completely wrapped in black clothes, he looked very similar to the people who were chasing and killing Zi Chen.


In the quiet little village, because of the arrival of the black clothed man, it became completely chaotic. Waves of mournful sounds rang out, along with miserable cries.

Who are you? Why do you want to kill us? A middle-aged woman holding a three-year-old child in her arms kept backing away, her eyes filled with fear.

Humph! The masked man sneered as the sword in his hand flashed.

Both of them fell to the ground, bleeding profusely.

I beg you, don't kill us!


Devil King, you're the Devil King!

The black clothed man's speed was very fast. Without wasting any time, he started a massacre as soon as he entered the village. In an instant, more than ten people died. Miserable cries, pleas for help and curses rang out incessantly.

This was a tragic scene. The man in black was powerful but he raised his butcher's knife towards these ordinary people. They had been killed without a single survivor. Fresh blood stained this remote mountain village and the corpses of the villagers were everywhere.


A young woman who was carrying a baby who is a few months old ran away in fear. She fell down in a panic but still protected the baby tightly. The baby was fine.

Don't kill me. Blood flowed profusely, the woman retreated continuously, her eyes filled with fear. The infant in her embrace was sucking on her tiny fingers, closing her eyes, sleeping soundly, a smile still on her face.

Hehe! The black clothed person let out a rare sneer. His merciless eyes stared at the sleeping baby that was emitting a rare light. Like a bloodthirsty light, he ruthlessly smiled and raised his weapon.


A sword light flashed as the sharp sword slashed out a ray of cold light towards the baby.


The woman screamed out in fear. As the sword light attacked her, she used her body to block the infant in her embrace.

Stop it, you beast.

A loud shout suddenly rang out, followed by the appearance of a bolt of lightning. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of the woman, followed by the appearance of a fist glowing with silver light.


The long sword was knocked away by a strong force. The masked man took a few steps back before stabilizing his body. He then looked up ahead and did not know when but a young man in black had appeared.

The young man had a handsome appearance. He wore black clothes but his eyes became red from anger and a ruthless killing intent surged around his body.

Who are you? How dare you interfere with my affairs? Do you not want to live anymore? The masked man held onto the blood dripping longsword and looked at Zi Chen coldly.

Young Hero, please save us. We have no enmity with him

Young Hero, save us. We are all ordinary villagers and we are all innocent

Wuu wuu, my wife, wake up!

Dad, wake up. Mom, where are you?!

All sorts of voices came out by his ears, causing Zi Chen's eyes to turn red, wishing that he could eat the black-clothed man alive.

After hinting at the woman to take the baby and leave, Zi Chen said loudly, Don't worry, I am definitely going to take care of everything today, this beast will definitely die today.

After seeing the massacre of several villages along the way, Zi Chen's hatred for the masked man had reached a point where it was unable to be supplemented. Now, with every word he said, a ruthless killing intent would appear.

Boy, who are you? How dare you meddle in this place? Do you know who I am? The masked man coldly said.

I didn't know before but now I know. You are an animal, and a dead animal at that. Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold and emotionless, You must have killed those people on the way here.

Brat, you followed me. Don't tell me that for the sake of those ordinary mortals, you plan on going against me? Their lives were originally cheap, if they die, then so be it.

Looks like it. Bastard, don't worry. I won't let you die a happy death. I will make you live a life worse than death. I will make you regret being born into this world. Zi Chen's body was releasing a faint silver light.

In the distance, all the villagers who had lost their loved ones were grieving but they did not cry because they did not want the young man to hear their cries and be distracted and only silently held on to the injured. All of them looked at Zi Chen, their eyes filled with hope.

Haha, I thought you were strong, but it turns out you are just a True Qi Realm cultivator, a busybody. Today, I'll let you experience death The masked man laughed loudly, completely relaxed. Wasn't it easy for him to use his Xiantian Realm against a True Qi Realm?

Die! Zi Chen did not waste time talking, a cold light flashed in his eyes, a silver light flashed, like a bolt of lightning, it instantly rushed towards the masked man.

What incredible speed. The masked man's expression changed and he instantly retreated. His steps were very mysterious. His body was like an illusion and in a blink of an eye, three shadows appeared, retreating in three different directions at a very fast speed.

Zi Chen's right hand clenched into a fist. Numerous rays of silver light flashed and the blood in his body surged. He was like a furious demonic beast, attacking at lightning speed.

At this moment, Zi Chen appeared like a black-clothed man displaying his extreme speed. His figure flashed, and his extreme speed footwork was displayed.

The first two shadows instantly dissipated but the third shadow let out a peng sound as Zi Chen hit its target.

Scram! The power of his punch sent the black-clothed man flying back. A cold light flashed in his hand and his long sword was thrust forward. The blade was sharp and cold, radiating cold light in all directions.


Zi Chen punched out and shattered the sword in one punch, causing endless pieces to shoot out like a concealed weapon, surprising the villagers and causing them to retreat once again.

