Thunder Martial Chapter 87 - Contents in the Bag

The Roc was screeching from above, its wings flapping as strong gales blew up. Its pair of sharp eyes stared straight at Zi Chen.

It was almost dusk but Zi Chen was discovered and his expression immediately changed.

Damn thing, you have good eyesight. He silently cursed as his body transformed into a bolt of lightning to speed up once again. This time, he specifically walked to a few lush areas to block the Roc's line of sight.

Zi Chen ran between the trees, faster than a sly rabbit, smarter than a Spirit Fox, as if this was his family's backyard.

In the blink of an eye, he had left the Roc in the air far behind.

What the f*ck is this speed? High up in the sky on the back of the Roc, the three black-clothed men were all shocked in their hearts.

The little fellow below was only at the tenth layer of True Qi but the speed he displayed was even faster than that of their roc, he moved as fast as the wind.


Zi Chen entered from the dense forest and his figure disappeared.

F*ck, he disappeared again. Hurry up and chase after him. The black clothed men was enraged as he watched Zi Chen disappear.

The forest is not that dense and the Roc was high up in the sky, so it quickly found traces of Zi Chen.

What is he doing? the black-clothed man asked when he saw Zi Chen again.

I can't see clearly. Roc, go down a bit.

Only then did they see Zi Chen take out a porcelain bottle, abruptly pouring a bottle of medicinal pills into it, and then throwing the porcelain bottle away.

He must be consuming a Qi Restoration Pill! A black-clothed man said affirmatively.

Is the consumption rate very high? Very good, he won't be able to hold on for much longer.

In the sky, the Roc spread its wings and chased after the human. It wanted to use its abilities to exhaust this human to death but unfortunately, after chasing for a full two hours, this Ling Wu Sect disciples below did not show any signs of exhaustion.

Is he a f*cking monster?

The three of them could not help but curse in rage. At such a high speed, not to mention a mere True Qi Realm, even if its a Xiantian Realm expert, they would still be able to easily catch him.

Isn't he afraid of being exhausted to death? The three were furious. They could have crushed him with one finger, but they couldn't catch him.

Roc, swoop down to attack him. Someone commanded.

The Roc cried out and swooped down, the leaves in the forest rustling loudly. The Roc spread its wings and like a divine weapon, many trees were cut off by its wings, following that, two ice cold claws pierced through the dense forest, grabbing towards Zi Chen.

The strong wind whistled and Zi Chen took the opportunity to dodge. He transformed into a bolt of lightning and dodged the Roc's claws by dodging into the distance as fast as lightning.

Brat, die! Right at this moment, a black-clothed person swept down from the Roc's body and flashed towards Zi Chen.

Scram! Zi Chen clenched his fist tightly, a silver light flashed one after another, bringing with it an explosive sound as he quickly smashed up.


A powerful strike exploded out, causing the black clothed man to retreat in mid air. On the other hand, Zi Chen had also retreated tens of metres.

What a strong physique. The man in black sighed. He felt that this boy was extraordinary.

The sky darkened as night fell.

The moon hung high in the sky as the stars shone brightly. This was a good weather, as it foretold a bright and beautiful day. However, to Zi Chen, who was running away, this kind of weather was fatal.

In the sky, the Roc cried out repeatedly. Borrowing the moonlight and starlight, it was actually able to find Zi Chen.

I don't believe that I can't exhaust you to death. Zi Chen did not believe that the Roc has an inexhaustible stamina. After running for a few hours, he had almost swallowed up all the spare Qi Restoration Pills but he was still unable to shake the Roc. This big guy had been rushing for days, Zi Chen did not believe that it was not tired since it did not rest when it rushed towards the Ling Wu Sect.

For the entire night, Zi Chen was escaping. Even he himself felt that he could not hold on any longer as his energy consumption was too great.

But fortunately, he was able to get rid of the Roc in the latter half of the night, preventing him from hearing the Roc's chirping.

Zi Chen heaved a sigh of relief and ran for another two hours before stopping. Right now, not only had he used up all of his reserves of Qi Restoration Pills, his mind was also exhausted.

Only after resting against a large tree for a good fifteen minutes did Zi Chen take out some rations from his bag and ate them all at the same time.

Oh yeah, let's see if grandpa has prepared any Qi Restoration Pills for me. After he finished eating, Zi Chen suddenly thought of something.

One of them was the gambling capital for the Black Tortoise Sec, and the other was a bag given by the Grand Elder, saying that he had prepared everything.

Under the moonlight, Zi Chen opened the small bag. Inside, there were a few sets of clothes, the materials were good, following that were a few jade bottles, the jade bottles were crystal clear, releasing a faint light, compared to normal porcelain bottles, they were much more high-grade.

Opening the jade bottle, inside were pills. This was a type of higher levelled pill and it emitted a dense fragrance. Since becoming a core disciple for a few months already, Zi Chen had a very deep understanding towards pills.

If the pills in the porcelain bottles were only meant for the people of the True Qi Realm, then the pills in the jade bottles were only usable for people in the Xiantian Realm, thus, the effects were extremely good.

