Thunder Martial Chapter 88 - Killing Rocs

The Roc was high in the sky, constantly monitoring Zi Chen. Relying on its profound strength, it continuously dove down and using its sharp claws and beak as its most powerful weapon, it constantly harassed Zi Chen.

Zi Chen was patient but he had no choice, the Roc is powerful. Its black feathers were cold as steel, even Zi Chen would need to expend a lot of effort to injure it.

I must kill the Roc.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light as he held a short dagger. It is the Xiantian weapon that Zi Chen had snatched from the black clothed man and the quality was good. Usually, one punch from him was enough to shatter an ordinary Xiantian weapon but he could not even cause a crack on it so he simply snatched it away from the black clothed man.

An hour later, Zi Chen saw a dense forest and after entering it, his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The Roc swooped down and a huge shockwave appeared. The forest below instantly swayed to the side, revealing the ground beneath.

The icy-cold eyes of the Roc had a trace of bewilderment and its figure that swooped down abruptly slowed down. As its wings flapped, it stopped in the middle of the forest, right next to the treetops.

It did not understand why the human had disappeared.


At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed out from the lush forest on the side. The figure transformed into a silver light and jumped onto the Roc's back like a bolt of lightning.

A change occurred. The Roc was shocked and cried out in alarm. It flapped its wings in fear and was about to soar into the sky.

Zi Chen held the dagger in his hand and a silver light suddenly flashed and stabbed the dagger into the back of the Roc.

The Roc felt pain and its body trembled, almost flipping Zi Chen over.




Zi Chen attacked like lightning, the short dagger unleashed a burst of blood light, causing a few more wounds to appear on the Roc's body

The Roc wailed in the air and its body shook, wanting to throw Zi Chen off.

Zi Chen's face darkened, his eyes filled with killing intent, he firmly grabbed onto the steel-like black feathers and continued to attack with his dagger, the Roc's blood splashing all over his body. Usually, this black feather was the Roc's greatest trump card, but today, it has become such a fatal weakness that no matter how hard it tried, it was unable to throw Zi Chen off.


The other three Roc's noticed their comrade's bad situation, and all dove towards Zi Chen. They extended their sharp claws and clawed towards Zi Chen's head.

The three Roc's covered the sky and earth. When they attacked Zi Chen, they flapped their wings and a strong wind blew. In addition to the trembling of the Roc beneath him, Zi Chen's body was no longer stable.

With a tap of his feet, a silver light flashed. He continuously retreated, dodging the attacks of the three Roc's. When Zi Chen retreated from the back of the Roc to its bulging neck, his figure suddenly flashed, and appeared right below the Roc's neck. One arm was tightly wrapped around the Roc's neck and in his other arm, the short dagger was piercing towards the Roc's neck with a cold glint.




In the blink of an eye, Zi Chen had stabbed the Roc three times and with that, three additional cuts appeared on the Roc's neck and fresh blood sprayed onto Zi Chen's body. At this time, Zi Chen's body had shrunk to a dead angle under the Rocs's neck. The other three Roc's were too big and were unable to attack Zi Chen, so they could only cry out in dissatisfaction.

Quickly chase.

This damnable fellow actually dares to have ideas about our Rocs. He's simply courting death.

The angry shout of the black-robed man could be heard from below.




Zi Chen's entire body was covered in fresh blood and after three consecutive stabs, Zi Chen is able to successfully pierce through the Roc's wings which are as hard as iron. However even with his powerful physique and sharp weapon, Zi Chen's wrist was also trembling in pain and at the same time, the energy consumed due to the multiple attacks were also huge.

The Qi Restoration Pill hidden under his tongue mixed with the Roc's blood was swallowed by Zi Chen.

Go down. Zi Chen was afraid that the Roc would fall down head first. With an angry roar, he used one hand to tighten his grip on the neck of the Roc while his other hand which is holding the dagger did not stop attacking the Roc at all.

With a flap of its wings, the Roc soared into the sky. As a Xiantian Realm beast, it has the same intelligence as the giant snake so when it knew that its life was at stake, it carried Zi Chen into the air, obviously intending to pull Zi Chen along to die with it.

Go down, go down, you damned bird, what a cruel heart Zi Chen's attacks were even fiercer as silver light continuously flashed. After repeatedly stabbing the Roc's neck and attacking it dozens of times, its entire neck was about to fall off, only leaving behind a layer of skin.

The three Roc's by the side were anxious, they cried out repeatedly but were unable to attack Zi Chen so they could only watch.

Blood sprayed out and the Roc gave out a mournful wail as it flew in the air. After Zi Chen attacked a few more times, the Roc finally couldn't endure it any longer and crashed down towards the ground.


With its gigantic body, it smashed into the forest, causing the leaves to rustle and the trees to bend, allowing Zi Chen to fall towards the ground. With a bang, Zi Chen landed on the ground, his entire body was drenched in blood, the impact causing him to feel dizzy and his body started to sway uncontrollably.

