Thunder Martial Chapter 89 - Tragedy

Inside the room, Zi Chen's entire body was emitting many rays of silver light and many tiny lightning snakes swam around his body. With a flash of lightning, he started to refine the Xiantian Pill's energy.

A Xiantian Pill contained an enormous amount of spirit energy. This was something that is used to break through a bottleneck and the pill was based on a torrential river breaking through a dam. To break through a bottleneck, one would need a powerful force to break through.

No matter if it was quality or quantity, the energy contained within a Xiantian Pill was incomparable to that of a True Qi Pill. If the energy within a True Qi Pill was equivalent to a pool of spring water, then the Xiantian Pill was like a huge lake.

At this moment, Zi Chen was using it like a True Qi Pill. The Xiantian Pill entered his stomach and is absorbed by his heart as it transformed into a wave of energy that rushed into his limbs and bones. He was going to break through his bottleneck and under normal circumstances, most of his spirit energy would disappear.

All of the energy was being absorbed by his heart. His heart did not waste a single energy from the Xiantian Pill, allowing Zi Chen to be able to completely absorb and refine the energy.

If a Xiantian Pill was given to ordinary cultivators to refine, it would take at least ten days to half a month. However, since Zi Chen had the mysterious heart, the refining speed would greatly increase.

A day and night later, all of the Xiantian Pill's energy had been refined by Zi Chen. He opened his eyes and a silver light flashed through them.

The Xiantian Pill's enormous energy was completely refined and my strength has increased by a large amount. Zi Chen clenched his fists tightly, he felt that he was filled with power, able to shatter mountains and cut off rivers.

Inside his dantian, it shone with a silver light, like flashing thunder and lightning.

One Xiantian Pill allowed his strength to break through a small realm and he is now in the middle of the tenth layer of True Qi. There was still a small distance between him and the late stage of the tenth layer of True Qi.

Since he used the broken Yuan Stone in order to stay at the inn, Zi Chen received a very good treatment. Early in the morning, someone had already sent over some food for him to wash up and deliver breakfast.

What is this place?

Zi Chen's question stunned the waiter. He thought to himself, this is truly a weirdo, he doesn't even know what kind of place this is. However, the waiter still replied respectfully, Sir, this is Cloud Ridge Town.

Cloud Ridge Town? Zi Chen frowned, he have not heard anything about this place before.

Where is the nearest city?

Cloud City

Has something big happened recently?

Big matter? No, ah, that's right. I heard that a village was massacred.

After answering a few more questions, the waiter left.

I ran so far? Zi Chen was a little surprised. In these past few days of constant running, he had traveled an entire ten thousand kilometers.

Within a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, there were seven major cities. Cloud City was one of them and other than that, there were a few powerful sects, including the Wu Zong Sect.

As for Ling Wu Sect, Black Tortoise Sect and the Zhan Wu Sect, they were not even in the rankings. They belonged to the Wu Zong Sect but their overall strength was not strong.

Cloud City was one of the seven main cities and was on par with the Wu Zong Sect. The City Lord was an extraordinary expert.

Zi Chen should be safe once he arrives in Cloud City, after all, they belonged to two different forces. It was impossible for Wu Zong Sect's people to openly enter Clouds City to arrest people and even more so, to kill people randomly.


Just as he finished his breakfast, Zi Chen heard a familiar voice and almost vomited out his breakfast.

F*cking Roc, you're here so soon? Zi Chen was extremely depressed. Even though he had already guessed that the other party would be able to catch up, Zi Chen had never expected it to happen so quickly. It had only been a day.

After packing his things, Zi Chen jumped out of the window, running towards the outside of the town.

The Rocs spotted Zi Chen from the sky and cried out repeatedly. The black clothed man's body flickered and he charged into the town before following Zi Chen and leaving.

After leaving Cloud Ridge Town, Zi Chen did not take the main road but instead ran into the dense forest.

It was another chase. Zi Chen's teeth itched with hatred but he was unable to get rid of the other party.

While Zi Chen was dashing through the forest, lightning flashed nine times. As he escaped, his comprehension grew even deeper and his speed increased by a lot as well, leaving behind the black-clothed man and the Roc in the distance. After that, Zi Chen found a hidden cave and entered it in a flash.

Time was of the essence, he had to increase his strength. Once he broke through to the Xiantian Realm, Zi Chen would be able to kill them all in one fell swoop, once and for all.


The Roc lost track of Zi Chen and flew above the forest, quickly passing the place where Zi Chen had hidden himself. The wind in the forest blew and the black clothed man also ran past the cave, quickly disappearing.

In the cave, Zi Chen was refining a Xiantian Pill, his entire body was releasing a faint silver light but it was well hidden by the cave.

Half a day later, the Roc returned and continuously circled above the dense forest. It seemed to have already determined that Zi Chen was within this area.