There were no True Qi Pills inside, all of them were Qi Restoration Pills, a total of four bottles, each bottle had a total of fifty pills.

Moreover, this was not an ordinary Qi Restoration Pill.

So many! Taking a rough look at the quantity of pills, Zi Chen was shocked. The pills here were not ordinary Qi Restoration Pills but rather pills that only Xiantian Realm experts could use, thus, they were definitely high grade, and extremely valuable. The Grand Elder gave him such a huge amount of high quality pills, showing his care for him.

When the fifth jade bottle was opened, an even stronger fragrance wafted into his nose. Inside this jade bottle, there were only five pills but each of them is like a gem, shining brilliantly. When the bottle was opened, a dense wave of nature spirit energy appeared from the bottle, surging outwards.

This is a Xiantian Pill. Zi Chen let out a surprised cry.

In the last bottle, there are actually five Xiantian Pill. A single Xiantian Pill is enough to let a peak True Qi Realm expert to break through to the Xiantian Realm. Back then, in order to obtain a Xiantian Pill, Xu Yan had to put his life on the line for that Xiantian PIll. It could be seen just how precious it is, but right now, there were five Xiantian Pill's in front of Zi Chen.

The better the Grand Elder treated him, the more guilty he felt. His heart was aching for not being able to fulfill the Grand Elder's request because Su Mengyao had already died.

Inside the bag, other than the jade bottles, there was also a white jade like stone. Zi Chen opened it and felt a dense aura of spirit energy.

Yuan Stone! There were more than a hundred of them in this small bag. There were a hundred broken Yuan Stone inside and some of them were well-prepared.

Zi Chen's eyes were red, he felt extremely guilty towards the Grand Elder.

After putting away the bag, Zi Chen rested for two hours in a daze.

By the time the sky was bright, Zi Chen had already walked very far and he believed that he had already left the other party far behind.

But before he could be happy, he heard the cry of the Roc coming from the horizon.

How is this possible! Zi Chen's expression changed drastically as he hid on top of a lush tree, concealing all of his presence.

A moment later, a Roc was flying past his head. Through the leaves, Zi Chen saw a few black-clothed men sitting on the Roc's back.

They're really coming. Zi Chen was shocked, feeling that something was wrong.

But before he could leave, another Roc's cry sounded. Then a third, a fourth.

Out of the five golden rocs, four of them came today to search for traces of Zi Chen.

This time, Zi Chen felt that he had nowhere to go.

He carefully made his way through the forest and followed behind the Roc's back, afraid that the Roc would discover him. No matter how hard he tried to imagine, he couldn't understand why there were so many Roc's chasing after him.

Humph, you guys chase, I'll follow you. Zi Chen sneered, feeling like luck was on his side.

However, his good luck only lasted for another two hours before it dissipated. In a sparse forest, Zi Chen was discovered by a Roc who had turned around.

Screech! The Peng Roc out and waves of its voice surged as it called out to its companions.

He's over there. Quickly chase him.

Quick, attack him. Don't let him escape!

The voice of the black clothed men came from above.

Kid, let's see where you can run to this time

Go to hell, you cunning guy. You're actually hiding behind us.

The four Roc's flapped their wings as they covered the sky and the sun with their huge bodies. Streams of raging winds raged and the trees below constantly swayed, revealing Zi Chen who was fleeing at top speed


Zi Chen was surrounded by four Rocs, following that, the Rocs swooped down, their sharp claws emitting cold light as they clawed at Zi Chen.

At the same time, their sharp mouth that seemed to be like a divine weapon flashed with an ice-cold metal luster, rushing towards Zi Chen with incomparable speed.




Zi Chen jumped to the ground and turned into lightning, continuously running in zig zags to dodge. The silver light around his body surged as lightning appeared on his fingers.

His strength at the tenth layer of True Qi is naturally unable to kill a Roc. Every time Zi Chen attacked, it would always be in the Roc's eyes, causing the Roc to become a little flustered.


The black-clothed man descended from the back of the Roc and charged towards Zi Chen.

Xiantian techniques bloomed in the forest, many waves of Sword Qi wreaked havoc, Zi Chen was in danger, the men in black were attacking from the sides and the Roc's was harassing him from above.

After two hours, Zi Chen is covered in blood and is also brimming with killing intent. However, with his powerful physique, he finally broke out of the encirclement.

Although he was severely injured, there was one man in black who was severely injured by him. Zi Chen chased after him and tried to kill him.

This damned Roc must be eliminated first. After saying that, Zi Chen coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, his heart was thumping hard, waves after waves of energy flowed throughout his body and his severely injured body was also recovering quickly.

If Zi Chen did not have a special heart, he would have died countless times already. To be able to avoid being killed after being hunted down by all the Xiantian Realm experts at the tenth layer of True Qi was simply a miracle.

Zi Chen was escaping in the forest, the Roc in the sky chirped continuously, reporting his position to the black clothed man at any time.

I must kill the Rocs. Zi Chen's entire body was filled with killing intent, his eyes shooting out a cold light. This Roc was extremely arrogant, occasionally swooping down to harass Zi Chen.