After shaking his head and dodging the attacks of the other three Roc's, Zi Chen began to flee again. As for the Roc that he had repeatedly stabbed, it was on its last breath and was on the verge of death.

The black clothed men was extremely fast and each of them were Xiantian Realm experts. However, by the time they had caught up, Zi Chen was long gone, leaving only three Rocs in the sky, whining a little. Although they had locked onto Zi Chen's direction, they did not dare dive down and were only guarding in the air.

Is this guy a monster? He killed a Roc at the True Qi Realm

This is a Roc... it died just like that.

The Roc's defense is so strong yet it's already dead. This fellow is indeed extraordinary. I think that the item is most likely on him.

Chase after him. No matter what, we have to catch him.

The black-clothed man chased with extreme speed. With the Roc's above their heads, they were able to accurately lock onto Zi Chen's position.

Two days later, everyone caught up to Zi Chen once again. A fierce battle had occurred and when all the black-clothed men gathered, Zi Chen had already fled with his severely injured body.

He's not human. He's simply a monster. When he attacks, he ignores all defense and crazily attacks us

I have never seen such a monster. He is only at the tenth layer of True Qi but his physique is fearsome. If I don't go all out, I would be unable to deal any fatal damage to him.

This was the first time they had seen Zi Chen's method of fighting that did not care for his life. Using his life for theirs; However, the strange thing was that even with everyone's lives, they could not even buy one of his.

After Zi Chen killed a Roc, the other Roc's did not dare to dive down and kill Zi Chen for the past two days. Seeing that he had sustained heavy injuries, their minds were immediately roused as they once again swooped down, attacking and harassing him.

Zi Chen's heart surged out an endless amount of energy throughout his body, and just like two days ago, he concealed his figure the instant he charged into the dense forest and then rushed onto the back of a Roc.

A quarter of an hour later, Zi Chen left in a carefree manner, out of the three Roc, only two are left.

Ah, this damned fellow killed another Roc.

Catch him. We must cut him into ten thousand pieces and feed him to the Roc

This was a Roc, a flying pet. It was extremely precious and two had already been killed by a True Qi Realm expert. It would be difficult to explain after returning.

Tell those stupid birds not to go throw their lives away, this brat is weird, what kind of world is this, for a mere True Qi Realm to be so arrogant.

The man in black gritted his teeth and chased again

In this area, there were many dense forests, mountain ranges, and very few people. Zi Chen had been dashing through the forest for a good five days, using up dozens of Qi Restoration Pills.

After running for another half a day, Zi Chen finally walked out of the mountain range and saw a city.

Zi Chen's body was covered in blood, his face was the same and his black clothes were even more wrinkled. In order to not attract attention, he washed his body in a small river a few miles away from the town and threw away his original clothes.

On the sixth day, Zi Chen entered the town .

The area of the town was very big, comparable to a small city. It was very lively.

A candied fruit, a large and sweet candied fruit.

Chicken wings, crispy and fragrant. If it's not crispy or fragrant then you don't have to pay for it.

The town was bustling with noise and excitement. There were people everywhere, including the cultivators and the mortals. There were all sorts of stalls along the roadside. There were people selling food and there were also people selling groceries.

Zi Chen entered the town and found a tavern first. He ordered a few dishes and started to eat like the legendary hungry wolves and hungry ghosts who had just been reincarnated. Under everyone's scornful and shocked gazes, he quickly finished all the food but he was not done yet.

It must have been hundreds of years since he has eaten a meal

He must be the reincarnation of a hungry ghost. The way he eats is simply indescribable.

Zi Chen had been running away and did not eat anything overheated for a long time. Many people in the tavern pointed at and discussed softly but Zi Chen paid no attention to them and after eating his fill, he took out a small broken Yuan Stone, and instantly, all the discussions disappeared.

broken Yuan Stone's were the main currency used in the Sky Martial Continent but other than that, there was also gold and silver. It was just that most of the gold and silver was for ordinary people and cultivators almost always used Yuan Stone's.

This is a cultivator.

Everyone's expression changed drastically, no longer discussing about Zi Chen. To mortals, cultivators were high and mighty. It was said that they were immortals that could fly into the sky and descend into the earth.

After ordering a few dishes and eating a few bowls of rice, he took out a piece of broken Yuan Stone. It gave the manager a fright. He hurriedly came out and explained, saying that it is too much.

No worries, this is for you. Find an inn for me to stay in.

Behind the tavern was an inn. Zi Chen just paid a piece of broken Yuan Stone and stayed there.

This time, he travelled very far through the forest and erased many traces. Zi Chen predicted that the other party would not be able to catch up to him in a short period of time.

Entering the tavern, Zi Chen took out his backpack and took out the Xiantian Pill.

This was something that could only be consumed when one was at the pinnacle of the True Qi Realm. It could help them break through bottlenecks and become a Xiantian Realm expert but at the moment, Zi Chen did not have much time to cultivate to the peak of the True Qi realm.