Ah... How is this possible, you... The masked man let out a loud shout. In his heart, he was already ready to escape. The man in front of him was not strong but his physique was frightening. He was too powerful. After two attacks, he showed signs of being defeated.

However, before the afterimage around him could appear again, he was sent flying by Zi Chen's extremely quick punch.

Crack! This time, due to the excessive force, several of the masked man's ribs were broken. The masked man was extremely frightened and quickly retreated.

You beast! Zi Chen was like the shadow of the masked man, no matter how he tried to dodge, Zi Chen would always stick close to him. With a powerful punch, the Xiantian Qi protecting him instantly shattered under Zi Chen's strength.

Zi Chen's expression was gloomy, he once again threw a punch, followed by a cracking sound, the masked man's chest bones cracked a few more times and the true energy that had just appeared was scattered.

Brat, if you dare kill me, I guarantee that you will die miserably. The masked man threatened as he was in great pain.

Wanting to die is not that easy. I've said it before, I'll make you feel worse off than dead. Zi Chen grabbed onto the masked man, following the flow of True Qi between his fingers, cracking sounds of bones breaking sounded again and again, one of his arms was completely shattered by Zi Chen.

Ah... Brat, kill me. You can be considered to have provoked a natural enemy. Even if you are the son of the Cloud City's Lord, you will undoubtedly die.


Zi Chen's expression was cold, he used more strength in his hand, causing the masked man's other arm to break but he looked perfectly fine.

Let me go or else you will die a miserable death. Sweat was already forming on the masked man's forehead. He was still threatening as before.

When you were slaughtering the village, why didn't you think of letting other people go? You didn't even let a baby go, you're even worse than a beast. With that, Zi Chen's leg stepped onto his Dantian. With a sound of his Spirit, his Dantian was crippled and the masked man's life could be considered as crippled.

But today, his life could be considered to have come to an end.

With his dantian crippled, the face of the masked man immediately sagged. Despair could be seen in his eyes as he harrumphed and fell silent.


There was another sound. This time, it was the masked man's leg bones. From his bare feet to his thighs, they all shattered.

Hearing the cracking sound, the villagers were terrified. Their eyelids and mouths jumped up and down but no one came out to stop them. Some of them even had endless hatred in their eyes.


The last leg bone was fractured. The man in black gritted his teeth but did not let out a scream. This was a rare occurrence.

Kill me, I'll wait for you in hell. The man in black said in a deep voice, his forehead covered in cold sweat.

You will undoubtedly die today but I will not accompany you. Zi Chen's expression was cold. This kind of scum should be killed a few hundred times before he was saved.

You've killed so many people. To be able to die so easily is the greatest injustice to you. Thus, I must be fair. Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly, he turned to look at the terrified and furious villagers and said, This man kills people easily, previously, he had massacred several villages, none of the elderly and children were spared, now it is your turn to take revenge.

Zi Chen originally thought that these villagers were cowards and wanted to say a few more words but he never expected that the moment he said those words, the villagers would gather with a hualala sound, with hoes, shovels, loads and all sorts of weapons.

Young Hero, our Clear Water Village is grateful to you. An old man said gratefully to Zi Chen while carrying a carrying pole in his hand but he immediately turned and struck towards the masked man's head.

Seeing this, Zi Chen's heart jumped. Luckily, the masked man was from the Xiantian Realm before so he had a very good physique. He wouldn't immediately die after being struck in the head by a mortal

Young Hero, you are the benefactor of our entire village. An old man knelt down before Zi Chen. Previously, Zi Chen had seen this old man's body tremble but his attacks were ruthless.

Uncle, this is too much. Zi Chen quickly helped him up.

The masked man was a tough guy but facing the attacks of the villagers and there were also many women who kept stabbing at him with large needles under their shoes. The masked man couldn't stand it anymore, screaming and begging, his voice was miserable, like the cries for help from the villagers.

Wanting to die won't be that easy, you demon. The woman that Zi Chen had saved before was covered in blood, her voice was cold. With a smile on her face, she gave the masked man a sweet smile. Her smile was very innocent and without any other colors. At this moment, a thick needle the size of a finger stabbed into the masked man's body, completely entering his body.


Zi Chen, who was at the side was sweating profusely as the corners of his mouth twitched.

Young Hero, thank you so much for saving our Clear Water Village. A butcher who was holding a Pig Slaughtering Knife walked forward, his eyes filled with gratitude and admiration. Zi Chen had clearly seen him slash his sword like chopping a piece of meat and chop off the masked man's arm. Then, the butcher's knife was snatched away by someone who looked like a scholar.

Miserable screams, like that of a pig being butchered unceasingly rang.

Zi Chen's forehead was already covered in sweat, these villagers who came to express their thanks might seem harmless but when they attacked, they were even more vicious than Zi Chen.

No need, no need! Zi Chen wiped off his cold sweat and laughed apologetically. Today, he finally experienced the power of the people.