The Roc screeched, flapped its wings, and conjured up gusts of wind. The numerous branches below continuously swayed and the Roc swept across the sky, searching for traces of Zi Chen. It almost overturned the cover on the outside of Zi Chen's hiding spot.

One by one, the men in black came back and began to search the forest.

The sky gradually darkened. Tonight, there were no stars nor moon, greatly slowing down the speed of the man in black. In the latter half of the night, it began to rain heavily.

The bean-sized raindrops fell down, creating a 'pa pa' sound. After a while, a large amount of rain poured down and the rain became increasingly heavier.

What bad luck, why does it have to rain now?

This damn weather.

It's raining so heavily, where can we find them?

The black-clothed group of men repeatedly cursed as they looked for a place to shelter themselves from the rain. Even the Roc had landed in the forest and was no longer flying.

The heavy rain lasted for an entire night, giving Zi Chen precious time.

After the rain stopped, everyone continued to search for Zi Chen. The Roc was certain that Zi Chen was within the forest. The man in black cursed as he searched for any possible hiding place.

Just as he found a cave, a black figure suddenly rushed out from within, following that, a glaring silver light appeared, the black clothed man was caught unprepared and under Zi Chen's rain like attacks, he quickly died.

When the others heard the sound, they rushed over, some were quick while others were slow and another battle happened in the forest. Thunder and lightning explosions occurred continuously and miserable cries continuously rang out. Because they had split up to look for Zi Chen, it allowed Zi Chen to attack them one by one and on this day, the black clothed men suffered heavy losses.

A total of three black-clothed men fell into Zi Chen's hands. At the same time, another Roc died and out of the four Roc, only one remained. This Roc was extremely frightened and it didn't dare land on the ground anymore, only monitoring from high up in the sky.

The black-clothed men is also afraid of death and did not dare to split up. A day later, under the warning of the only Roc, they finally discovered Zi Chen.

Dammit. I truly miscalculated. This boy is truly strange. That old guy definitely gave the thing to him and went back to find reinforcements.

The leading man in black said angrily.

After nearly a month of chasing, he finally knew the difference between the two parties. On that day, of the five Rocs that came to destroy the Ling Wu Sect, one went back. The Zhen Yuan Realm experts also went back as well since disdained to chase after a mere True Qi Realm.

The only Roc silently disappeared in fear of being killed and the black clothed men were still chasing after Zi Chen. It was just that without the Roc's help, their efficiency had been greatly reduced.


Two days later, Zi Chen dumped a black-clothed man in the middle of the mountain range. At the same time, he took the opportunity to kill a black-clothed man.

After circling around a huge mountain range and walking for another two days, Zi Chen walked out of the mountain range and saw a large road.

This should be the main road to Cloud City. As long as I follow the main road, I should be able to get there. Zi Chen guessed as he walked on the road.

After a day, Zi Chen passed by a small village, his eyes lit up and was preparing to get some food to eat. Recently, he had only eaten wild fruits and his mouth was going to fade away like a bird, without a single bit of oil in his stomach.

Most of the houses were wooden houses. When Zi Chen arrived, he saw the doors of every house opened wide but no one came out. It was very quiet and also very deathly still.

Why is it so quiet here, does this village not have any children? Zi Chen was suspicious, he walked towards the village. Suddenly, he smelled a faint scent of blood in the air.

The smell of blood. In Zi Chen's mind, for some reason, he suddenly thought back to the big incident that the waiter had mentioned earlier. One of the villages was wiped out.

Could it be this village? Zi Chen increased his speed and entered in a flash. He saw corpses lying all over the ground, their blood already dried up but their corpses had not rotted. Zi Chen guessed that these people had died less than three days ago.

Zi Chen's stomach tumbled, he could not bear to see the scene in front of him. All the villagers died miserable deaths, the elderly, women and children were the majority and the youngest one was a baby but he was still killed by sharp weapons.

Although there were no beasts in the village but there were beasts in the vicinity. Zi Chen did not want the corpses of the dead to be desecrated so he burnt all the houses down.

For a long time, the death of the villagers could not be removed from his mind, and the little infant within gave Zi Chen a huge shock.

He actually didn't even let the infant go. This is simply inhumane. A killing intent surged in Zi Chen's heart.

After drinking a bit of water, he was unable to calm himself down. When he closed his eyes, his mind was filled with scenes from before. The baby's large, lifeless eyes were clear and without any other colors.

He kept telling himself that once he found the murderer, he would have to kill him.

Zi Chen had never thought so much about killing someone, even if it was the Zhao Can from back then who wanted to kill him and Zi Chen who also wanted to kill him, he blamed himself a lot. He had wrongly believed in his brother and the reason Zhao Can attacked him was still because of him.

But it was different this time, Zi Chen had to kill that cruel person.

Two days later, Zi Chen saw another small village. In the village, there were more than a hundred villagers but none of them were spared, all of them are dead.

These people did not die for long, it was just two or three days.